Holster for a taurus g2c

Looking for a holster that works for me. I have a Taurus G2C and need some advice on what has worked for people and what hasn’t. I can shoot with both hands so a holster that works from both sides would be great. I ride a Harley so I like to carry inside the waist band. Any suggestions?

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Check out we the people holsters. Have many iwb from them work well on our Harley


I LOVE that paint job, @ScottC! I’m debating if it’s worth it on the next bike. :wink:

@Douglas56 here are a few Community posts that may help:

Written by yours truly:


@Dawn. This bike came with that paint set. It’s a 115th anniversary color. Will say out 07 that we had custom paint was great but only to the eye of the beholder. Didn’t get squat for all the work that was done to that one. Ok back on topic.

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That is the alien gear shapeshift appendix holster that I never wear appendix.


Not sure about on a Harley, but it’s a good/ affordable IWN

My favorite for my G2c is a Black Rhino CCS. I use it for appendix carry and find it is comfortable and still easy and fast in the draw. They also make other holsters for the Taurus. https://blackrhinoconcealment.com/

I personally like Blackhawk. I know most people player hate on them, given the release trigger on their serpa, but I never had an issue with mine. Awareness is key and they’re cheap. You can also buy without the finger retention. A lot of people that dislike it, are the same people that love belly bands, when it offers no trigger guard.

Alien gear looks good as well. I want their shoulder holster, as well as a Galco one. Stay away from the cheap Amazon shoulder holsters.

Not knocking We the People, but they have single retention. If a fight ever broke out over your gun, you would be screwed.

I’ve bought three (3) We The People IWB holsters for three different guns. The only one I haven’t tried is the one for my 1911 45 ACP 5” barrel. Still working on it. I like the other two (2) and got the idea on here a couple of years ago. I have not tried anything else though.