Antifa Violence and You

I know it’s been briefly touched on a couple issues ago in the CC Magazine. But how would you handle being in a situation like what happened yesterday in Portland with the latest Antifa protest/riot?

I know the easy answer is “don’t put yourself in a situation like that”. But as we’ve seen sometimes people sometimes simply turn a corner in their car and find themselves in the middle of chaos with no way to get out.

So far these masked cretins have stuck to states and cities with extremely restrictive gun laws. But that doesn’t mean that Antifa could decide to take their act on the road to someplace like Kentucky or Texas where assaulting with someone with a quick-dri cement “milkshake” would end much differently than it did yesterday.

What is some advice for handling a situation like that?

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On foot you would be able to hear the commotion and would be wise not to get curious, tho from family that I have that live in Portland you have to be extremely careful with how you dress and what you look like.

Driving, not sure on the exact laws of Portland however my vehicle is an extension of my home. I’m would be fine till they attempted to make entry or threw objects that could cause serious bodily harm or death. Best case I would run them over, worse case I’m using ALL tools I have access too.
At the end of the day I avoid all cities and areas like this.


To think that some in the media and citizens are blaming the old guy attacked in this video.

BearingArms has a great article today that uses the Portland BS to justify why the 2nd is still needed.

Someone coming at me with a crowbar or baseball bat is going to be looking down the wrong end of the barrel.

The milkshake assault makes things a bit more difficult. Did it really have quick-dry cement mixed in? Cement dehydrates the body as it dries, sucks all the water out. One would be hard pressed to justify use of deadly force in this case. On the plus side if it comes out that quick-dry cement was used it sets a precedent as to Antifa’s willingness to cause great bodily injury.

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Antifa acid attack threat for DC - they’re escalating

Language Warning:

Does this change how you’d react if you encounter these people.

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In short, avoid at all costs and if you can’t, get the hell out as quickly as possible. You do not want to find yourself in the middle of a hostile crowd of agitators surrounded with no way out.

You may, repeat may end up on the right side of things if you were forced to draw and shoot but in all likelihood your life would be utterly destroyed in the end even if you were lucky enough to avoid conviction.

It wouldn’t take much of a lawyer to convince the jury that even one of the many attackers you shot didn’t pose a “reasonable fear imminent grave bodily harm or death” particularly if they were not armed with a deadly weapon.

You can forget the statutes here as what will hang you are the emotions of the 12 jurors many of whom will see their own kids in the faces of the attackers.

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The same laws regarding lawful use of a firearm would apply to the use of your vehicle in such a situation. Odds of prevailing in court are slim unless the people you run over are armed with deadly weapons. If even one is not you’re very likely to be convicted of vehicular homicide or aggravated assault if even one of them is unarmed.

In most jurisdictions until they’ve broken out your windows and attempted to drag you from the vehicle your odds of coming out OK in such a situation are slim at best.

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Disparity of force can be grounds for self defense. Large group of people, beware of target and what’s behind it and all. I don’t see that going well for a responsibly armed citizen any way this is sliced. Another lose lose situation for the good guy.
It is possible to walk around a corner and get stuck in a riot…
Remember this?

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Having friends that live and work in the area. These people are antagonistic and extremely violent until the lose then they play the victim card. I would at all cost avoid any area suspected of having these groups. However I completely agree you’re skating on water or best case very thin ice. Dash cams and or body cams would be you’re only fair shot and any kind of defense.


I’ve seen people panic in such a situation and hit the gas. There was a case in Oregon, Portland I blieve six months or so ago. The way I read it the guy was totally justified because they started using weapons in an apparent attempt to break into his vehicle. When they did he mashed the gas and did strike a few of them but only minor glancing blows.

There was a huge blow up over the video online when it first hit but I’ve heard nothing since so I doubt he was prosecuted or if he was must have plead out quickly. Wish I could remember more details because it would be worth a follow up.