Canik TP9 Elite SC - subcompact 15+1 SWEET!

So I got the new baby Canik to the range today… :heart_eyes: it shoots as sweet as I thought it would.
Its 12+1 or 15+1, feels great in the hand and is Simply Lovely to shoot.

I got so excited I forgot to get target photos :woman_shrugging:

Anyway here are some pics of the new baby, along with the full-sized Canik TP9SFx for comparison.


With a Glock 19 for comparison


Nice. I’ve been thinking of purchasing one for CC. Love my TP9SFx and TP9SF’s.


I don’t have a compact Canik. Please go back and make more holes so we can enjoy the pics. Can’t wait.
Did it group as well as your full size?

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@Bugleboy I think it did but I didn’t do the full side by side. I’m taking my boss to the range Wednesday evening (I think) and we’ll both do the side by side trial… I’ll post!


I reaaaaaally want this and a P238 Legion, but they’re off roster so, it’s a needle in a haystack at a premium. Grats on the new family member!

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@Zee. Looks awesome. I might have to go check one out to join my pair of TP9SFX pistols.

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@Hailey sorry to hear it’s not CA legal… you can come shoot mine :slight_smile:

@Raymond you’ll want one :grin:

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@Zee So how are you liking your Elite SC? I’m really interested in one but haven’t fund one in a store to handle yet.

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I’m on the fence about the Canik TP9SFX. I like it but, as with any firearm purchase for me, it has to have a purpose. I think I like the Brigade Manufacturing BM9 a little bit more though for the purpose for which I was researching the TP9SFX. Aww decisions decisions… :thinking::v:t5:

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@Harry12 I have a TOTAL CRUSH on this gun :heart_eyes:
great weight in the hand, great fit and natural sight alignment, excellent recoil management, accuracy is right on, trigger is really nice, no failures of any kind.
I’m cautious about changing EDCs and I need to get proper holsters for it, but I think its going to replace my glock G19 for my 9mm EDC. (still carrying the glock for .45)
I’m ordering a micro red-dot optic for it… :heart_eyes:

Man, that is a sweet conceal carry option.

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I’ve shot this at the range - it’s an AWESOME gun! (Both Glock and Sig fans agree!)

It may be next on my shopping list. :wink:


Thank you Zee. Made up my mind going to pick one up (once back in stock).

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Just purchased mine with an RMR. Put 200 rounds through it today and the Red Dot is spot on. Get little sister to the TP9FSX

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@Zee What is this comparable in size to? Barrel looks like G19 length, but the grip seems almost like a G26 length? (not sure if you have one handy to compare). And I assume it is a double-stack, but is it like the “original” double stacks (G19 width) or the “new” double stacks like Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat, etc?

Inquiring minds want to know…

@Harvey Heres the TP9SFx and TP9 Elite SC

Heres the TP9 Elite SC and the Glock G19

Yep double stack.

this is with the extended mag


@Zee. You have talked me into another Canik. You are really a bad influence on me!!!

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@Raymond you’re welcome! :grin:


Had to get one @Zee. You really are a bad influence