Hello to all hope everyone is staying healthy

I just wanted to come in and one see if im doing this right and that you all can see my post. I carry a sig p365 sas on me Daily wont leave the house with out it… and i have my mossberg shockwave witch is my other Baby


@Grizzly Welcome to the community. Glad to have you here. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :+1:


Thanks @BRUCE26 very much appreciate it🙂


Welcome to the family! I usually carry a RIA 1911 or a M&M M2.0, but occasionally I’ll mix it up. My most prized possession is a SA&T model 235 that’s currently off getting new firing pins machined.

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Very nice yea a few year’s ago I had to sell all my guns I did have to pay bills when were I worked closed there doors

I’m sorry to hear that! I’ve been there myself as well. Just starting to get my collection back up, but I’m fugal so I save a little each week till I can buy something new. Slow going, but I’m getting there. The shotgun is the only one I refused to sell… not that it’s worth much monetarily.

Right! Yeah i love my mossberg shockwave for sure


I think I need one of those shockwaves! I’ll add it to the list🤔

You have no idea how fun they are. Were im from i can and do carry it in car with me fully loaded. I run nothing but 12g 3" Slugs through it.i had got the SBA4 Brace kit for it but put the raptor grip back on as im good shot with it and it is a lot easier to maneuver with it. I have the streamlight T-l Racker for the fourend witch is so so bright like holy crap bright. And I put the side saddle 6 shell holder on it. And a 1"5 spike on the front looks NASTY you can see it all on my YouTube channel GRIZZLY Bear check it out. Please if your a YouTube guy like and subscribe :grin:

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I’ll have to look into that for sure.

Yeah let me know whats you think. :slightly_smiling_face:

I carry the SIG P365XL and I love it! My other gun is a Springfield 1911 .45 then, my ol’ friend Smith and Wesson 357 MAG. Each one is different but, do different jobs and purposes. I just got a brand new AR and I have been reloading, it is a good hobby to have. My other collection went down in a ship in the Atlantic. It was terrible!

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357mag is a good pistol for sure. And yeah the sig p365 s.a.s is a very comfortable pistol to carry as i carry every day and will not leave house with out it i wanted something with a punch but still nice to carry im looking at in side the waist band holster from Alien Gear they look very nice and you. An do so much with them its crazy!!!

I can see your post brother and your choice of hardware is something to be reckoned with. God bless you

Thanms man appreciate it

Thank you Appreciate it