Have you shot the Canik TP9?


I’ve suggested the Canick to a number of people looking for an enjoyable gun to rent.

Have you shot the Canik?


YEP! it’s my current gun crush. I have a slightly different model, the TP9 SFx, with the red dot, but it’s pretty darn awesome.
Mags hold 18, super accurate right out of the box.
I have had to step up my grip strength a bit as it’s more prone to stovepipe than other full sized firearms I own, but that’s not really a bad thing as it has improved my shooting on everything.
This is the very first magazine, 7yds


Shot and now own. Took it to the range again this weekend and a couple of friends asked to shoot it. After shooting, one guy multiple times down range , both were looking to purchase.
I’ll say it is one of my favorite sidearms to shoot with. Trigger is good, recoil is minimal and even stock sites aren’t shabby at all, although I did swap out for fiber optic.
Will probably end up purchasing another in the future. Really think they have done a great job with this pistol.


Today’s range practice with mine…
3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 yards, 5 rounds at each, <1 second per shot (about 4 seconds for 5 shots) :heartbeat:


I need one of those guns they are so cool to protected yourself against…No!!But I want to learn to shoot but I have get a gun first…


Hi @Theresa1 welcome to the group! I am loving the Canik a LOT but it’s not the easiest to shoot… it’s a bit snappier recoil than some so I’m having to retrain a bit. I don’t mind, it’s going to improve my shooting on everything though. Might not be what I’d start a new shooter on. @Kerryman71 pointed out that they may be using the same recoil spring in the 9mm and the larger calibers so it’s a pretty stiff rack. I might eventually have a loop taken out of the spring to see if that works better, but right now I’m letting the gun teach me.

I usually start folks on a Ruger 22, then move them up to a 9mm … Glock or Sig or whatever feels best to them. We take advantage of the rental guns at the range so they can learn what they like before they commit and spend their money.

If you have the chance to go learn at a range with an instructor and try on some different guns before you buy, I’d sure do it.

Welcome to the Community, @Theresa1!

I’ll second what @Zee said, they’re a good gun with a snappier recoil. But I find them to be accurate and fun to shoot when I shoot them.

Do you have a gun picked out? Is there a range by you where you can rent a bunch of different guns to try?

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I like my Elite Combat. Just me I guess, but though I’d heard comments about being snappy, I didn’t find mine so bad. It’s controllable for sure. I think I’ll keep it.

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My hubby didn’t have any issues with it either. I haven’t had any stovepipes in the last 250 or so rounds, got almost a thousand rounds through it since I bought it a couple months ago. That snappier recoil is making me improve my shooting skills.

Yes I have my nephew purchased one. It is an unbelievably high quality gun for a very low price.


Going to the range today to shoot my brand new Canic T9SFX

Again @Zee is such a bad influence.

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Range card to follow when done.

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Range report from first 50 rounds. Very sweet trigger. Easy grips. Love the handling and the Viper red dot.

First 3 left. Adjusted red dot site. All at 25 yards.

Awesome pistol

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@Raymond I’d call that a win! :heart_eyes:

Yes. Definitely a keeper. That red dot makes you look like Dead Eye Dan on the target. LOL

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Fine shooting!
I’m interested in opinions of the release “trigger” on the included holster with the Elite Combat.
I think it would keep most anyone from being able to quicly and easily disarm me. I’ve heard comments about finger dropping into the trigger guard while drawing out the weapon. I don’t feel this when I draw. My finger goes to the rest position.
I’d like to hear from some with more time on this rig.

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I haven’t used the holster in a carry as of yet. I did try it on. I don’t have a finger release. There is a release in the inside of the holster but a slight pull on the weapon releases it from the holster. I have the TP9SFX so maybe a slightly different configuration than yours. When I draw the weapon there is no issue with my finger slipping in the trigger well. Easy draw and sight from the provided holster. I am really not a big fan of that holster so will be searching for a better one or have a custom made leather holster build. I usually carry in shoulder holster due to reach limitations so it will have to be made. Love the weapon though. A very sweet trigger pull and the Viper Red Dot is awesome.

The Elite Combat has a slide trigger release on the outboard side of the holster. Your trigger finger engages and draws it upward to release the grip on the weapon.
It’s pretty effortless, but not as intuitive as the release my second finger h i ts on my Safariland. That’s a pretty good release too.