BLM-Antifa Rioters / Armed Restaurant Diner

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All radical paths eventually lead to the steps to the guillotine.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death. Proverbs 14:12 (ESV)


If you look at the guy with the pistol he was clearly brandishing. There was a no one in proximity and no immediate threat that would necessitate drawing and shooting from retention. The man’s actions were clearly geared to intimidate. Had he actually been in fear for his life, he would have had a two handed grip and would have had the firearm aimed at the threat, ready to stop the threat. I can’t stand ANTIFA a**holes either, but these photos are nothing more than a good reminder of what not to do. To paraphrase our former president, “There were very stupid people on both sides.”


Can you get a two handed grip on that little gun? :grinning:

I get what you are saying about brandishing. And that is not how I would have acted in that situation. But, we have often seen these rioters go from “protest” to full on stupid in seconds…

I think at some point, people are going to get tired of people being allowed to riot and loot in the name of “justice” or “protest”. This may just be the beginning.


Can’t aim if you aren’t looking at the sights, one-handed or two-handed. Point is, the guy did not have a target, just a muzzle brandished at a woman with a cell phone and a woman with her hands in the air and at goodness knows what else, because those were all farther away, beyond the edge of a dining table.

I totally agree, and that’s why we have police and I why I don’t support the inane notion of defunding or eliminating police.

All of us at one point or another have muttered under our breaths, “I’d like to kill that summbeech,” but many times the difference between a criminal and everyone else is simple impulse control.

A concealed carry permit doesn’t make anyone a badged law-enforcement officer. If you want to enforce the law, join the PD. Otherwise, avoidance or exit are perfectly reasonable and effective courses of action to take prior to unholstering a firearm.

Not sure what I would have done in that situation: Had I been carrying, I probably would have left.

Had I been unarmed, I might have very politely asked the ringleader twice for the people to stop disturbing my family’s meal, which would usually prompt that person or one of his or her confederates to touch me, which would then lead to broken bones or missing teeth on the part of the unwelcome toucher. A single incident like that usually is enough to discourage that person from engaging in that type of folly again, despite the amount of peer pressure he or she might get after they heal up.

In my opinion, the best way to deal with ANTIFA is one member at a time…

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I am not a big fan of brandishing laws as written in most states. They are vague and generally decided by the whims of law enforcement, prosecutors, and juries. Not knowing what the crowd was saying and possibly threatening I will withhold judgement on the brandishing. Though I do agree that this man’s actions were equally likely to inflame and escalate the situation. If his draw was not in response to an immediate threat then his actions would have justified an armed response from the protesters. And his choice of PPE leaves a lot to be desired in that situation.


100% false. There is such a thing as point shooting. I am quite accurate to at least 10 yards. There is also a thing called disparity of force. A large violent mob is such a force, and it is legally met with lethal force.

The same ones that stand around and watch innocent people get savagely beaten? Also, how soon will the police arrive? As the story stated, the police let the rioters walk past them, even though the story stated that some of the rioters had firearms, too.

Though your egress was blocked by the mob?

Yes, that is logical, attack one member of a large violent mob. I don’t believe the man pictured has the Herculean strength needed to fight an entire mob. Our laws in the USA do not allow you to assault someone nor allow you to break bones and teeth of said party just for touching you.


You do not have to be looking at the sights on the gun or have two hands on the gun to hit what you are shooting at. Some people never evn look at the hand gun, just the target but it does take pratice.


How much of this protest bullying and thuggery occurs in 2A states? I assumed most of it occurs in areas where law abiding, responsible citizens are unarmed. No?

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@JACK49 Well, this happened in Kentucky, which is a constitutional permitless carry state with both castle doctrine and stand your ground codified in their self-defense laws. I’m not sure what you mean by “2A state,” as the 2A supposedly applies in all 50 states. Missouri…where the McCloskeys were charged for defending themselves from a BLM mob at their own home…is a constitutional carry state, too.

The reason FL just passed strict laws against rioting and mob intimidation is that it was happening here, and FL is pretty friendly to self-defense and the RTKBA with 2 bizarre exceptions: we have a red flag law and open carry is prohibited (generally). BLM was born in FL.


Some states are a little more 2A than others. It should be a 2A country…


Oh. I thought I saw Louisiana. I realize crime occurs in every state. I wondered if someone knew how much of the BLM-tifa bullying occurs in areas that have more restrictive or less restrictive gun laws. I assume more occurs in areas where law-abiding citizens are less likely to be trained and armed.

It’s just a simple question, about which I think someone in the gun community likely has statistical data.

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Like @Ken38 I’m a little lost as to what you mean by 2a state? Also your comment suggest that you are also against protesting, which is protected by the first amendment. The videos I have seen of what happened there were of people protesting. The patrons on the patio didn’t appreciate it. Using the second amendment to silence the first is counter-productive to both

I believe, as the rest of us(?), that we are against intimidation, which is not a protected First Amendment right.

Yes, most, if not all, people do not appreciate being or attempting to be, intimidated.

The news story stated that some of the protesters were also armed. That would imply they were trying to intimidate the restaurant patrons. The patrons standing up to the rioters disparity of force in numbers and in weaponry is to be heralded, not repudiated. Would you have cowered and and fled or assisted those in need against the rioters?

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This is simple. Saying “2A state” was inaccurate, and I simply meant states that are more supportive and less restrictive regarding the 2nd amendment.

I absolutely support the right to peaceful assembly. Much of the Blm-tifa marches through cities have included violence, arson, looting, assaults, and murders. The violence and intimidation is what I refer to as bullying and thuggery. This is not that complicated. Just a simple question, asking if someone has the pertinent stats or data.

For crying out loud - I withdraw my simple question. Forget it.


You do realize it’s a fake news story right. Look at the source. And personally, I don’t look at carrying as a form of intimidation. If anything people in this forum should be backing anyone exercising their second amendment freedoms. Not demonizing one group or the other based off of personal or political beliefs.

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I don’t have stats and data. But, just don’t think the antifa/blm will get much traction in the southern states. Honestly, I think most of the antifa/blm folks mean well, just their handlers are starting most of the crime. IMHO.


So the pictures are faked? You have proof of that? intimidation by force or by weaponry is not a protected 2nd amendment right. We have the right to self-defense and the RKBA, we do not have the right to assault anyone. The employment of a firearm in the act of intimidation is not protected by the 2A. It is an illegal use of lethal force, legally met by a use of lethal force.

[Edit] The story is not fake. Here is the story from a local source, the Courier Journal, in Louisville, Kentucky. The patron in the white shirt also had a handgun, but it appeared to be in a holster in his hand. I also believe putting a bull horn in someone’s face is assault as it can cause deafness.


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Well of course you are, @Dave17!

I don’t know where you live, but where I live, the police don’t stand around and watch people get savagely beaten. Maybe some new municipal leadership is in order in your community. If you want to pretend you’re a cop, that’s on you. Hope you have a good lawyer and a fortunate jury selection though.

Guy’s egress was not blocked by “the mob.” Again, you want to fire those accurate shots at a lady with a cell phone or the lady with her hands in the air, that’s your choice. Good luck.

In fact, by law where I live, if a member of a “large, violent mob” made physical contact after being asked to desist or to let me pass, that would constitute battery and would justify use of force if necessary to escape or evade.

As I said earlier, nonviolence and deescalation attempts are always my preferable first defense. Your choices and instincts are yours and rest fully on your shoulders. Good luck.

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