Do you carry while in your home?

Do you carry while in the comfort of your own home? I do but I have a specific reason to. We have a protection order for my daughter against her ex-husband who has been violent and the only address he has for her is mine. Clint Smith has always said in his classes, “Carrying is not supposed to be comfortable, it is supposed to be comforting”. Words to live by in my opinion. This video might give reason for others to consider the same.

Candy Sales Home Invasion


I work from home with 3 children. It’s basically within arms reach but away from the children.


I carry in my home as well. It has become habit to have it on me always. The only time I don’t have my firearm on is when I sleep.


Almost all the time — right now for example. And my carry holster is both comfortable and comforting.


Yes, most of the time. When I’m on the couch or sleeping, it’s in a pocket holster, not on my body, but next to me.


During the day, yes. I dress for the day, belt, holster, gun, usual stuff. This includes when working from home, I’m dressed/holstered up for that.

Lounging around, like right now, our “day” is over, no, I don’t carry. The doors and windows are locked and the exterior doors have extra reinforcements in place that can only be set from inside. Nothing is opened to the outdoors without looking first, also dogs.

I don’t need to have the gun on my person behind secured doors and windows. It can be something I walk/run to on short notice. This is what quick access safes are for (we do have kids)


I put my holster on in the morning and it stays on until bedtime. That said, we have had some pretty crazy stuff happen in our building.

  1. A guy gets pissed at his buddy, jumps out of the car, shots the car 8 times and then runs into our building and hides out in his other buddies condo until a swat team came and took him off to jail.
  2. I had a guy try several keys in my door, I opened the door to a guy in baggy shorts, tattoos all over his body, half his head shaved… When I opened the door he was shocked and said “OH, Sorry dude I’m looking for 203.” I put my hand on my gun and said “B.S There is no 203 in this building.”. He made a quick exit to the stair well.
  3. We had a guy piggy back in through the door, get on the elevator, go all of the way to the 23rd floor, then, start down, stopping at every floor, grabbing the fire extinguishers and spraying them all over. Then, he went back to the roof and started winging the patio furniture off. (We got an entire new crew of guards after this one)

There’s enough weirdness around here that I feel justified in being armed all of the time.


My son and my daughter had VERY questionable girl/boy friends-- with the girl threatening to kill me…
My wife also carries in the comfort of our home.

Just a side note: Had a police Sgt show up at my house to ask questions… I told him I was armed-- he told me to secure it so I did as a COURTESY. He then told me he could take my guns because it was “odd” to carry at home… I suggested he would be paying me a tidy sum.


No need after I raise the draw bridge.


No I don’t. Unless I am.

I will cooperate 100%, but first I need to talk to my attorney

Don’t forget, you can answer the door without opening it


I carried at home extensively (without live ammo) before ever carrying in public, mainly to tame the “newby” tendency to fuss with gun, holster, garments, mag carrier, etc. This included dry fire draw, present, reload, reholster, etc. Also drilled on threat from behind, coming through the door
using the john, and everything else I could think of. I repeat this process, to a lesser extent if I get a new holster, etc. I think this bit of excessive behaviour went a long way to make me more confident and competent when I started carrying for “real.” This being said, I carry from breakfast until lights out (except when in the shower).


I am always carrying my firearm, when at home. My wife used to ask me why I carry at home until she started watching real-life home invasion videos with me. Now, if I leave it in my room, she will ask me why I don’t have it.

I also have lots of students ask me why would someone carry at home and I tell them “100% of home invasions happen inside the home”. The “Ah-ha” looks are always activated after that statement. I never try to instill fear in anyone, but I want them to understand the reality of it.


Within arms reach inside the house but always on outside.


No I don’t.
I don’t need it at home.


I hope you are correct.


Correct, confident and safe.


But of course i carry in the comfort of my home. My 1911 45acp is always with me, you never know what evil may come from one day to the next, as will training every week for the what if’s and what could happen. So you see home security is just a state of mind as any other thing’s, know your house as to what may stop a bullet, what will give you adequate cover and is there any outer walls that if you shoot at the perp and miss will your bullet go through it and in to you neighbors house and may hit someone there, these are just some things to keep in mind. Stay Alert Don’t Get Hurt :cowboy_hat_face::cactus::sun_with_face::us_outlying_islands::statue_of_liberty::nerd_face::desert::dart::+1:


I carry at home, I carry, and it is comfortable and comforting to the Mrs… In the past on a hot summer day the front door was left open to get any breeze that could be gathered to make the home more comfortable. A random guy walks in the door with a knife and asks if she had any money. I was at work at the time so, I was not able to do anything. The Mrs. stood up with her demanding voice and told him to get the F out of the house. Thank God it worked. She called the cops and the guy had two others held by knife point when the cops showed up and he took off around the corner and tried to carjack someone when the LEO shot him.
So, we have changed our situation and carry all the time. Be safe and train.


I don’t normally carry inside my home. I do carry when I’m out feeding the chickens and pigs. There’s way too many predator’s of the four legged variety around my homestead.