Out for a walk

The wife and I were out walking our dog about 8:30pm and a car drove by us with two young boys in it. It could just be me but my creep alarm went off because the car turned around about 50’ in front of us and came back our way. I moved the leash to my other hand, slipped my hand into the pocket that has my pistol. The boys looked at us and kept on going.

It could just be me since I watch ASP everyday on YT. One of the things he says is to pay attention. We live on a country road that sees a lot of ppl cruising in their cars. I was confronted by a drunk who had his wife driving around on this road once because I was “watching” them.

My wife thought nothing of it but you never know.


Thanks for sharing and being aware of your surroundings.


@William191 >>> that’s one of the reasons I like my S&W 442-DAO. I carry it in a light vest pocket or a jacket pocket in cooler weather. It can be fired
Thru the pocket up close if needed with no visible Telegraph giveaway & also save time removing it from a holster cause your hand already has it.
If something doesn’t look right go to guns with out any one knowing.
Stay good.


My key takeaway is this-

Knowing what’s “normal” in your own domain and listening to your inner voice will ALWAYS serve you well.


Good job, usually when the spider sense goes off, there’s something there. I had this conversation with my daughter the other day. I told her I don’t care who’s feelings you hurt, if something doesn’t feel right it’s probably not. Stay safe!!




I would’ve done the same thing.


Good move! You’ll never know if you were right, but the great news is that you’ll never know if you were right because you acted correctly and they just drove away.


As the saying goes, it’s always best to be safe than sorry. Seems like our young peoples today was not taught respect for others.


Well done. I too live in the country and frequently walk with my wife and dog. She rolls her eyes, but I always have a tactical knife, pepper spray, and my pistol with a spare magazine. We’ve never had creepy teens, but did walk up on a drug sale (100 yards away).


Great situational awareness. Kudos.


Thanks for sharing. It’s always good to hear about things we should watch out for.

I’ve been conscious about trying to keep my strong side and hand free when walking around. Leash, poop bag, drinks, whatever are all held on the other side so no need to switch anything when condition changes to orange.


Well, “Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you”. The fact is it seemed unusual and you reacted in an appropriate manner. You didn’t display the firearm but you readied yourself in case you had too. Flip the coin. What if they did pull out a gun for a drive by. If you would have ignored the inner voice’ you or you wife could be dead, as best you may have been able to respond with a two second lag. But because you were observant and readied yourself, you could have responded in a second. I think that’s a fair trade off. And for all you know, if they saw you notice them and they saw you put your hand in your pocket, that may have made a difference in their plans as well.

I see being a concealed carrier just like riding my motorcycle. I constantly scan traffic looking for potential problems, I don’t wait for one to happen. I may reduce speed and not need to because someone reacted to my presence instead of not seeing me. That observation may not save my skin, by it could reduce my injuries.

I say you done the right thing.


And those are the same people in public contact with no mask, and they keep spreading the rummy dump


Know what’s normal in your area is a good idea, but listening to you inner voice is a mistake. Many women listened to Ted Bundy and was murdered.


I carry all day every day. Minimum is .380 when in a meeting.


Have informed the Sherriff of my county that my gun is on his side. UNTIL he comes after mine.


My parish priest always told his students “Pay Attention”. There is no such thing as an accident. “Accidents” only happen when some one is not “Paying Attention”. Situational awareness is essential. Know your area.


Technically you did nothing wrong man. Great job and way to be observant of your surroundings. I probably would have done the same thing if it was me. Anytime the hair on the back of your neck stands up or you feel like something bad is about too go down, either remove yourself from the situation or prepare to defend yourself. What you did wasn’t considered brandishing but it probably made them think twice about continuing their odd behavior if they did have bad intentions.


How do we know they listened to their voice?