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While I may post on here quite a bit, like I have some long term insight :rofl:. Some of you may have missed the part where I said I am new to gun OWNERSHIP. I have shot a few times in my life, hunting and range, but not more than a handful of times. Until this year, I purchased two handguns, one for me one for the wife, more or less. What I thought would be my firearm, she preferred, and what was to be hers, I shoot better with. ANYway, as far as the actual ability to carry, we started the process shortly after buying. So we had to wait 2 months to PAY for the class, wait 2 months to TAKE the class (thanks COVID), submit the paperwork, wait another month and a half for our fingerprint appointment, hers was one day after mine, then watch the website for the all green check marks. The final one for “has been mailed” hit last Friday, and today was Christmas in the mailbox… It’s official. Wife should be getting hers in the next day or so, but I am off to the races. Taking my son to soccer practice this afternoon will my first excursion with my firearm NOT in the range bag. Very exciting times indeed.


Sweet love the story! Have you both picked out a way that you prefer to carry? That was the hardest thing for me. I wear alot of gym clothes so i did a fanny pack holster. Well it was super bulky in and out of the car. Then i did a carry undershirt. They basically squeeze you to death while tour gun is under arm pit. Id die 10 times over before i could even get it out. Then i went with belt and reg. Overwaist holster. Thats my favorite. Im heavier in my older days. So i can use my belt and holster even with no loops just over my shorts and a shirt and you cant even tell. Or dress shorts…or jeans… And its great for in and out of the car etc. THAT WAS THE HARDEST THING FOR ME. NOW I REALKY WANT TO FIND A IN THE WAIST CONSEALMENT SYSTEM THAT WORKS FOR JEANS SHORTS ETC. EVEN IN WINTER I WEAR SHORTS ITS JUST ME. ANY ADVICE LET ME KNOW! AND IM SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!


Oh I spent much time in the confines of my home trying out different options. I have an all leather magnetic retention holster from JM4Tactical for both my Shield and my XDS that has been my most comfortable, worn at 8/8:30 on the hip (I’m a lefty), I have a full kydex from Tactical Justice that will carry the XDS with an Olight PL Mini 2 or my Shield without the light (the rail system add on makes it fit like it has a light), same on the hip at 8/8:30. And I have a “belly band” style belt from Bravobelt for non belt loop shorts. I am almost always in boots and jeans though, with either a t shirt or untucked button up. Tried appendix, but just not comfortable to me. I have a bit of extra belly on a medium frame, so it actually printed worse than back of the hip.



As someone with less than a year of concealed carry, the most important thing I learned in this forum is that everyone starts out the same way. You feel you’re obviously concealing and printing. You’re probably not and almost nobody notices.


Congrats on the new lifestyle! I would look into some additional training, and do a lot of (safe) dry practice with the holster. Slowly getting my girlfriend closer to getting her CHL.


We hit the range once a week the whole time, and I have availed myself of a LOT of the USCCA training videos (one if the reasons I promote them as a defense company).


Awesome you are watching training. I learned a LOT from working with an instructor as well. Not putting down your abilities at all! Can you draw from a holster at your range? That would be a great help.

I have a few places I can draw from and shoot, but not many. A shot timer can help add some ‘stress’ to your shooting as well. For most people, the faster they shoot, the less accurate they are. I try to find a balance between speed and accuracy.


Welcome to a new way of life, for you and her.


Unfortunately I am stuck with an indoor range at this time (good range but…) no holster draw. I run through a 50 round drill of 15 shots with primary hand (supported), 15 shots weak hand (supported), 10 rounds each hand (single handed) at 7-10 yards.


Ironically my new shirt came in at the same time today. Seemed an appropriate option for my first time carrying :joy:


You can do a lot of good with dry practice drawing your gun. I got a tip years ago, use fans to make it harder to access your gun.


wind simulator? Lol good idea. :+1:


Any time you can safely create stress, or a potential issue into your training is a good thing to me. My shooting buddy and I often use a timer, and set up drills to compete on who gets the best score. A little friendly competition can show where you need to work on stuff. Good motivation for me and him as well.


Trust me when my wife goes to the range with me it gets competitive :joy:. I have to be careful though, she “can” shoot as good as me or better, and I let her enjoy the victory. However she doesn’t always out shoot me, those days I have to downplay my victory :joy:. I like dinner…


The range where I train doesn’t allow it. I do a lot of dry fire training when it comes to drawing from a holster.


Good job sir!!! Congrats!!! Our daughter has the same red hair look…looks good!!!


I like @BigdodgedemoN hat!! I prefer hats.


Yeah I have a hat problem too. This is one of my Kryptek hats, also have one in black Raid Kryptek pattern. Plus a bunch of other flag hats…works hats…working on the truck hats…cowboy hat…I got a problem…

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My wife said I have a hat problem to… she said “you have over 50, why you need 50 hats?”. I said “why do you need 100 pair of shoes?” Needless to say she walked away.


Congratulations. I had the same thing happen to me we bought my wife a 38 stub nose and she liked it till I let her shoot my 9 MM semi auto so I had to buy me a different 9 MM so we can tell them a part. She also has a 380 Semi auto she likes.