Who Has a Right to Self-Defense?

Do you see an equity in current self-defense cases?


Interesting article… shows the blindness and ignorance of blm, antifa and the left in general.
As for your title:
The answer is very difficult these days. The Omaha self-defense shooting shows there is no guarantee that you can defend yourself without being charged. Kenosha WI and Detroit MI shows that law enforcement officials are more than willing to lie through their teeth and put out severely edited videos to make innocent people look bad.
I think the cancel culture and anti-America thugs have succeeded in bullying liberals and RINOs into redefining what self-defense is and what the Constitution means.


Excellent article, thanks for posting. We must keep fighting. :+1:


@Danny28 You can include Portland OR, Seattle WA, Chicago IL, Atlanta GA, Denver CO, St Louis MO, Washington DC, New York City NY and Austin TX to your list. All Democratic controlled cities. MSM will not include innocent citizens getting gunned down by these anarchists and street thugs. I’m going to mention Soros here. He has bought and paid for how many DAs?


@Scott52 Not trying to incite a riot. The left has already done that. Just remember who supports the riots and who condemns them.

Alexander Soros and Kamala Harris about to rule the world…


That photo just did! There aren’t too many alternatives to this dilemma!


Interesting article, but it also shows the same media failures as the left…

“The media has taken the furor over the killing of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin,”

RedState has repeated the false narrative.

George Floyd was resisting arrest, had a high level of Fentanyl in his system and was already complaining of breathing difficulties before he was on the ground. The police had to restrain him and they did call for medical help long before he stopped moving.

Did Chauvin fail? Yes, he should have removed his knee and made more effort to determine Floyd’s condition, but he DID NOT kill Floyd.

Even supposedly … so called… Conservative media spreads misinformation.

As for who has a right? All. We all have a right… as long as we are legal… doing legal activities…

You do not have a right to claim self defense if you are committing a crime, attempting to kill someone or threatening to kill them, and if they defend themselves you can not say you shot them out of defense.

What the Communist Fascist Leftist Totalitarians want to allow is not … NOT… valid… even if there are prosecutors who play politics instead of following the rule of law.


@Kevin29 The article is an opinion piece. It does raise an interesting question. Is justice dispensed equally across our country? Agreed, every American should have the right to defend themselves from acts of criminal violence. We have many examples of a judiciary system that is highly politicized. Our judiciary system was designed with a blindfold on. If laws are not evenly applied, we succumb to tyranny.


Someone is seriously messing around with that blindfold. If this all goes wrong, it’s for the rest of “OUR” lives. My retirement picture didn’t look like this! I wasn’t looking to earn 20% on the beach, but I was looking to spend quality time with great grandchildren in a free society!


The left has no interest in equity-- only hate! and they don’t mind using crooked judges to that end.


@Danny28 That is why we need to stand firm during this election process. President Trump has appointed over 200 Constitutionalists Judges to the Federal Courts. ACB is a superb choice for a SCJ. As @Bruce27 said, we must continue the fight.


He just dumped mega cash for Gavin Newsom’s buddy Gascon to attempt to unseat Jackie Lacey for LA District Attorney.

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“Who has the right of self defense?”

These days in many, most, states, apparently the answer is no one, unless you are already being shot at, or actively being attacked when you draw a weapon, and only if they have a weapon in hand at the time. Only God can help you if it’s just a mob.


The fact that a right or responsibility we have is being abused does not mean we have to stop using that right. The law of self defense is clear and if we continue to use it the courts will have to get involved. We have to trust that sooner or later reason will return or we will be forced to litigate every action we take. When that happens sooner or later people stop reporting or even admitting to actions they have taken. We have a right to self defense and we have to use that right on;y when necessary. We cannot give the right up simply because some socialists are pressing us. Yes we may have to form militias if law enforcement turns their back on us but as a Veteran I have no intention of dying on my knees. Unless I am guessing wrong most of the people reading this have made a similar decision or they wouldn’t have invested in the USCCA.


@Robert5. Couldn’t agree with you more, brother. We still have an obligation and duty to protect our friends and family. No knee and no submission. I’m looking at at 0350 wake-up so maybe we can chat more tomorrow. Keep the faith,


I check back almost every day, happy to talk Jeff.


Clearly you don’t have rights in St Louis MO.


Does anyone, besides the elite class, have a right to self-defense?


Fantastic post sir. Well said.


Hear, hear. Well said, sir.

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