Ooops My Wife's 2A Side Showed a Bit

So my dear wife has typically taken a position of “tolerating” my gun collecting and a jaded eye at my concealed carrying and training (she understands the importance but thinks I’ve taken it a level or three too high).

However she slipped up this evening. We were watching a re-run of Little House on the Prairie (one of her favorite shows) and it was the final episode where the railroad was kicking everyone out of town. There came a point where the towns folks got their weapons and made a stand against the railroad men when suddenly the Army showed up. The Army Colonel and Reverend talked everyone into not shooting and to give the town another day to prep, after which the Colonel commanded one of the troops to form a detail and “take their guns.”

To my complete surprise my wife piped up almost shouted at the tv "you can’t take my guns!!! They have no right to do that!!! That’s their property!!! “They should run away and go hide them!”

I just sat there smiling looking at her and she asked me what I was looking at. I told her I didn’t realize how hard core 2A she was and that it was good to know she’d have my back if anyone ever showed up to our house to confiscate our guns.

A pillow was thrown at my head for being a smart alec, but it’s good to know how she really feels. :smiley:

I think I’ll break out a couple pro-2A stickers and go put them on her planner. :grin:


Seems at times our women let slip that they are smarter than we are. :wink:
That’s why we love them. :heart_eyes:
Thanks for sharing Brother.


My ‘date’ loves to point out bad gun handling, technique, etc in shows or movies. Compliment too if they get it right. I get a kick out of it. Now I am not the only one!! Heck, even her boys will come and complain about inaccuracies of the guns or shots in their games!

Good for you @JamesR


My wife doesn’t let it slip. She knows she is emotionally smarter than me. She calls me her “thermonuclear option” when people annoy her on the phone. Invariably after talking to me they ask if they can talk to my wife so they can make sure they take care of her.


I love a beautiful story. :cry: {sniff}


I love it!

My wife too tolerates my 2A affinity, but I still get the question, “Why do you need another gun?” Like your wife, I find my wife’s resistance slowly cracking. Leaving the house the other night, she stopped me and asked, “Are you carrying?” “Of course, I’m wearing my pants aren’t I?” To which she replied, “Good!”