Why the "Gun Brand Hate"?


We all have fun with debates over which particular gun brand or type is best. However, it seems that these debates on social media quickly spiral out of control as people hurl more and more vulgarities and insults around. So what if you prefer Glock/SIG/1911s/Revolvers/Whatever? Don’t tear down another gun owner and potential 2A advocate because of what they chose to spend their hard earned money on. All brands have their pros and cons, and for the most part, all major manufacturers put out a good product. Don’t be a jerk trying to prove how much better you are than another by picking on their brand choice. You may end up driving them away from being a good pro-gun advocate. I always say that we gun owners can be our own worst enemies at times.

What do you all think on this subject?


It’s a productive as the caliber debate, ar vs ak, Chevy vs Ford.

Chose what works for you train with it and be happy.


I’m with you on that @Nathan! And I usually use a line like @Sheepdog556 used - it’s like a Chevy vs a Ford vs a Nissan vs a Honda - it’s what works for you.

We all have our preferences and that’s awesome! It would be terribly boring if we all liked the same gun and same ammo. :smiley:

And you’ve hit the nail on the head with something we’re trying to do here in the Community - positive conversations/disagreements without bashing. We can learn so much from each other if the conversation is respectful.

I won’t carry a Glock - they don’t fit my hand well and I shoot terribly with them :confused: But that doesn’t mean they’re not great guns.
They just don’t work for me as well as other brands. And I know certain people here (@Zee for instance) swears by her Glocks - and that’s awesome!

Diversity and respect - and not just as buzzwords - true diversity and respect make for awesome conversations!


I actually only have one gun and that’s a Taurus PT709, but looking at getting a M&P 40 with the fiber optic sights. Not sure how good of a gun it is, but really like the feel of it in my hand. I’ve had several ask me why get such a poor gun as the Taurus, but I’ve never had a issue with it in the 2 year’s I’ve been using it and I got it for $200 out the door paperwork and taxes included. I’ve not been able to shoot every gun ever made, but I say whatever your comfortable with and doesn’t give you any problems is a winner no matter who manufactured it.


I have a lot of brands I hate, with good reasons for it, and a very strong opinion about what gun to buy. But at the end of the day, it’s your money/budget, and the point is, you’re armed. I keep my negative opinions to myself. They don’t help anyone.


@Dawn - yep, me and my Glocks :smiley:

my other “always reliable” is my Ruger P89… pretty sure nobody’s feeling the love for that one but me. My good friend who sold it to me says he went from liking it (hence the purchase) to hating it over the course of 6 months - I think mostly because he got to a “generally ok” point in his accuracy and then couldn’t get any tighter than that. For me, for how I use this, I don’t need tack-driver accuracy. After he sold it to me, he filled the hole in his safe with a Kimber :wink:


That’s why I like this Community here. So far, the conversations have all been positive and informative. I prefer to use SIGs for training and self-defense. I’ve had good luck with them, and I shoot them all well. I’ve noticed a sharp uptick in “SIG Hate” over the past couple of years, some of it earned and some not. My experience with SIG has always been positive. As you mentioned, Glocks are extremely popular and for good reason. They are fantastically reliable and plentiful. I have tried to shoot them several times, but they just don’t work for me. Despite that, I will never say “Glocks suck”. If someone were to ask my opinion about buying a Glock, I would say “Great choice! You can’t go wrong with them.” I hope that this Community will always remain this civil!


Whenever I go to buy a firearm I always look at if I’m able to work it and handle it safely. I have some problems with my hands and arms. And some of the firearms I’m just not able to operate without problems. And I do have a firearms dealer that I’ve bought several firearms from. And they know about my issues. And they’re more than willing and happy to help me find a firearm. that I can work. I use to have a Glock. And I did have issues with it. I wasn’t able to disassemble the gun because I couldn’t pull the tabs down to take it apart. And that was because of my hand issues. I also wasn’t able to shoot reloaded ammo in it as well. Unless I replaced the barrel with a new one. Because I could not get the GLOCK BUDGE out. But it was a good gun. Just not right for me. I have firearms in different calibers that I shoot a lot. And some are for just plinking. 2 are for carrying. And 1 I use in competition. And i’m able to work all of them. So it just comes down to what gun you like and what works best for you.


I think a lot of SIG hate came from popularity. There’s a lot of gun snobs out there who love to hate popular guns. Plus there was that moment in time where if you dropped a 320 at the exact perfect angle it would go off. My response to that one is, don’t drop your gun…


If you’re ever around my dad, his wife’s son, and myself at a get together, you will here a lot of Glock Sucks / Sig Sucks just to harass each other :rofl:. My dad is a Glock Guy and his wife’s son and I both prefer Sigs so we harass my dad for fun. He gives the harassment right back.

So while we have our difference preferences, firearms are still a common ground for our blended family.


@Dawn - I’m not against good-natured ribbing. One of my good friends who works at my LGS is a Glock guy, so we regularly harrass each other. It’s all in good fun though. I just don’t like it when things become plain insulting, especially if it is a newer shooter involved. I’m glad that you and your family have fun with the subject!


Hey Damon, do yourself a favor and look at the 2.0’s. They have a MUCH better trigger than the orignal M&P’s!
I’ve been rocking my M&P 2.0 9C since August and my only gripe are the grips, which isn’t so much of a gripe as it limits my choice in holsters. They have a very aggressive grip, you wont find it slipping in any conditions which is a good thing! However, that same grip rubbing against your skin is a whole other issue…good thing N82 Tactical was quick to get into making holsters for the 2.0’s! A bit bulky, but the leather covers everywhere the grip would rub.


I own a few handguns and do not think any two are from the same manufacturer. I only have three that are the same caliber. For me it is what fits in my hand correctly and if I must, can I operate it with one hand (sometimes difficult with off hand but doable). As long as it works for you then it is a good gun, I don’t care the brand (I have many) and I don’t care the caliber (again I have many) I don’t care if it is a semi auto or a wheel gun (once again I have both). If you like it and enjoy shooting it that is all that is important and don’t let any of the “EXPERTS” tell you different. /:wink:


Check out the new 2.0, Performance Center Shield with the 4 inch barrel. Or, check out the 2.0 Compact 40. Very concealable, and can take the full size mags.


I like to rig the “others” (you know who you are Glock fanboys), but, as long as a firearm will reliably go bang, and hit what the sights are lined up on, I’m good with it. Except Sigs, they suck😁J/K.


I love to cross the streams. I have a Glock as my “fighting” pistol and a Sig as my EDC. I’m my opinion two different jobs two different tools.


Nicely said everyone!
For me, there are 2 sides to working a gun counter. At the counter, at the end of the day, it’s what the customer wants. Yes, I’ll assist with different options, share experiences, etc. But the customer is spending their hard earned money on what they want. I’m not going to talk down any brand. Maybe they had to save up $20 out of every pay check to afford that $200 gun. But, behind closed doors, best believe we rip into each other in some friendly ribbing. Because that’s what friends are for!


I totally agree. Sometimes it is easy to forget that a $500 or $600 Glock/SIG/S&W is quite the financial stretch for a lot of folks out there. One thing I can say is that the more affordable handgun options are better than they have ever been. As long as that individual practices and trains well, most any gun will work for them.

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Absolutely! Practice, practice, practice!! Can you hit the target? Are you comfortable handeling it? Well welcome to the community Mr gun owner! :sunglasses:


That can be an issue - I can take down the smaller glocks no problem, but my full frame G21 was taking me multiple tries. I’ve just got (like yesterday!) a replacement slide lock that is a little bit longer on both sides giving a better grip. Now I have to decide if I’m going to grow some new gunsmithing skills (with my hubby’s supervision) or if I’m going to take it to the shop. I’ve also got a very handy tool for gripping the slide locks and that makes a BIG difference.

We actually reload everything, including the glock brass, but my hubby’s got the tool set on his dillon press that does a beautiful job resizing the brass. That said, it does stress the brass to be resized and that shortens their reload life.