Running Errands

I find myself making multiple impromptu runs on the weekends. I’ve developed an on and off relationship with my every day carry when I return home. I would prefer not to wear an empty holster around the house or carry while watching Jeopardy. The on and off with my holster is a bit much (not enough to stop carrying) am looking for advice.


@Marrio - I always carry away from home, and if I have left the house earlier in the day, my gun stays in the holsters and one me until bedtime. Those days when I don’t leave the house, I always have a gun cased nearby. Sometimes both carried and nearby.


Welcome to the family brother and God bless you. My advice is get used to it brother. I have mine on me right now as I am responding to your request for advise. Just wear it and you will get used to it. I was like you also on and off. but now it stays on me at all times. Carry on brother.


@Marrio Welcome. Always have it on you or very near you at all times, never leave home without it.
You will get used to wearing it all day, most times I forget I have one on as far as being conscious of its weight or bulk, no different then your wallet. :+1:


Hey guys listen up I have a bit of a gut and I was not carrying appendix because of it. But lately I have been putting my M&P 9mm PC Shield in a C&G kydex holster and begun to get used to it. I am going to keep trying because to me it is the best position to carry in. At least I will do it and eat less brothers and sisters. :+1: :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the community @Marrio.

I tend to carry on the weekends while in the house in order to keep myself from arming/disarming between running errands and sitting on the couch (or in the office).

I’m a large individual and so carry at 3 o’clock (sometimes 4) and it’s not that uncomfortable for me (either the pistol or the extra mag), and as Kevin Michalowski has cautioned us several times in regards to home invasions, if it happens you’re most likely not going to have a chance to get to a staged weapon (unless it’s within 3ft of wherever you are when it happens) so it makes sense to carry at home also.

If you’re dead set on not carrying while in the house, maybe stage a small gun safe by the door you tend to enter/exit the house with (maybe the table where you keep your keys) and then keep it in there with your holster so you rig up each time you leave the house and disarm upon your return.

I would not use a car safe/draw apparatus and just leave it in there in between trips even though it would be locked.
For me it would be too easy to forget it was out there, and I prefer being in control of my weapon as much as possible.

My two cents. Good luck and again welcome!


Thank you for taking time to share your methods, thoughts and solutions. To be fair, it’s never out of reach yet stored safely! The message here is pretty clear and understood! I appreciate you all!



Don’t forget


Is it a fact of comfort that you do not carry all the time? I have found that with a good holster properly positioned on my body, I do not have any problems doing anything. I have grown accustomed to having it on me all the time. There is also the fact of when you need it. You do not know when you might need it. Home invasions have happened, it happened to my girlfriend in the middle of the early evening. She fared well through that event. It is the places of vulnerability that advantages will be taken of you. Going to your car, getting gas, the store, or just checking the mail. I even warn people of stop lights. Leave room to maneuver your vehicle in case of an emergency. It might sound paranoid but I say it is just being cautious. Imagine getting up in the middle of the night and going into the kitchen and you find someone in your kitchen. The surprise is shocking to say the least.


I carry pretty much everywhere except to my main job where it is prohibited. I agree with Todd30, the holster can make all the difference. I have been trying out a Blue Star IWB at the 3 o’clock position with my prinary, and as long as I have a layer between it and my skin I have found it extremely comfortable and I forget I’m wearing it. It is also extremely easy to take on and off. Same with my Versa Carry holsters. I prefer OWB at 3’oclock, but it’s not always convenient.


I have an M&P 9c and just switched to Appendix carry. I couldn’t believe how much more comfortable it is for me. I sit at a desk and drive alot and now am able to carry all day without a bother.


Welcome to the family brother and happy to have you here, be blessed.


At 72 yo my hips can’t even support my Golck 30 in the early morning hours of the day so I got a G-43 and, while it does not have the capacity of the 30, it is light and easy to carry whether indoors or outside.


@Robert339, you know that the main thing that matters most is if you are a good shot. Getting shot will get anyone’s attention. If you can shoot good then you got the upper edge. God Bless you and be safe. :grinning:


Welcome. Glad you’re here.


I never set foot outside of my home without a gun. Further, I carry in my home in the evenings, and always have a gun within reach all day long as does my wife. I have a gun in an OWB holster as I write this. Trouble doesn’t wait until you are prepared, it comes in its own time.


Scorpionind65, thanks for your thoughtful reply. You’re 100% right on.


I use a paddle holster and it only comes off when the pants come off


I put my gun on when I get dressed in the AM, and don’t take it off til I get undressed in the PM. It is on me all day. If I could figure out how, I would have “Glock on a rope” for when I take a shower.
get used to wearing it. You never know when some “gentlemen” may come a-knockin through your door, and you must have it with you and ready.


Welcome to a whole new world! Glad to have you.
Always carry, ALWAYS!!! You cannot choose the time bad things happen. My mother-in-law thought I put on my weapon when she came over lmao. You might not have the time to open a drawer, or even stand up. Always be ready.