YOU need to VOTE!

One of the biggest problems that we face is all these Anti-2A politicians that are getting elected, too many people are not VOTING!
These politicians rely heavily on the high population city centers to get elected, if Virginians had come out in mass, like they did when their rights were being threatened, PRIOR to this Governor and his minions being elected who is to say the election might have had a different outcome.
I don’t care to hear excuses like " I’m too busy" , My vote doesn’t count anyway" , Etc.


If you have 5 minutes to look at your phone you have 5 minutes to vote. :+1:


I vote, I may not vote Democrat or Republican. But I vote. Though in good conscience I can no longer vote Libertarian, as that is as good as voting Democrat.

Our country has truly gone mad, this Electoral Season.


I’m running my own Operation Chaos this Super Tuesday as we can vote for anyone in VA, I’m going to vote for Tulsi Gabbard: She doesn’t have a prayer to win the Dem Convention and DJT doesn’t need a strong show of force. It is IMHO that in NH Kolbuchar was the beneficiary of a similar operation and took some of the wind out of the front runners sails and added another person to the mix that should have fallen off.




Vote every chance you get. There is more chance of our rights being infringed at the state level than federal. Just look at Virginia. A few seats changed hands, and it’s full blown tyranny now.


I vote in all elections except for the primaries. And that is because in Arizona you have to claim a party. And I don’t. So I can only vote in general elections for President. But I do vote. And in ALL of he last elections I DIDN’T VOTE FOR ANY DEMOCRATS. And I’m planning on doing it his year as well.


As in any election me and my family all vote Republican each and every election day. We feel it’s our responsibility to vote because the Democrats leadership has gone way to far left with no real program to stand on what they do they will destroy all of our freedoms and lead us into poverty. So we all need to vote to stop this madness.


I think this forum should be non-partisan. I believe Democrats give our tax dollars to the poor, while Republicans give our tax dollars to the rich. (Make that the overwhelmingly rich.) I am so fed up with both parties that I just switched to Independent. (A vote for any of the tiny minority parties seems like a wasted vote to me.) So I vote for the candidate and his or her proposals, assuming one of them actually appeals to me… Not all Democrats are after my guns, and some Republicans actually say they are in a video taped interviews, which so many gun owners seem to ignore.

“The Truth is Out There” says the old X Files poster. Go do your due diligence and exercise your right to vote come November.


The title says it all…VOTE…and if you’re in Illinois vote often​:joy::joy::joy:


Even when my polling place is empty, it takes them more than 5 minutes to check me in. Love the volunteers, but wish they were a bit speedier. :wink:


Sir, I appreciate your candor and you are correct not all Democrats are anti-2a and more than a few Republicans ARE.
But in this upcoming election and seeing which people are running under the Democratic ticket I believe it’s safe to say that NONE of them appeal to me!
Once again, like in 2016, we have to choose the lesser of two evils!
Choose wisely my friend.


I realize that not all Democrats are anti gun, but the so called leadership of Democratic party has put a black eye on their party reputation, come November President Trump will be the man fore the next 4 years.


Amen, brother!


2A rights should not be a partisan issue, but unless you are really really really sure that Democratic candidate is solidly pro-2A there’s a pretty good chance that a vote in the (D) column is a vote to take away your gun rights. They are under astonishing pressure from the Democratic party itself, plus PAC money from groups like Everytown for Gun Safety carry a lot of sway. We are seeing it in Virginia, if you don’t hold the party line you will get punished.

It is easier to get a Republican to vote for the environment, or for better health care, than it is to get a Democrat to vote pro-gun. Just saying…


You raise good points, @Harvey.

The problem, as I see it, is that gun owners have taken a whole lot of facts and built a story around it by filling in the blanks. Liberals are just as guilty by doing the same thing with their version of the facts, These two groups have formed completely opposite viewpoints, based on the facts that they believe are true.

Gun owners do not understand the fear liberals share of some crazed kid with a SWAT-wannabe suit and a belt full of guns. Liberals don’t understand that the majority of gun owners are trained in firearm safety and take pride in their ability to protect themselves and their loved ones. What’s needed, IMO, is a handful of leaders from both sides to sit down and fill in the blanks, for both sides, hopefully eliminating the myths we’ve all built up for ourselves that block any hope of a mutual understanding.

We are focusing on what a D or an R presidential candidate might or might not do, when we should be focusing on how willing that candidate will be to listen to the advice of a group of people who have worked out their differences.


BTW polls are open tomorrow for Alabama.

Jeff Sessions who gave up his Senate seat to be Trump’s AG is running for his old Senate seat back.

Roy Moore, the allegedly pervy dude, who used being a DA when he was in his late 20’s and early 30’s. To try and pick up teen aged girls at the local mall (from the number of women and complaints that dated back all that way to the 80’s & 90’s) is back to run against Sessions since Roy Moore cost the Republican Party that seat and Democrat Doug Jones won the seat.

Also legalizing Marijuana is on the ballot.

As well as another bill to legalize Gambling

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I agree in principal, but I don’t see this happening anytime soon. Leaders of both sides of the argument are entrenched in either “think of the children” or “shall not be infringed” and just talk past each other.

I have offered my local legislators to mediate and educate, and even sit down with opposing Everytown/MDA reps to find actual really good solutions for gun violence. If I ever hear back on the issue, I’ll be sure to let people know but I wouldn’t suggest holding your breath.

And on this particular topic with the 2 choices we usually have at hand (either R or D), the D side of the debate does not want to budge. I’m watching this happen live in Virginia. A Democrat who voted to table an AWB for a year had his other bills voted down in retaliation. I will 100% grant you that the R side of the house does this on other topics, but as this is a gun forum… :wink:


How vary sad; how very typical of a modern legislative body.

The only thing that threatens a sitting legislator is the loss of his or her seat. What is needed for that to become a real alternative to their actually sitting down together and discussing these issues is for the people to rise up and make it a real concern at election time. If We The People don’t demand action, in mass, it won’t happen.

We, ultimately, are responsible for our elected politicians’ behavior.


The forum is very much non-partisan. The USCCA wants you to vote for the candidate that is best in line with your values.

I believe that most people here are very pro-Second Amendment, but that doesn’t mean their Republican or Democrat, it means they want to have tools to defend themselves and their families.

(BTW, we do not allow name calling or political affiliation bashing on the Community, so if you ever see it, please let me know and I’ll address it. :slight_smile: )

We’re not all going to agree on everything - especially when it comes to politics. And that’s to be expected. The one thing that we ask is that all differences of opinions are expressed respectfully. We can learn a lot from people who have different opinions than we do.

Hope that clears things up a bit, @AlexV! Glad to have you here!!


@Dawn, I was stating my opinion. It may look like a judgement or a complaint, but it was not meant to be so.