Is my way of thinking out of line? Or is the CCW community just.... uneducated

That is the posters question

This is my response, which originally had 20 downvotes. I’ve been hearing crazy stories on there, and everyone gives each other a pat on the back for scenarios where a gun came out when I believe it shouldn’t of based on how the story is told.


Don’t take this wrong, but from my vantage point it appears that your ego is bruised because your opinion was not popular.

Let it go.


Sounds like that particular person’s tactics were rather flawed.

First off yelling at idiots makes them more likely to do even more idiotic things. Then heading back towards the vehicle where the carrier risked being isolated and further confronted by the threats doesn’t sound like a smart idea. Why not go into the store with a bunch of witnesses and call 911 from there if they felt threatened? It sounds like it would have been faster and easier to walk into the store than to go back and get in the locked vehicle.

Pulling the gun from the holster while the threats were trying to park their vehicle doesn’t make much sense to me. Once at the car why not focus on getting in it and driving away? Being stuck in the vehicle in a parking spot with limited directional driving/escape options is a worse case scenario. Why wait and give them a chance to find and corner you? Having the gun out of the holster makes it more likely to slide around and get out of reach if you need to do some evasive driving. And drawing without an imminent threat risks brandishing charges.

The smart move seems to me to be to go in the store. If it looks like they are actually going to park and come in then call 911, tell an employee there are people coming after you and ask if there is a place you can get out of site and wait for LEOs to arrive. In public settings, my default plan of action is to keep my pistol in the holster until I feel I have no other choice than having to use it.


Sounds to me like you really, really, really want to use that gun. :thinking:
P.S. T hanks for the "blanket insult’,


Now I’m lost. Who insulted who?


I believe Sir BRUCE is referring to “Or is the CCW community just … uneducated” insult.
(Which it was)


Where is “there”?


This sounds like perfect advice to me. Pretty much exactly what I would have said too.


Ah. I guess I can see that. Though based on a lot of the things I see talked about and recomended on the internet I don’t think it is a completely unfair question.

Most folks here are either fairly well educated on self defense laws and skills or doing their best to learn them. I don’t venture to other forums very often because when I do happen upon them the info being passed along is often quite flawed. A gun is a tool. Too many people seem to think that just having the tool will keep themselves and their families safe. Learning how to best avoid having to reach for the tool in the first place is a far more important skill that a lot of people don’t seem to work on enough.


While what you say Sham is true, I believe BRUCE is on the money here.
Yes, ‘some’ Gunner’s may believe the Firearm teaches the owner the skills
necessary to defend themselves and their family while sitting in a drawer
the verbiage used here seems to coat us all with the same brush (and not a
pleasant color).

Mi dos pesos.


It’s like any tool. You need to learn how to use it, need to practice to use it well and you need to follow the safety practices.

Seems pretty logical to me. This is why I watch all the training videos here, have signed up for classes and will be spending some time with a trainer at the range.


Yeah I can see that. The title does come across that way. Always best not to paint with broad brushes. Would have been better to ask that question in the post with a qualifier or two than to use it as click bait. Though I think it is a valid question to ask.

Fair or not, a significant number of people will always judge all CCers by the bad actions of the less educated carriers. Even though those bad actions are incredibly rare compared to the significant number of legal, life/limb saving self defense actions that happen every day.

It is in our best interest to find ways to make sure as many carriers as possible are as well informed and trained as possible. Not sure that spending time posting on forums where the majority of members have little to no real experience or training will help all that much though. Once people have established their biases they are mostly just looking for confirmation of those biases and are likely to reject any thinking that calls their current paradigm into question.


Agree. Though also think people tend to focus too much on one specific tool when it comes to self defense. Someone can be an expert at using a hammer to drive a nail but that doesn’t mean they have the ability to build a house that will stand up to bad weather.

Self defense/family defense requires a whole bunch of different skills and tools to effectively keep everyone as safe as possible.


Amen, brother.
This is why I like a lot of the videos here. Especially the situational and legal videos. They go through scenarios and then discuss the good the bad and the ugly.
My take from those is the best tool is your brain and your legs.


Absolutely correct :+1:

Fortunately many lives have been saved despite the defender having never really learned how to use it well, nor practicing.

Your comment reminds me of how many buildings have been successfully completed despite hardly anyone in the construction business ever learning how to use the most basic tool, the hammer :hammer: My Dad taught me to drive nails blind folded so I would never miss. Then he taught me velocity is more powerful than mass. Combine the accuracy and the power and you will have learned how to swing a hammer. My Dad often won bets he could drive the same size nail into the same board with a 13 ounce Blue Grass (brand name) hammer with as many or less hits than anyone using anything less than a sledgehammer. I never saw anyone beat him, even with 32 ounce framing hammers.


I worked for a few days with a contractor who would make all his workers learn how to use a hammer by holding the nail down at the web of the index and middle finger with both fingers together. They learned very quickly not to miss and the structures he built were not dented by hammer marks.

I wouldn’t recommend that training method with a firearm though I have seen special forces types train with teammates down range.


Buddy that original post was not me, that was someone else on reddit.

So that’s not my story, he said he has USCCA and he was asking if he should report it?

I told him I would call USCCA and let them know, and the CCW community on reddit, not here, downvoted me on it a ton. It’s not an insult towards you or anybody in this community. Just like wow, we’re the exception not the rule.

So when I scroll through reddit, and I see the stupid stories where guns are being pulled when they shouldn’t of been, and everyone on there is patting other people in the back and then when I give my advice, from what I’ve learned what to do from USCCA, everyone on there downvotes it.

I’m not trying to paint everyone out as uneducated, I was just wondering if my response which was he should be calling USCCA right now, is out of line thinking, or if everyone on there is just plainly… uneducated.

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A little different angle here. First, un-holstering a weapon isn’t “Necessarily illegal” So no laws broken no need for cops.


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