Show off Canik

Ok ladies and Gents. I was hearing and seeing a lot about Canik and didn’t know much about them. Until I went to the range on Sunday. I loved the feeling of it. I plan on getting the Canik Viper very soon. Show off yours customized or not I’m interested in your thoughts and everything



I was sure you would fall in love with this weapon system.


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A Canik is on my “shopping” list. :slight_smile:

Yeah Larry I’m liking the Canik more and more that I read it and watch videos. The viper version I like very much. Just getting goosebumps thinking about it. Man the P635 nra still hasn’t shipped out ordered last Friday

Ok gave in and bought my Canik tp9sfx viper. Waiting on it to come in

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Bravo, soon you will be wearing a Canik cap and shirt when you go to the range. The ones who know will smile, the ones that don’t will ask what Glock model that is.

Enjoy the weapons and the best of Luck.