Was I Prepared?

This was written as a response / sub-topic to the are you prepared thread, but i decided it might be better on its own.

I need to set the backdrop. The neighbors kid is trouble and I was brought into it at the periphery. A couple of months and a bit of math squeezed into a few sentences.

Junior was dealing drugs with some folks from ‘down town’ with a ‘legal’ dispensary as cover. There were dissagreements and there was a ‘hit’ put on him. He moved in with the neighbor to be ‘safe’ but wasn’t smart enough not to keep from dealing drugs and to keep from associating with people that knew people.

Move past missing farm equipment that can double as recreational, stories about bags of money, him being robbed at gunpoint, ankle bracelets, hospital stays, neighbor with 2 black eyes, pending court dates, junior no longer being in this locale and segway to this morning.

About 0500 a car goes up the driveway and past the house with it’s lights out. The neighbor leaves early for work some days so I figure I better check it out.

Ballistic protection, 5.56, spare mags, IR, or other capability… Nope this is recon only.
Went out with a tight belt belt (EDC), a regular jacket, a flashlight, and thermal.

I was going to just tell the story, but this might be more fun…

was I prepared, should I have been more prepared ?

Hint… the police have come and gone.


That’s a tough one… I would say that with this morning’s information only, it’s safer to stay back and observe as much as you can. With all of the information, I would feel more inclined to go investigate, but I feel if you put on battle rattle and body armor, it may create a situation that didn’t need happen to begin with.
So if it was me, I would do what you did.


I’m thinking you were as prepared as you needed to be given the objective. Reconnoiter…remain undetected…avoid contact. Previous intel certainly would dictate a heightened defensive posture in any event.

From the outside looking in, you had the means to observe, communicate (assuming you called LE), and defend if necessary. Rolling out in full battle rattle may have not been conducive to that and may have drawn unnecessary attention to yourself once LE showed up.

What ended up being the story with the car and occupants?


This. Inquiring minds want to know.

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LOL, here goes…

Once I got into position I counted three and overheard ‘did you find it’, ‘whered you put it’, and a little general bickering.

I backed off to where I could safetly use the phone. Called the neighbor, he was home, sounded alarmed and said he did not know who that was or what they were doing. I asked if he wanted me to call the police. He said yes.

I called and met them down by the road. Once the ‘intruders’ were in the spot light the neighbor realized it was someone from his work that he gave permission to hunt, but he expected them on one of the ponds, not on the field.

I apologized for the false alarm. I mentioned junior and that I was concerned it could of been his ‘associates’ looking for something they lost or stashed. Both LE and the neighbor agreed and indicated they had thought that as well. There were some laughs, mentions of situational awareness, and that was that.

My decision to go light was driven by 1) not hearing any real commotion from that direction when I first stuck my head out and 2) not wanting to be in kit if I did have to deal with the police. Not a good first look under the circumstances. My whole intent was to observe only and call if necessary since I was expecting the neighbor to be gone.

But, I really would have been unprepared, or less prepared than I could of been, if they’d of been beating the snot out of him, or worse.


If it’s not my property, I’m not going!

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‘Not property’?
You mean ‘not your property’?




Can’t say I agree, but you still get a thumbs up in recognition of your right to your opinion.

For myself, instead of sitting on my porch and hoping it doesn’t happen here next if something bad might be going on next door, I’ll help my neighbors and hope they never need to help me.


This. If you don’t help out your neighbor, who do you expect will come to help you when it’s your time?


Please don’t insert the idea that I would just sit and do nothing. You asked a question. The question to be asked is would you have gone without a firearm. If the answer is no, then one shouldn’t go because they have one.

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Helping out your neighbor is one thing. Getting involved in juniors affairs doesn’t sound like a good idea.

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Sorry and no offense intended. That was how I understood it when you said you wouldn’t go if it wasn’t your property. What would you do?

As far as getting into Jr’s affairs, I have no intent or desire. They came to me. Looking in on a neighbor that lives alone to make sure he dont need a 911 is not much effort or risk.

As far as ‘would you have gone without a firearm’… sure would of, but I didn’t need to. Just like I dont ‘need’ one to go to the gas station but I take it anyways.

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No harm. No foul brother. Your safety is important.