Evolving New Gun Owner

For some of you - may know a little about me - I chat a lot… lol

Quick Summary :

Started this journey as a hobbyist,
Join this community (Best Move)
Practice / Practice / Practice
Never Carried - Transport from Home to Range Weekly
Mind Set changing to Confident
Challenging my state on CCW Permit Criteria
Tried Open Carry - Not fond of it - Living in the Northeast
Now wanting to Carry all the time - Still Challenging State on CCW Criteria
since I cant CC I travel with gun in Car Safe - No Value
Did I say I want to Carry my gun everyday and prefer CC

In a short period of time 3 months Am i Losing it ? is this too fast ?


No, you are not going too fast. The reason I say this is that you seem motivated to do it, and to do it right. You are seeking help and trying to learn all you can, and I can tell you everyone here is still very much still learning. The big thing I see is that you mention mindset. So, you are aware of it and how important it is to safely and legally CC. So, keep going and ask anything and everything, and the group will attempt to help as best we can and Dawn will keep us on the straight and narrow.


@DavidM58 Keep it up. We all enjoy and learn by following your journey. :+1:


@DavidM58 - During this time period I suppose many of us are “Losing it”. I think if you are comfortable with what you have learned, and continue to practice, try different things, then you are not necessarily going “too fast”.
Check out a lot of the different posts or threads here at the community. There is a ton of information about videos to watch, equipment, etc. A great resource.
Everyone learns at different speeds so just keep going and good luck.

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The journey you’re on is a process, I’ve been carrying for over ten years. Only now does it feel as normal as brushing my teeth. There are still millions of things I want to learn, this is like being a doctor. You never stop practicing and you never stop learning and patience is vital.
Think about it this way, you didn’t furnish and decorate your house in a day. It probably took months to have everything you wanted in just the right place and comfortable enough that you could do anything in your home with your eyes closed.
Concealed carry is going to feel strange, but ask yourself daily, why am I carrying? Don’t rush the process, if you can, carry at home, but please know the condition your firearm is in. I carry in condition one. One in the chamber cocked and locked 24/7/365 in accordance with my states statutes.
For my wife I left a sticky note on the mirror so she could learn what condition the weapon was in and how to clear the weapon.
I’m guessing your state is not a “shall issue” state, hence the wait for your permit! Most “shall issue” states must issue within 90 days.
If I’m right your state is a “may issue” state. Don’t be surprised by the time it takes to acquire your permit, there are some “shall issue” states that are intentionally slowing things down for law abiding citizens.
As far as open carry, if you’re not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger, keep your weapons concealed.

Thank you the issue with CCW permit is for the most part just jumping through hoops but the key issue with not obtaining a permit is in my state requires for me to have 5 people to vouch for me - I am new to the state and I think that request has no value

It has no value, it’s just another hoop to make you jump through in order to prolong your intent to CC and hope you give up.

Keep the faith, try and get a USCCA training class in. May be able to get 5 people from class and range. Keep practicing and training.

Always remember you are your families and selfs ultimate protector.

When seconds matter, the police are minutes or hours away.


That’s an interesting thought if I can get 5 members living in Delaware hmmm

The law that requires me to gather 5 people to vouch for me is such a invalid request I did not need them to purchase a gun -

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@DavidM58 But since you bought a gun it means you are probably now a felon. So subsequently they need the opinion of 5 random people. Makes perfect sense. :upside_down_face:

Question: When you get a carry license from the state, and then you commit a crime, can a civil suit be brought against the 5 individuals that “vouched” for you? :thinking:

That’s my point exactly - I am usually a low profile person - for me it’s the principle - that requirement - 1 makes no sense -And 2 - has no value to the request - just like having to publish or advertise my request in a local newspaper - What value does that have -

My opinion is ccw is not in my near future - I have reached out to numerous organization as well as to the gov and senate - based on current events progress is at a standstill

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@DavidM58 did you ask the nice bunch of guys down at your LGS? It would be in their interest to help and they might even know you well enough to vouch for you by now.

Thank you - I think for me is I don’t want to ask anyone - I am new to this state - retired community- and again for me that ccw criteria has no value or substance - it has fault just like I mention I would also need to put an ad in the paper to advertise my request for a ccw - I have an issue with that request too what value does it have - I past the background check what else do they need - a reason to carry ? - I can answer that easily - because I want to !!! - is that not good enough ? I have no issue with safety training required now that makes sense

I too am retired. If my state wanted a reason why I want a CC permit I would simply claim to be concerned about my safety now that I am getting up in years. It’s a good answer and, in my case, it’s quite true.

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Find five others who want CCWs and vouch for each other, maybe?.

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Wow, I’m impressed!! It sounds like you have really jumped into the concealed carry/2A lifestyle with both feet!! Welcome aboard!! I am impressed that you are so active in your state’s 2A laws!! I would love to be more active in mine as well. Keep up the great start and great motivation!! We are all here for you and behind you.

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CC is the best idea. In Washington you just have to go to the police station and fingerprint, fill out the questions and wait. In Oregon you have to take a CC class and get certified, which is a safety operation and skills test. If you are able to hit the target without getting anyone hurt you should be good.
Continue your practicing and go to a self-defense shooting class. This will really help with your confidence and really help with your skills.

Love Alabama. Took 15 minutes to get my daughter’s CC permit.


That sure beats the one year it took to convince her to get a firearm! Lol.
Way to go Dad! :+1:

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Heh yeah.:innocent:

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