Does your spouse or significant understand?

So i decided to take a new journey in life and protect my family. Ive tried to explain to my wife why i chose a glock over anything else. The fit is great for my hand, I had a first gen g-17c and worked flawless. So does the gen-4 glock 19 i just got. I also got some self defence rounds, and had to figure out a good rig. Holster etc. Ive gained weight so i needed new clothes, and wear shorts year around honestly. But have been thinking of summer. So i got a fanny pack holster, except its hard to get into car. Next i got a underteck holster shirt which works great and i think its pretty good for summer. And it was 50% off. So after these few things and joining here her statement was well where are tou gonna carry that


My wife understands, while she does not carry or shoot she was brought up around guns and hunters. She totally supports her husband and children shoot and carry.


Sorry hit button on accident in middle ouf statement. But that was pretty much were it left off. I said everywhere im permitted. Anything can happen to anybody at anytime. And i just got the headshake… Ive offered to teach…explain…take her to range… While with frends she is always o yes i wanna learn to shoot. But when it comes rime its no thats ok.I feel no support and defeated. Ut yes im gonna loose weight so i can carry iwb holster as well as new maturer clothes. Thank you for any ad ice!


I keep her informed as well as show her what im all doing i just hope she will warm up more. But for me at least its a test of how well i can conceal. Just sad it has to be from my own wife. The kids are vreat they get it and my 19 year old and i hunt and train and shoot together. He helped me get back into it for more of a bond and its worked


I have a suggestion for you.

See if you can find a local female instructor who would be willing to talk to SO and pay for the lesson(s) if she is willing to go to the range with her.

No offence but she may be intimidated by you and/or not want to disappoint you at the range.

Just something to think about.


I had to carry in county on and off duty when I was with the sheriffs office. When I left it, my wife asked why I still carried. My response was that I have had interactions with thousands of people and not all of them liked the outcome. I am much less likely to remember them than they are to remember me. If we run into someone I took to jail and they want to settle a score while we are at the Olive Garden, do you want me to be armed?
The question was never asked again, except when there were time when we went to other places that were a little tougher and she would ask only for acknowledgment that I was.
I carry everywhere in Kentucky except correctional facilities and in areas of the courthouse where prisoners are being held.


I think I’ve posted in other threads that my wife “understands” logically but is more “tolerant” than supportive, but that’s ok I can work with that.

She understands my primary reason for having guns is to protect her and the kids and as such I need to practice and go to trainings in order to effective at that. So she doesn’t give me grief about it.

So along those same lines, I tell her that I’m not always there (I travel for business a few times a year, or when I’m at work and she’s at home) and there are times where she’s going to need to take on that role of protecting herself and the kids and I want to make the fight as unfair as possible in their favor so I need her to understand how to use the guns and practice at least twice a year with me (yeah I know…) so that she can defend the family. She understands that and “tolerates” it.

I actually make it a family day and the kids come out too, and we all take a round at the defensive guns in the nightstand safe and a rifle. I use the rationale of I want to teach the kids about gun safety and how to handle them so they know what to do when a gun appears in order to be safe (and it keeps them being curious if they have regular access).

I try to make it fun for them (shooting for points, winner gets to decide where we go for lunch and gets desert) while at the same time helping them understand the basic operations of a revolver, semi-auto pistol and a rifle. They generally have fun, and of course there’s some competition and smack talk to enhance it, but so far none of them actively come to me saying “hey let’s go to the range today” (oh to dream such a dream).

But again, I’m ok with all of that as they’re getting basic weapons training and practice twice a year.

That’s what works for me and my family and might be worth a shot for you. It looks like from your avatar pic you have a young daughter, maybe start her and your wife out with going to the range shooting .22LR pistol and/or rifle just for a day of family fun plinking.


My wife understands, and after 12/19/18, she got more involved in our security. She has her CC permit, but is not as adamant as I am. I am never more than an arm reach from my weapons, unless the law specifically forbids it.


My wife is supportive of me carrying, but is not comfortable with taking that step herself.

I am not sure which is worse, in current status every dollar I spend towards firearms, training, ammo, etc., there is a two dollar offset into other purchases. If she got really involved, our budget might not support it! :grinning:


My wife is fully on board. Has her Glock 26. With her everyday. Had to make changes to her wardrobe to conceal it. Pretty hard for someone 5’3" and 110 pounds. Happy wife happy life.


I completely forgot about mentioning the “offset”…yep it’s a real thing. :sweat_smile:


My wife is accepting of my CC though she does not herself carry or shoot. The rest of the “gun culture” is a other thing. “You already have a gun you like. Why would you need another?” I seriously can’t explain it in any way she would understand. I’m not sure I can explain it at all; it just * is*.


My wife understands. When our sons grow up a little, she has said that she will get her CCP. She appreciates my willingness to do what I can to keep our family safe- at home & in public. In the beginning, it was how much did you pay for that? Now, it’s like what are you researching & I might go with you to the next gun show. She’s got game too… We went to an indoor range back when we were dating. I was impressed with her poise & knew she would/could handle herself if need be. She was nobody’s victim. Love that woman! :wink::heart::100:


As a Dad, and an ex victim. I swore, I would not raise a victim. I taught my wife, and my daughter both. As much as they would take. I’ve ALWAYS had multiple plans.


Nancy and I both carry. We met in 2011 and our first date was to an outdoor gun range. Nancy had expressed an interest to get back into shooting, she got her own pistol and her CCW permit before I did. We have each others back, life is good. :wink:


I’m very blessed to have a wife that carries as well. She supports me as an instructor and encourages training. She had only ever fired a shotgun before we met and was extremely excited when she learned I carried and owned firearms. We go to the range together often as a family and it’s some of the best time we have together. We’ve planned our home defense plan together but we do train separately.


JWood, I applaud your decision, having made a similar one 5 years ago. My wife started out where yours is today. Include her in ever step of the process. While my wife will never carry, she supports my decision to do so 100%. She has been to the range enough to know how to handle each of my 3 guns safely. It took a few years, but she no longer questions when/if I’m carrying … it’s all the time.

Regarding holsters, it’s a never-ending journey! I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’ve identified holsters that allow me to carry 2 of my 3 guys comfortably all-day. My third gun is a .22 caliber, I don’t plan on using that as an EDC, although I’m still searching for a holster comfortable enough to do so, just in case.

Again, great decision. Nothing is more important than our loved ones. Thank goodness we live in a country that allows us to use our 2A rights!


My wife carries herself because she understands the need to but is not overly enthusiastic about it. She is supportive of me doing it because she likes that I have the desire to protect her and the kids. As far a multiple guns and going to the range consistently, she is supportive of that. I don’t do much for myself besides that and she knows how I enjoy it. The kids occasionally go with me and the wife goes with me about half the time so it makes for good family time. Be willing to wait for her to come around without pressuring her about it and you may be surprised.


Sometimes it takes a while for people to understand (and allow themselves to believe) that there are people who want to kill other people - sometimes without any personal relationship to that person. Being prepared to defend your family at all times is a huge step and responsibility.

She’ll come to understand, may not ever want to shoot, but she will start seeing the news about people saving their families with firearms and it will make sense.


My ‘date’ was a non-shooter five years ago when we started. Pretty soon (like 4 months) I was training her for competition, and she did support my CCW everywhere policy. Then she/us had a life changing event with some friends. She now has her CCW, USCCA insurance, and carries like I do (yes, even in the house).

Her father was the stick in the mud. Funny as all get out too. Women should not shoot, then they should not shoot competition (in this case 3gun), nothing bigger than a .22… then nothing bigger than a 9mm… She brought him a shot out center target, with video, of her shooting my 1911 .45acp. Priceless… Then she wanted to hunt… gads nothing bigger than a .243… so she shot a deer with my .30-06 (steel butt plate, no pad)… Priceless. He had the biggest grins after that, and would tell anyone who would listen about his gun shooting daughter. LOL