How does your significant other feel about self-defense/guns?


Firearms and carrying can cause a great divide in a family - much less a romantic relationship. I’ve gone out on a couple of dates with guys who were anti-carry/firearms, they didn’t make it past the first date. And the guy who carried on our first date and had three gin & tonics even though he knew it was illegal to drink and carry never got a second date either.

Current boyfriend is a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment and carrying - which makes life much easier for me.

What does your significant other think of guns and carrying?

  • 100% for self-defense and carrying a firearm
  • Likes firearms, but doesn’t carry
  • Is OK with firearms, but doesn’t shoot
  • Is not OK with firearms, but is OK with you having firearms
  • Does not like any firearms and thinks you should turn all of yours in

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If you clicked on the last option - it may be time to reevaluate your relationship. :smile:


Leah loves guns now that I got her into it and isalso a uscca member ! I found a keeper


She’s part of the fire team. I love when we go out and she wears her gruntstyle beautiful badass shirt.


I should add that tho she is not comfortable carrying. She loves the fact that I do.


She’s actually the one that always wanted a gun. She wanted a shotgun, though, and when I finally gave in to that, I decided to get a pistol. It’s just ballooned from there and has become a common interest for us and has made for great weekly date nights to the range!


My wife is 100% for self defense and carrying but she doesnt carry as of right now because I am always with her. I told her she needs to start doing it because if not then she is not going to get the feel of having it on her.


My wife grew up in a family of hunters and her extended family has more firearms than most any gun store I have been in (not a joke). The reason she gives me for not wanting to be a shooter herself is from a childhood experience with a 22 rifle. She could not hit the broad side of a barn (again no joke). This is when she found out she needed corrective eyewear and has never picked up a firearm since. Both our children own and shoot and I have often asked her if she wanted to go to the range with me or us and the answer is always the same. Thanks but ill pass. If she ever changes her mind I will be the first one to gladly take her to the range.

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My wife is 100% fine with me, or others carrying a gun. She doesn’t, because she doesn’t feel comfortable with it yet. She’s warming up to the idea. I did get her to carry a knife with her when out and about.


My wife loves to shoot and is honestly a better shot than me. She’s getting ready to get her permit, she’s a USCCA member already and class is paid for she’s just trying to nail down a date. This is her pride and joy…


@Kelly hates guns.




My wife has one rule: I can’t bring anything into the house that she can’t shoot. She’s good with her 38 and 9mm, and handles my .40 well. We rented a 12 gauge… not happening.


@Trmptr64- I love it!! I got my family into shooting as well. To start it was more of a hobby… I’d say it’s gotten a bit bigger than that now. :rofl:


If she wants to shoot with someone outside of the family I’m more than happy to go to the Range with her, @DBrogue! Sometimes you need someone a bit removed to help you start.

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Go for an AR next!! :slight_smile: she should be able to shoot that.


My Wife is all for me carrying my firearm and started shooting my XDm 5.25 last summer. She isn’t interested yet in carrying outside our home because I always am armed. The XDm is now in her name and she’s eyeing my G17 pretty hard too. I think she bought me my G45 for Christmas so I would also sign over the G17. Maybe when she gets her Concealed Pistol License.


My wife and I talk a lot about scenarios. Nothing crazy, just stuff that could happen. She decided that she needed to carry because I’m not superman and I am human, I might need help if the unthinkable should happen. On another note, how do you like the G45? I’m eyeballing one and I own a 19X. I really like the full size grip of the 19X and it’s accuracy, haven’t seen a 45 in person yet.


If that were the case I would jump at your offer. She has family members that are still willing to totally outfit her if she had the interest. I will ask her but to be on the safe side, dont hold your breath.

BTW how was your ride? We put on around 100 miles yesterday.

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.410 or 20ga might be great options as well

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ARs not welcome in Massachusetts, unless its a .22.