The State of Self Defense in a Liberal City

I found this on and originally comes from and after seeing what unfolded with the McCloskies (sp) one is left to wonder.


I have no more information than what the gentleman is stating as this is the first I have heard of it but if the statements are true this is a chilling for all CCW folks out there.




It is happening far too often and in more of the nation than we would like to think.


Thanks for the link. What a sad state of affairs and a messed up legal system. The deep state is everywhere.

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I remember this happening and thinking that he was screwed because of the political/social climate of the time. I never knew the trial outcome. Very unfortunate and even more reason to avoid all areas of unrest.


@Craig6 It is chilling. Michael Strickland also has a series of videos on YouTube describing the events leading up to his arrest and $250k bond. AntiFa was clearly hunting him. The Oregon judicial system has kicked him to the curb. I’m sure the same would occur in many Blue states including ours. Just thinking about a 17 year-old sitting in jail right now on two Murder One charges.

Reason why I keep my travels to a minimum. Noticed many angry people on the road right now. We have had three incidents on my commute this week. Definitely interrupted my nap time. Our driver is a nervous wreck when we get home each night. Be aware and stay safe out there,

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@Jeff-A1 Yeah the roads are getting more and more stupid. When the pandemic was actually a pandemic I was deemed an essential worker and the roads were essentially empty. My normal 1 - 1.5 hour trip from the Peninsula was 30 - 45 min. Imagine doing the HRBT at 70 with nary a car in site.About 3 mos later they cut loose some restrictions and there were cars in the wall all over the place. Now it’s just people being stupid ande forgetting how to drive.

This cat blew by me at 80+ this morning on slick roads with both forearms on the wheel and a phone in both hands. Found him two miles later backwards in the wall. Waste of a very nice Challenger RT. The State Trooper in his normal morning hidey hole was just easing out of his spot which is what I’m sure prompted the loss of control.

I too give a prayer for that young man sitting in jail and wish him the best.




Far too many drive with their heads inserted where they should not be… and they suffer severe back pain being bent over that far…

It was nice with less cars out, but I also saw people that seemed to forget how to drive, and then remembered, they couldn’t drive before Covid…

Just remember… no matter how bad the traffic… you are not in DC traffic (errr… unless you are… )


My FIL gave me a sage bit of advice when I had to go to DC to be at the Big House. Either get a room or leave at 0200 and nap in the parking lot of the Pentagon and take the bus two hours before you are due to arrive at the gate. Three of the Seven of us were on time, four including the HMFIC were late by two+ hours. I’m glad the Man was accommodating .




Things i found interesting.

When the cops got to him, they were looking for him. It sounds like he lost the race to 911, and unfortunately the first caller is the victim and the others are the attackers.

They kept him in jail on $250k… but they let rioters bounce out in hours.

While I was out on bail, pre trial release officer Chelsea Fonua ordered that I be banned from blogging, banned from talking to the media, banned from posting videos, banned from twitter, banned from even going to political events. I couldn’t make my own case publicly. Had I done any of those things I would have been thrown back in jail, forfeited bail, and been on the hook for the full $250,000. I was effectively banned from working.

I am curious what the legal pretext is for banning him from talking publicly about it? Maybe @MikeBKY may have an idea? I would think usually the prosecution wants you to keep blabbering about it because you will usually talk yourself into a hole. Is this a common situation?

After a trial in February of 2017, where many pieces of exculpatory evidence were ruled inadmissible and many due process rights violations were committed against me, I was found guilty of 21 counts, including 10 felonies of “Unlawful Use Of A Weapon”

I would like more details on what he says was not admissible and why, and also what due process violations. This is quite vague here and his appeals hinge on these bits, especially if he hopes to take it to the supreme court. He does add some details later in the article but not enough.

I’m curious about his legal counsel. Were these competent lawyers who are essentially also the victims here if the judge decides he’s going to come to a verdict no matter what, or were these not-great lawyers who weren’t able to counter maneuvering by the DA?


The story underscores how important judges are. Lets remember it as we will be heading to the polls.

What could he have done differently? Nothing. He is a victim of Antifa and their allies in the Justice System.

What can we do? Donate to help him petition the Supreme Court. The link is in the article.


Sorry for taking so long to respond. Court’s occasionally put gag orders on people to prevent the parties from tainting the potential jury pool. Doing so is justifiable for the administration of justice. I would be interested in knowing if this were an order by the judge and whether it applied to both the prosecution and the defense.
I could see his attorney advising him not to publicize it because of the possible negative consequences.

There is also the issue about the inadmissible evidence. The videos I saw seemed to be relevant. But relevance is only one piece of admissibility. The evidence must also be competent, meaning it is reliable and can be authenticated. Videos downloaded off the internet would need to be authenticated by the person who took the video or the custodian of the video. Courthouse video would be simple to authenticate, assume the agency handling it is agreeable to authenticating it. Other peoples video could be more difficult to authenticate.

As for the bond issues, i agree it doesn’t seem fair. Even worse is areas that are setting high bonds and some organizations are coming in and posting those bonds.


Thanks as usual for the reply @MikeBKY !


Looking at the videos Strickland provided, he repeatedly stated no police were around. Lower right video shows a police patrol car present. Where was the officer(s)? In the car? Did he/they park their patrol car and were elsewhere watching the crowd?

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