Antifa starts to use guns


Probably just one more reason for USCCA members and Law Abiding citizens to avoid areas like downtown Portland, Olympia, Seattle, et al.

Personally, it matters not to me what Antifa, BLM, the Boogaloo Boys, NFAC and other LARPERS are doing in these major city cesspools. Avoidance is the key.

See a demonstration? Go the other way. Don’t find yourself in these areas folks. Just because you have a right to do something (right to assemble), doesn’t mean that it’s always the correct thing to do.

Stay safe out there.


Conflict avoidance is pretty much always a smart idea. But just to get reality-based for a minute:

  • USCCA members and law-abiding citizens live and work in these cities every day;
  • anti-fascists did not recently “discover” RTKBA as a Constitutionally protected right;
  • the right does not own RTKBA, and no one has a right to abuse it;
  • this is not the first instance of protesters shooting at or being shot by Loud Boys.

Most of the violence in protests of the past two summers does not appear to be political in nature, but simply sociopathic gangs of headbangers engaged in mutual combat — Bloods v. Crips; Sharks v. Jets; testosterone-fueled morons stealing thunder from legitimate civil debate. Allow every voice, but not one crime.


Stuff can happen anywhere at anytime. I’ve been avoiding for almost 2 years now! Who’s imprisoned and who’s free?
We used to be free, when the avoidable comes to me, things need to change. I’m not the bad guy and I still have a right to be anywhere in this country I choose to be. Somehow the places that need to be avoided need to be cleaned out! There shouldn’t be places in America that an American CAN’T go. Germany and other European countries are experiencing avoidance! The longer we allow them to occupy areas, city streets, entire neighborhoods, soon they will be at your doorstep, your park, your kids school.
Do we avoid our homes, schools, parks do we move or will we take a stand? If crime is legal, we’ve already lost the game. The country gave up, there aren’t too many choices left.
So where exactly do we stand when avoidance is not an option?
Maybe it’s time to switch sides. Being on the winning side is that being a traitor or a survivalist.
Auschwitz seems to have been a great example of avoidance and survival with a few traitors thrown in for good measure.

It’s a good thing I spent eight years on submarines, great training for being stuck in my home for the rest of my life!
Sarcasm ahead… more power to ANTIFA, who’s going to stop them, we can’t stop the lies, who’s going to stop a group with guns? I’m not fooled anymore, NO ONE will stop them!
Like John Voight said recently, “it’s supposed to be difficult “. Well for all intents and purposes it’s going to get real difficult! Guess it depends on how we arrive on the other side!
Truly sorry, but it’s not just the Jets and Crips, it’s going to be cartels vs ISIS on our turf and not just on the street corner!
When they surrendered this country and murdered 13 heroes! That’s when it became unavoidable!


Exactly, well spoken. I live in the middle of the city, I walk these sidewalks. I shop here. I go to shows and concerts here. I decided about a year ago to walk these streets because I belong here. I have the same manners the homeless guy has when he approaches me. I treat everyone with more respect and dignity than they probably deserve. When BLM burnt up the cop car on the next block over, I walk through he crowd, when they broke the windows in the DA’s office and painted it all red, I stood on the corner. When the LGBT parade blocked the sidewalk I walked through the crowd. I, for one, am done giving it up to “Them”. This is where I live, this is where I walk. I am as welcome here, if not more welcome here, than “Them”.


Well said brother. I agree, people need to wake up. Biden sacrificed those 13 Americans because we was doing what the Taliban told him to do. Are y’all listening??? THE MOST POWERFUL LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD IS TAKING ORDERS FROM A THIRD WORLD TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!!! DON’T LET THEM STEAL ANYMORE ELECTIONS!!! WAKE UP!!


You do remember it was Donny who signed the withdrawal agreement right? Just how short is our collective memory? Of course these things will happen again if we can’t recall what happened a year ago.


It’s not how it was signed, It’s how and by whom it was executed. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


True enough. And the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising seems to have been a great example of anti-fascists taking up arms in common defense. Unfortunately, too little and too late.

It doesn’t seem that complicated, but the awkwardness today appears to be disagreement over who gets to play the part of fascist. I guess always pick your side carefully, and always consider the price.

I don’t think anyone would disagree that it was horribly executed. But trying to extricate 20 years worth of equipment, infrastructure, & people in 7 months (originally 4) is not something I’d like to do.
The SIV program was at a dead stop under the previous admin. We’ve all dealt w/ the government before. It can take 7 months to form a committee to discuss the need of a committee.

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What is your opinion on giving biometric data of American agents to the Taliban?


More reason for CCW, but not I’m in wrong State!

About the same as giving them MRAP’s, helo’s & a couple brigade’s worth of small arms-
The next few months are gonna suck to be in the middle east. Then all the government issued stuff will break and things will return to status quo.
Before my time in service I’d never seen a vehicle that would be working perfectly @ 1630, sit in a fenced yard under armed guard, and be inoperable by 0630 the next morning.

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I dont think you answered my question candidly. I read you saying that abandoned hardware is an oversight, or was unavoidable given the chaos and the timetable. Is passing a database of the American agents to the enemy also an oversight? Is there a word for an act like this in UCMJ or in vernacular English? I didnt serve, you did, please tell me.


I had said it was horribly executed, and not something I’d like to do in the time allotted.
I said nothing about unavoidable or understandable.
I was combat arms so my knowledge of the UCMJ is limited to basic training. The Drill Sergeants used to threaten us with Article 15’s any time we looked at them in the wrong tone of voice.
The main downside to civilian oversight of the military is having to execute the orders of those appointed over us. Regardless of how little they know of military service…
I believe the word you / we are looking for is FUBAR.


Thank you for answering, and for your service.
No, fubar is not it. Its more like, what would Benedict Arnold do?


I find it interesting how other countries perceive our troubles. The Daily Mail, published in the UK, gives a bit more on this incident

Portland Proud Boy leader was shot in the foot during protest in Washington | Daily Mail Online


@Richard298 I do the same for a different perspective, Sky News AU. BBC UK. :us:
Always fun to see what they think of us rebels. BTW Love Calvin and Hobbes, I see myself in him. :smiling_imp:

We all have some Calvin in us. A few of us have a little more than others.

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I seem to remember reading about Antifa (I think in Denver) shooting a guy in the face. I’m not surprised they’re carrying guns now. They said they were going to.