Protection of self and family

I am new to hand guns, just got my CCW recently. Prior military and hunter but not actively shooting for many years. I recently thought about the way the world is going and I felt I wanted to be able to protect myself and family. I have two problems that have I have discovered. The first is basically storage and being able to defend. My wife has some issues with depression and have talked about suicide. How Dow I keep her safe and be able to handle a threat? Also I do most of the driving if and when we go anywhere. So my first thought was to do a cross draw for when I am in a vehicle.I have thought about this a little and when I am making a transition from vehicle to my house or church or anywhere that I have to carry anything I am very vulnerable. Any suggestions or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Stay safe my brothers and sisters.


Hey, sorry to hear about the wife’s issue. But being practical, you’ll have to consider a fingerprint lock box with only you having access. She gets panic buttons that call a central station and OC spray. Both non-lethal.

The auto, there are specific training methods for shooting in and around your automobile. You should consider taking some formal training and make sure this is included in that training. There is a very high chance of injury to yourself at most or at minimum flagging yourself in an auto. I teach a whole track on, in and around auto defense. Gunsite Academy spends near 1/2 a day on it.


Hey brother I just wanted to let you know that here in the state of VA one of the questions they ask on your CCW app is if you live with anyone suffering from mental illness. If you say yes they will deny you a CCW even when you purchase a firearm they ask that. Get yourself a safe first of all where you are the only one that has access to the firearm. Make sure you take some classes and training. God bless you brother.


Thanks for the information I will keep all in mind. I have thought of the safe and the lock box. I think my biggest fear is using a cross draw during every day activity.


In your vehicle, have you considered velcroing a holster to the transmission hump?


I’m not a fan of cross draw as you can muzzle yourself and others. What about appendix carry? Or one of the magnet holders for the car?

We have a thread dedicated to carrying in the car: Carrying in the Car

Are you concerned about your wife taking your firearm in the car or the comfort level of carrying while in the car?


Hi Mark, I’d say there are a couple ways to help your situation. I use a GunVault next to my bed and it’s pretty fast to open and get to my firearm if the need arises. There are other options that you can read about here though depending on your preference
Code or use the finger print and just don’t let her have the code or access.

Second, I live in a Anti-Gun state but if I didn’t, I would have probable added a holster in my vehicle for my pistol. As it is, I usually tend to remove my holster (simple kydex IWB style with a single belt clip) which is easy and wedge it between my seat and the center console. It gives me quick access while I drive if I need it rather than fumbling with trying to get to my gun under my shirt which is under the seat belt. I have also added a concole vault into my truck so if I have to go into a place that doesn’t allow firearms, I have an easy way to lock it up without the whole cable and lock box nonsense under the seat.

third, We’re all human and we will often ALL have to carry something. The reality is, yes, it’s possible you could have your hands full when a threat rears its ugly head at you. This is something you should practice at home. Empty your pistol, holster it, grab some pillows and practice the process of dropping what you have to draw and take aim.

Practice makes perfect. While we can train and practice for some situations, we can’t train for everything. We just have to cover the basics and hope they’ll be enough for when reality wants to slap us.


I don’t think she would take the gun. I am more worried about having to use it while in the vehicle. I don’t know if other left handed people but I use my right hand for some things. I just figured since I do 99% of the driving I thought this would be a good option. I believe I can shoot both hands but will have to practice I am sure.


I bought a couple of these

for my cars and outside the shower.


@Mark268, your wife will be in my prayers.

I think Dawn mentioned some great articles to gleem knowledge from.

Getting some tips for travel, especially while in motor-vehicle is a WONDERFUL idea
(Take it from the man who has had some scary experiences while in vehicle).

However, I suggest (and this is just a suggestion) going on your profile and see about acquiring the e-learning ‘if’ you don’t already have it part of your membership.

Regarding the firearms “bed”…

Get something realistic for you but safe upon sudden contact from others regardless from a friend or foe.

But also remember two tips:

(a) Don’t get something you will not be able to quickly(as well safely) draw from.

(b) Dont rob the bank! There is a safe for you and found at the right price available!

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