Getting a loved one to the point of willing to conceal carry

I’ve been married for a long time. My wife was raised in a family who hunted and she was not opposed to firearms. She would sometimes shoot with me, but only just a little bit. Still after we got married when I would bring up the subject of defense her reply was always the same, “I could never shoot anyone and I’ve got you.” This went on for a decade or more. Then the loss of a family member to violent crime things started to change. I still got the same old response but I could see a shift in her thinking. One evening I finally hit the target when I said, “I know you do not think you could shoot anyone, but now you have seen what happens to the family of victims. In many cases its the worse part of the violence. Do you really want to put your family through that by not trying to defend yourself?” That started the balling rolling. The steps have been baby size from sometimes carrying in the car to where always in the car, sometimes on the body, and always able to access in the home. She now has her LCR and carries =p ammo. She shoots it well but not as often as I would like. Baby steps, just baby steps.


Believe it or not, I was like your wife, @William220. I could not see shooting someone else to defend my life. Then I had children and the world changed in my eyes. I was willing to do anything to protect them - and part of protecting them was my being around to protect them. So I learned and trained, and now I carry all of the time to protect my adult kids and innocent kids. I pray I never have to shoot to defend life, but I’m glad to know I can help save a child.

It’s a hard mindset, but it can save lives.


I would submit after being married a long time myself that it NEEDS to be her idea to carry. No one can help you if she begins to think you tricked her into it.




I should also mention that she now brings up “what if’s” for discussion. Even some of our friends who would not carry or own have started to change their thinking.

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Those who have changed their minds about carrying can be some of the most persuasive to get others to change their minds.



If this current emergency goes on to the point of marauding criminals and the police not responding either due to fear of catching Corvid 19 or giving someone Corvid 19.

We may see a change in the POV of people who were ambivalent about the 2nd Amendment.


I sounds like she’s getting there, and as much as you want this for her, she’ll have to get there on her own time and in her own way. Encouragement and praise do mean a lot, though.