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The other night at the Trump rally the guy in the blue coat that was attacked was my girlfriends brother. all alone. he ran. which i would have too!! but what do we do to be safe from these left wing people… I carry but the last thing i want to do is take a life. no matter what. do we just sit back and say it’s ok? I seen other videos of people fighting back. But a mob was there to take him at any moment. other than vote for the right person to be in office. what can we really do to make our country ours again? We have a constitution and laws that need to be followed, I get that. criminals are gonna do what they’re gonna do.i see that these people are criminals . I get that. but the mob thing. I don’t like that!!!Help me to understand that these people are not criminals?


I can’t help you understand they aren’t criminals. I firmly believe they’re nothing but domestic terrorists. I also carry pepper spray that I would happily douse them with. Honestly I believe that the people fighting back are doing the right thing. But I also would caution anyone about to go toe to toe with antifa that they’re trying to pull hits on people now too. There’s video of Portland Oregon antifa causing a big riot to try to knife a known veteran.

They keep pushing, they think they’re safe in packs. One of these days they will push too far.


Exactly. seems as though the honest man has no rights. See. Kinda my Point nobody on the right wants to .well! not say but do anything about it… If we do we are deplorables. Wonder how many of them can skin grizz??


@Darrin, it’s pretty scary stuff being in a crowd like that when mob mentality takes over. Glad your girlfriend’s brother came out of it ok.

I think you’re asking several questions here…

In that moment, in that crowd, run was probably the right answer. Pepper spray may also have been a right answer. Video the assailants is a right answer - and then push for prosecution. If caught, cornered and assaulted, shoot may also have been the right answer, but it’s definitely carrying a higher risk and bigger consequences.

Sometimes not being there in the first place is the right answer. And I hear you about what if we don’t stand up? Some of us have to be visible or ultimately we all become irrelevant… it’s why my husband always open carries (although we’d not be doing so at that sort of an event.) I think there is a time to put one’s personal safety on the line… that sort of event wouldn’t be the right place for me to do that, but everyone has to make their own choices on that front.

As to Antifa? That needs to be addressed by law enforcement and prosecutors - and that we influence by other means - who we elect, who we support, who we write and call - and it takes numbers of us to do it. It’s not a solo event but it takes individual participation. Collectively, we have power… as part of a group, and with our individual time, effort, and money its possible to change things.

As to the name calling - my hubby has a “Very Deplorable” sticker on his truck… he’s not hiding from being labeled with it, he’s owning it, and taking charge of what it means to be labeled so.

If we fold our tents every time someone says something mean about us, we’re done for sure… it’s been true for too long that we backpedal whenever someone uses a harsh label… we don’t want to be seen as “those” kind of people, but that simply clears the field for further encroachment. Holding a civil conversation with those who are attacking with emotion and not facts is tough, but it’s worth doing when people are just reacting and under informed. Don’t waste your time trying to have a conversation with the truly radical, but there are people who are not lost causes - start there, one at a time.


@Zee “Very Deplorable”
I love it

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They are definitely “domestic enemies .” They aren’t just an opposition party that we might disagree with but can reach reasonable compromise with through debate and a legislative process. IMO they threaten the Constitution and the way of life we have fought and died to preserve. I firmly believe a fight is coming. I pray for America and freedom.