Do you carry at home

I’ll admit that I don’t always carry at home. but, when I am not there is always a gun within reach when I’m not.
8 Real Cases That Illustrate Why You Should Be Carrying a Gun at Home?




Indoors and seated, mostly watching tv or reading, it’s within reach. Otherwise, it’s IWB concealed.


Who’s asking :question: Who do you work for :question: Did they send you :question: Lawyer :exclamation:


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As a serious reply to this thread….

I have my DP-12 shotgun staged with full tubes (not chambered) in my bedroom.

Also my EDC is on my dresser if not on my person.

So in other words, whoever makes it to that room first will be the best armed.

I live in a pretty quiet area, so scrambling for a gun isn’t high on my priority list.

I will get there first😉


This is in right front pocket from the minute I put my pants on in the morning. It slips in there and I don’t even notice it. Sometimes, when I wear my semiauto (on my belt) which requires a cover shirt, I’ll leave the little revolver in the drawer just to lighten the load. That’s generally if I’m lightly dressed, or going to get really sweaty or potentially go in the salt water by accident. In any case, there is never a time when one or both carry guns are not on me, unless I’m in the shower or asleep.

Basically, my point is, once I started carrying, I never wanted to be without it, ever. It doesn’t go in the shower with me, but it’s right outside the shower on the counter.

If it’s not on me, what’s the point? Yeah, I live in a pretty safe area, but bad guys know that people in safe areas 1. often have stuff to steal, because they can afford a safe area, and 2, don’t have their guard up because they live in a safe area. All the more reason to always be carrying. If I go out at night to take the trash out, or whatever, I am always ready, no matter who or what might be out there. What if I go out and encounter pack dogs? A bunch came through the area not long ago and killed all the neighborhood outdoor cats.


I general do not carry around the house. Crime is virtually non existent in our tiny little town :fist: :wood:

I do have a quick access safe on each floor of my home with a pistol ready to go in it. And I pretty much always have my knife and pepper gel in my pocket unless I am in bed for the night. I also have weapons of opportunity staged in every room in case I need to fight my way to the quick access safe.

Every once in an incredibly rare while a suspicious character gets spotted driving around. They stand out very quickly and the unofficial neighborhood watch spreads the word. In those cases I have put my carry pistol on just in case. Think that has happened twice in the decade plus that we have lived here.



There is an accessible firearm in every single room of my home including the bathrooms. Only myself and my wife(concerns me sometimes) know their locations. I go to the door for strangers, I go with a handgun in hand after asking the reason for their visit through my doorbell camera.


I appreciate your answering, and carrying to the door! “We are not what we know but what we are willing to learn .”


I don’t answer my door, ever. I used to get up to three people a day. Then I placed this sign, which I felt was too obnoxious, and the idiots still rang and knocked. It’s a wonder I’m not in prison!

These people are not worth my time. By not answering, I’ve noticed a significant drop in my blood pressure!
If I didn’t invite you, you don’t belong here!


My EDC is with me 24- 7 , I also live in one of them safe areas but I believe in better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. I also have a Mossberg 500 pistol grip loaded and staged .


Two thoughts. Many years ago, before I owned a gun (I had just turned 19) some dogs got loose and started attacking a neighbor who was walking her dog. I grabbed an umbrella (the nearest available weapon) and was able to scare them off. If I had had a gun, it’s likely those dogs would have ended up dead. That was the severity of the attack. The morning had been quiet and peaceful, and the neighborhood a good one, and nobody saw it coming.

A few weeks ago, I had an unexpected alert on my phone, saying someone was in my driveway. Now, if my neighbors need anything, they know to text me. They’re very good about not intruding into other people’s lives. I knew I wasn’t expecting a package, so that wasn’t it. I grabbed my pistol and took a strategic position where I could see them but they couldn’t see me. Turns out it was two JWs handing out pamphlets. They rang the doorbell, but when I didn’t answer, they left without incident.

In this case, a security camera gave me a few seconds warning to prepare. Even though it ended up being nothing, I was very thankful for the heads up. To me, that’s the main value in a camera; it acts as an early warning system. It may not deter criminals, but it might give you the few seconds you need to better your chances of survival.


Welcome to the family @GeneK and you are in the right place at the right time.


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welcome to the family


Welcome to the Fold Brother Gene.

As for EDC/24-7 the answer is YES
When I shut down @ night
and Close this Laptop lid my .357 is on top.
Not giving away my Battle Plan but I did
see a movie years ago ('Dogs of War-Chris Walken)
I did adapt the gun in the fridge deal—seriously!
My old Ruger P89 and an extra mag by the Jalapeno’s! :hot_pepper:
(Freaked my Sister out but she got over it)
One of my Hellion’s hangs by the door on our Coat rack.

That’s enough for now :laughing:


I don’t carry when I’m sleeping, but ones within reach then.Otherwise I’m carrying.