The Mrs, coming around

Like a lot of people, over the past couple years, I began to become aware of the dangers of society, not only the physical dangers we face from bad people, but the social changes that are rapidly changing this country. Anyway, my first thing to do was learn out to carry concealed. I had only had a rifle and shotgun, never a handgun. My wife was not really thrilled about it. Then I started to talk about survival gear and began to collect items. After discussing that it was more than just rioters and protesters, but living in Oklahoma, we have to worry about Tornadoes. (We did have a shelter installed a few years ago, after the Devasting Moore Tornado that missed us by about 4 miles) other than that we hadn’t done much else. The more I talked she began to get involved and now is actually interested in getting some things. Right now, our focus is on long term food survival. She also has been making sure to tell me to stock up on ammo after a range trip. Still doesn’t want to handle a firearm, but I have to take a little win one at a time


Perhaps one of her lady friends will invite her to a NSSF First Shots class. Sort of a “soft landing.”




And you don’t what to force any changes in that matter.
I have the same situation. Mens are for protection, women take care of other stuff. It works perfectly fine for me.


@Joseph161 A good source of preparedness information. :+1:

This is the only source I use for long term food, I have done business with them for many years.

As you can imagine long term food is expensive and hard to find. Get while you can. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have done business with them for 16 years and have tried much of the offerings. :slightly_smiling_face:


My wife was never big into guns, it wasn’t her thing. Her Dad scared her off by handing her a Colt 4" Commander at 12 y/o and then laughed at her when she almost fell off the boat after shooting it. Needless to say she was over guns at that instant and it didn’t get better when she went to college. She wasn’t scared of them just had no interest after that experience. fast forward 30 years and NOW she suddenly has an interest. Guns were my thing for work and for pleasure but she never voiced an interest , I never pushed it. Lately she has shown an interest but not enough to carry one even though she got her CCW before the rules changed. We’re going out to the farm this spring and may “play gunz” to see what she will tolerate and go from there. I know much better than to force the subject. On prepping for “natural disasters” I’ve gotten to the point where she doesn’t even roll her eyes when I come through the door with “another” case of corn or beans or mini ravioli because “it was a good deal”. Likewise I can always find room for another 20 bags of noodles, pouches of tuna or 10lb logs of 97/3 ground beef.




I married my wife late in life. We knew each other back in the 70s (high school). She wouldn’t talk to me because she said I was a bad boy. 40 years later we were married. She started going to the range with me right after we re-connected. I taught her how to shoot & everything that goes along with that. She finally started shooting well and the week before her CCL class I put her in a Women’s only class which is instructed by some Army vets. She really came out of that class with much more confidence in her abilities. Money well spent. I rarely go to the range without her. She will shoots her Glock 26 & S&W Bodyguard but isn’t interested in my bigger guns. She is familiar with my home defense pistol & will shoot a few mags but hates the revolvers. She’s a little woman.


@RUGER9 , @Craig6 that is awesome that the wives are starting to come through and get involved in firearms. I went looking around in some gun stores this weekend and she came with me and was asking me questions about firearms good thing that she doesn’t mind that I have Firearms. I believe that one day she’s going to start shooting and going to the range with me. I’m going to keep on trying but I’m not going to rush her.


You’re doing the right thing, Joseph161. Whatever she decides, let it happen organically and then support her in her choice. This is one of those things which can’t be forced to a good outcome.


Perfect. I actually let her know that one of my interests was handgun shooting. I was Professional Musician at the time & when she 1st came to my house I showed her my high end guitar collection & asked if she wanted to see my guns too. She said yes & I gave her an “out” by saying that if she wasn’t comfortable around pistols that it was perfectly ok to say no. She actually knew a little bit about handguns from her ex husband. I was going to the range 2 to 3 times a week & said that I would love to take her with me if she was interested in learning to shoot. And it;s all history now


Congratulations @Joseph161 on your win. My wife was similar when it came to talking about stocking up. After she watched a few Active Self Protection videos with me, she is the one making sure that we have what we need before I realize we need it. She beats me to the ammo section of our local gun store. It is great when your spouse is on board. I’m happy for you. Thank you for sharing.


I have told this story before, but it rings true to the situation. My girlfriend and son were at home when a guy walks in the door with a knife and asks if she had any money. She jumped up out of her chair yelling at him to get the F out of the house. He left and she called 9-1-1 when the cops showed up the guy had a couple at knife point two houses down and he ran. He attempted to car jack someone when the cops ended up shooting him and stopping the threat.
I have been training her and she carries now too! She is so awesome she told me we need a bigger gun safe!


My wife is coming around to the idea of her carrying a pistol. She was never against me doing so, and was open to learning how to handle a firearm. Now, it’s just that little nudge in the right direction, that has put her in the “I’m my own first responder” mindset. That nudge, was an officer killed on the interstate not too long ago. It occurred to her, that if she is on the side of the road, a few minutes for help to come is an eternity.


In my opinion my wife’s support in this lifestyle is essential. Our journey is similar to many others’. One evening while I was at a church meeting the doorbell rang. Stranger at the door. My wife was home alone with our then infant son. Guy didn’t leave for what seemed like a long time (my wife did not answer the door). Nothing bad happened, but it left us both with the “what if” question. I bought a handgun not too long after that and joined the local gun club. My wife’s hand didn’t fit that pistol, so we bought her one of her own. She has had her CCW permit for as long as I have, but never carries. She is, however, insistent that I carry wherever legal and gladly accepts the inconveniences that come with it. She has supported me taking some overnight training classes out of state. I couldn’t do all that I’m doing in this front without her. She hasn’t been to the range with me lately. But with ammo prices and schedule (I’m working 2 jobs plus grad school right now) I don’t get there much either. Holiday weekend coming up means it’s time again. Anyway, he who finds a wife finds a good thing and I’m a blessed man. Seems like you other gents are living the same dream.


Pretty much my situation as well. It’s what she chose, I recognize it and I’m fine with it


same here. my wife was gone for awhile helping her mother and sis with med. conditions, in another state. before she left i was already preparing and doing research firearms, and i did alot. its was a few years since i had a firearm and did any the time she came back about 4 or 6 months later, i had 3 pistols and alot of ammo. trained alot went to the range once a week. and got my CCW. thinking this whole time she would be on board with this whole new life style. i took her to the range a couple times. she was ok with it, but didnt really want a firearm, or go to the range with me as much…one of those pistols i got was for her. shes ok with me carrying but it not so easy when i want to buy ammo or go to range. i love to go to the range and come home clean my firearms take apart, some what. hard on S.S. disability. Went to Stratford career institute online gunsmithing school. got a Diploma in the study of firearms. ranked high, in school. didn’t get to work on any firearms just messed with mine alittle… i would like to be a gunsmith. this all happened, after i got injured at work in the construction field 45+ years. cant do that anymore, had back surgery. and need a new career. .wish there was a gunsmith that needs an 58 year old Apprentise. cant afford gunsmith school, AGI. if not, my next career choice is firearm Instructor, and go to some school for that… i was a supervisor in my field for 15-20 years at the same co. and before that a forman, i was always the one In charge… not real great at talking in front of a bunch of people, although i was great at talking to the employees and all the customers. but like firearms and anything to do with them and the down to earth people around the range and such… carry be safe and GOD BLESS…


I just moved from OK, Edmond. My wife got involved with shooting Cowboy Action at the Oklahoma City gun club. They had a program out there for Women only held once a year called “Women on Target” Highly popular and very good program. Participants get to use all different types of firearms from handguns to long guns under the watchful eyes of NRA certified instructors. I Know for a fact that most ladies were first timers and enjoyed it so much they became shooters. A few even came back the next year .


I always tell my friends who are not really into guns, it’s not about developing a love of guns which may or may not come on it’s own later but there is a practical reason to having a physical understanding of how a firearm works and for the time being just leave it at that


Having been shot some 50 years ago, I definitely have a fear of guns. However, during the summer riots of 2020, when the riots were a mile up the street from my house, I had an extreme fear of not having a gun to protect myself. Decided I never wanted to feel that fear again! Bought my first handgun. Watched videos and practiced handling my empty gun while I waited to take my first gun safety class. I absolutely love my little Bursa Firestorm! It fits my hands perfectly! Not hard to manage like a bigger gun would be.
You could find a beginning safety class for your wife. I went to the beginning class twice and go to a shooting range. I get lots of help there. There are also tons of credible safety classes on YouTube. Having USCCA is an incredible resource too. I would like to get my CC because I do hike. The more I handle my gun, the less fear I have. I need to go regularly. :disappointed_relieved: