Carrying at home


People carry when at home. Do you carry when you are outside yard work ect? And do you lock it up if you take off the firearm when you are home?

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I carry everywhere I go if it’s legal to do so. When at home, I carry regardless of what I’m doing, but I also only carry concealed. When inside it’s still on me, except after I get in my pajamas. At that point it’s in the holster next to me.

When I go to bed, it gets put in a safe I have next to the bed. I also bring the safe (Vaultek VT20)with me when I leave the house in case I stop somewhere where it’s against the law to carry, such as my son’s school.


I carry everywhere it’s legal. I also carry doing whatever activities I’m doing. If I’m comfortable changing oil, mowing grass, or helping my dad build fence on the farm, I’ll be plenty comfortable carrying it headed to dinner or Walmart, or riding in the car for a long road trip. When I take it odd, it’s in a quick safe, since I have a 9 year old. He knows they aren’t toys, and we shoot together, hunt together, and alway go over the safety rules for firearms, but, I feel it’s the most responsible thing for MY house. Once he’s older and more responsible, I’ll use “hidden furniture” for my carry/defensive guns.


I wear my gun as often as i wear pants. And if I’m not wearing pants it’s closer to me than a pair of pants


I carry everywhere. At home doing yard work. My guns are locked up but a few. There around…:us::grin::grin::us:


I generally don’t carry when in my home. I don’t lock up my pistol when I take it off because it’s usually not more that 3 feet away. I no longer have small children in the house so, no worries there. However, I do carry when I leave. Yes this includes yard work and on the occasion I forgot something in my truck.

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I don’t usually carry inside my apartment unless I’m already carrying. I do carry when I walk my dog because it’s usually late at night being that I work night shift. I’ve run across a coyote, opossum, and many racoon’s, and we’ve also had car break-ins during the night here, so I like to have a little peace of mind with me.

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Yes I do, I have residence in both states and both have “OPEN CARRY LAWS” without registered permit. Only place I don’t carry is obviously places I would hope people realize you can’t carry. Know as a mixed Black/Native with this new #RedFlag Bill being considered in one of my states’ of residence takes hatred given the public more fuel to lie to Police and Police always believe the caller. This is the reason why #USCCA is in business b/c people lie on both side and nobody believe anybody unless its an Attorney at Law. The Police have been called on us multiple times due to pure hatred; as a Mixed Black/Native Family of 4 takes our concerns to a deeper level. We’ve had police called on us multiple times for people just hating us for who we are before for no reason if they see guns in public (Open Carry Laws) or neighbors see, suspect we have guns its bad news for myself and my family soon to be. Unfortunately; this is the world we live in this is what my family have face in one of the state of our resident…


That sucks, @rwsisson! I don’t understand how people can be judged on their skin or their sex. It’s mind boggling.

Every person is different, you cannot judge someone who is a member of a group based one other member of the group - whether it be race, religion, sex, or political affiliation.

(OK, the exception is groups that are based on hate - if you’re a member of a hate group then you probably agree with the hate since that’s the reason for the group.)

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Its unfortunate and yes it does suck, 3/5 LEO’s have all admitted they were disguised to be called for nothing for flat out hatred. Caused my 7 son to cry b/c he was scared. Couple LEO’S gave him some merch and show him the inside of cruiser b/c take one look at us and after 3 questions anyone can realize what type of people we are. They felt down for us the other 2 incidents LEO’s didn’t even get out of the Police Cruisers. Asked a couple questions or drove off. Prime Example the lies told aren’t what they see upon arrival.
I completely agree. We’re not apart of any hate group, were from Harlem NYC. protest are a common factor and part of NYC culture. NYC is the City of Immigrants were raised around everybody of all types of backgrounds you name it we had exposure to it all. Always been a huge respecter regarding “Personal Choice” I believe everyone should have this right regardless how anyone opinion or belief.


I don’t necessarily carry in my home, but a firearm is normally within reach.

The rule in our home is to clear the gun when getting home, or leave it loaded in a holster. We check all firearms before messing with them regardless, but we feel it’s safer to have an indication that a firearm is definitely ready to go.

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