Canic pistol

@Zee made me do it!!! Just picked it up.


Ha! EXCELLENT!! :grin:
That is a Beautiful Thing.
Have you had it to the range yet?

Going tomorrow. No time this evening I am afraid.

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:grin: cant wait to see the range report!! :heart_eyes:

I have an SA, a DA, and an Elite Combat. All the same, all different. I know people will love and hate features of each, but I like them. Good shooters.

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Have you shot it yet?

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@Jerzy. I have. Awesome weapon. Highly suggest it.

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Good to now. I’ve already made a decision about my firearms, but I’m always willing to know opinions about other guns.

BTW - well equipped gun. It’s hard to find a firearm which comes with EVERYTHING you need…

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is it TP9SFx?

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Yes it is. Just finished at the range. Found it absolutely hates Fiocchi ammunition. Switched to another brand and no issues. Stove pipes on almost every round with Fiocchi ammo. Zero stove pipes on stellar ammo. FYI

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Hmmm… that’s interesting… especially that Fiocchi is my favorite ammo… :grimacing:

Looks you will need to consider a new gun :rofl::joy::rofl: [kidding]

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@Raymond… I’m just gonna say… it’s not the gun :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s why I say that… Fiocchi ammo working fine in my TP9SFx.
Now :laughing: :joy:
The first 5 rounds I stovepiped Every.Single.One. My hubby put the next 5 rounds through it - zero stovepipes. Next 5 rounds were mine - 4 out of 5 stovepipes. :woman_facepalming:

Took 3 things to sort that out:

  1. A bit of new-gun break-in
  2. Several new-gun clean-and-lubes
  3. I had to figure out what was wrong with my grip

I have one other gun I have a lot of stovepiping on, but now that I’ve got 1000 rounds or so through the Canik, I bet I don’t anymore :thinking: I’ll have to check next time I’m home.

The challenge for me on the Canik was getting my grip stiff enough. I don’t normally have issues with that, but the Canik wants just a bit more grip stability than I’m used to. I got my grip sorted out and now there’s no stovepiping at all in the last 250 rounds.
On my right hand. :laughing:
On my left, I’m still getting some. :unamused::roll_eyes:

I noticed also if I’m not getting my elbows locked out that was causing some stovepiping.

There is a set of High Energy and Low Energy springs you can get - I’m going to order these as I suspect the default Canik spring wants the High Energy rounds. That said, I’m getting no stovepipes with 5 different kinds of ammo now, so shooting it has definitely improved my skillset. Not a bad thing, in my mind.
Also got a WHOLE lot of practice on my failure clearing drills. :muscle: Not a bad thing either. :grimacing::rofl:

Once the left hand is keeping up with the right, no-stovepiping-wise, I’ll try these and see what I think:

$30, good to have on hand.
I’m also ordering a spare spring, in case I want to take a loop out of the spring and see if I like that better.

We shall see :slight_smile: we shall see.

At any rate, I’m having a blast shooting it. :heart_eyes:
Especially now that I’m not stovepiping it. :rofl:

When I use stellar ammo zero stove pipes. Don’t think it is the weapon at all. I think I got my hand on some less than standard ammo. Once I flipped to stellar ammo I had zero stove pipes the rest of the day. Switched back to Fiocchi and had instant stovepipes. I will chalk that up to a bad batch of ammo. I usually have no issues out of Fiocchi. My Glocks shoot those just fine. Just a weird day at the range.

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Thanks for the links and the info @Zee. I will look into those springs. Sounds like a keeper. Your description of high and low energy springs sound exactly what I am experiencing. Thanks again for the heads up

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If you’ve got another 9mm and there’s any of the Fiocchi ammo left you might try it in the other gun. When I was having a lot of stovepipes, I ran some of the same ammo through my Ruger P89 (like you, checking to see if it was the ammo) and it had no issues. Canik didn’t love it, Ruger thought it was fine.
Or, actually, I shot the Ruger better with that ammo than I did the Canik.
yep, it was totally just me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grimacing::woman_facepalming:

My Glock shoots it just fine. Sent it down range out of G43 and 19X.

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yeah, that’s pretty consistent with what I saw too. :slight_smile:

I bought one and love it. Although loading the 20rd magazines gets a bit tiring!:grin:

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Problem solved!

:grin: welcome to the group @Gutsy63

I just use a mag lula. It works with a lot of magazines it’s not designed for.

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