IWB deep concealment

I am looking for a really good IWB deep concealment holster for a Glock 43X or similar weapon. Like most, I have a box of holsters but none for a true deep concealment. Comfort is a must, I have holsters that are IWB type but restrict movements like sitting down etc(they pinch in the appendix areas etc). At the 3-4 o’clock positions, printing is an issue so I am interested in deep concealment IWB, appendix style that do not pinch. Does anybody have any recommendations?
Thanks in advance.

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Muddy River Tactical. I carry a Ruger Security 9 in my Kydex, and spend a lot of time sitting without noticing the gun and holster are there.

Order with the “tuckable clips” for deep concealment. This allows a shirt to be tucked over the holster.

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Here’s the holster company @Brett13 was referring to:

Did you get this one with the claw attachment, @Brett13?


I did not get the claw attachment. I thought about getting it with the one I ordered for an M&P 9c, but with my Hank’s Gunner belt it holds the firearm in close to the body without it. I got the tuckable clip shown in the picture below.


I find when having this discussion, the key to finding the perfect holster is…ready for it…pay attention…okay, it’s so very simple…make sure, first and foremost, that the firearm…yes the FIREARM is the best conceal carry match ( meaning fit ) for your body type. then and only then can you find the best possible holster that also best matches your body type.

  1. know your body type
  2. choose best matching firearm for your body type
  3. pick best holster for your body style
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There is a lot of truth to what you say. For instance, shoulder holsters do not work for me with even compact firearms due to fairly large lats. I suppose if I carried down towards my waist, or a very small firearm I could make it work.

I have 2 stealth gear and love them. They are breathable and great for hot weather. Hanks Belts are also great and made just down the road from me.

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Keepers Concealment. They only do AIWB and I’ve never heard a negative thing about them (other than price).

@Steven102 I’m new to appendix carry but I’ve been experimenting with it lately. IMO, there is an “adjust to sit” move. It’s easier with a belt like the Kore Essentials gun belt, but doable if a normal belt isn’t too tight.

Basically, if it’s pinching the stomach when sitting, one pulls the belt and holster (together as one) up a half inch or so just before sitting down. This puts the grip out in front of the stomach (stomach behind the grip instead of being pinched by it) when I sit down and is very comfortable when sitting. If the barrel end of the holster is digging into my “man area,” I just pull the holster/belt up a little more. The down side, is that the firearm is pointed at my femoral artery or “junk” depending on if it’s at the 1 or 12 o’clock position.

Use at your own risk. There are dangers of this carry technique. I’m not suggesting you do it, but it works for me. I would not attempt this with a soft holster either.

I’ll add, that when using a holster with “the claw,” it tends to keep the butt of the firearm closer into the body. Additionally, a wedge seems to bring the backstrap closer into my stomach (as long as it starts below the belt line). It’s strange that by putting more stuff on the holster that it conceals more, but that’s been my experience.

I carry a Glock 30 and I was very interested in the Urban Holsters deep conceal holster. Right up til after a month of prep and I still could not get it to engage the trigger guard.

I bought the brand their sales rep said fit a Glock 30. Nothing I did made that gun fit right. It’s sitting in bottom of safe right now.

I use alien gear iwb it has 3 adjustments for hi to low I use the middle setting my self it it very comfortable at approx 3:30 on the waist.


(Replying to P365’s Smart Carry recommendation). I use Smart Carry when I’m on our security team as well, because I never have to worry about exposing gun leaning over, etc.

However, several recommendations.
DO practice drawing UNLOADED WITH NO AMMO nearby. That is true for any drawing practice, but for appendix carry, there’s not a lot of grace for silly practice mistakes.

That being said, while not quite as easy as “sweep jacket and draw” off your hip, when practicing with my team mates, I don’t seem to have lesser times.

Bending over is doable, depending on your firearm. I tried to carry my 1911, but don’t care to have my stomach gouged by top of the grip safety which juts out. You want a flatter back profile for that.

In the “wink and a nod” department, if you are part of a “huggy” community, you have to consider what that means for appendix carry. I am tall, and typically have to lean over for hugs anyway, so there’s no, um, discovery. If you’re shorter, you’ll be better off with “side-hugs”.

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For me the odds are zero. I can’t vouch for how others might do it though, or what kind of holsters they use.

As a side note, when I carry a 3 finger grip firearm OWB at 3 o’clock, although it is very secure my elbow is often touching the firearm. I also have to commonly adjust my IWB 4 o’clock position holsters throughout the day because my daily activities cause my pants/belt to shift on my body (small butt). So never touching means no carry for me.

If you are interested in appendix carry without the pinch, get a quality holster. I just got a JM Custom Kydex holster with a claw and a pad. The fit and finish is great. The pad makes a world of difference with comfort.

@Chris taught me a bit about adjusting your holster and belt in a very discreet way to maximize comfort while sitting and moving. Loosening your belt a touch will make the pinch go away, same with pulling up your pants and holster a bit before sitting down. Chris got me on the appendix carry train in about a week and I have never really looked back. I believe it is not only faster on the draw, but that technique will make a bigger gun disappear really well.

I’ve got 3 holsters. My favorite is Kydex IWB CYA. It’s safe, and I like the single clip because it’s very easy to take on and off. It’s not the most comfortable, BUt it’s affordable and easy to use. Not sure if it qualifies as “deep concealment”.

I have an alien gear 4.0 IWB. This might work for deep concealment because you have a lot of freedom in adjusting. I did not like this holster the day it was delivered, but after I started using it I really liked it. It’s pretty affordable. It was hard to move some of the parts at first but it wears with time. It appears bulky, but it really conceals well. I seriously pondered returning it the first day I got it, BUT I really like it now.

I like comforttac belly band. They make one for deep concealment. I use mine when I wear sweats of gym shorts. It works really well. My only concern is drawing the gun also requires releasing a button. It is not impractically slow IMO, but Kydex is definitely faster. However, it allows me to carry during times where I wouldn’t.

Steven, I am a big fan of appendix carry and have been carrying a Glock 48 for the last week or so in a NSR C-2 Yeager holster. For me, its really comfortable to wear and I give it a high recommendation.

Also, I’m only carrying the 48 until the 43x I ordered is in stock. Good to have friends who are generous with their gear.


Thanks for the heads up on the Kydex IWB holster. Just ordered one, for 3” 45, probably should have ordered two. Hate when companies stop producing products I love.

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I don’t think you will be disappointed. Mine is very comfortable.

I’m a practical person and have been using a very low priced OWB suede holster as an IWB as I conceal on the small of the back.

I paid $30+ some time back, they are guaranteed for life, exchange for free if you wish as well. Amazing company. All the De Santis and Kydex are hurt babiesor useless.

Relentless Tactical and NO I’m not a staff member just a happy customer. Their belts are great as well.

Alan Carnell

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