This cannot be allowed to stand- ANTIFA is a TERRORIST GROUP


I agree that Antifa is a terrorist organization. Not to mention they act like a bunch of little fascists while claiming to be against that behavior.

It is quite possible they are behind this but there are a lot of other groups that can benefit from this action while throwing the blame their way. I would be on high alert for false flags from now through the election. The goal of both sides as well as those pulling the strings from above is to divide and conquer. I’m trying very hard not to play that game.


The article states …

"The letter accompanying the powder carried a disturbing message: “End elections now. Stop giving power to the right that they don’t have. We are in charge now and there is no more need for them.”

The letter added, “Also be aware your ballot drops are very susceptible to noxious chemicals like am/bl, they are unsafe to the public just saying.”"

Ha! People on the right don’t vote any longer. They believe elections are rigged and so don’t show up to vote.


Hold on Just a Darn Minute. I heard just the other day, right on the TV sitting in the living room in front of me right this second, from out President of The United States, that “White Supremacists’ and Right Wing Extremists Are The Biggest Risk To Our Democracy Today”. So this must be fake AI created “news”.


The “false flag” thing is…definitely a thing that happens

Just sayin’


Do you believe they are not rigged?


It most definitely happens. No rules any more.


It is like Antifa is a metaphor for terrorist. They are not terrorists.

This constitutes an attack, clear and simple. No more explanation is required.
They will remain in charge until we decide otherwise! So how long do we wait? They are in battle to win at all cost. Memes won’t cut it! Any suggestions as they literally and physically beat voters to death at the polling station?

It’s been done before! Some of you maybe too young! Don’t be fooled this generation is more serious and more violent!
So anyone who wants to bring up VOTING, bring your gun!


Ask the people whose businesses were firebombed and destroyed during the so called “peaceful demonstrations” during the 2020 riots. Ask them if Antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. Definitely not a metaphor.

Definition of metaphor: “A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable.” Therefore Antifa’s actions most definitely qualify as terrorist activity.


I do not believe elections are rigged as that would require government agencies to formulate and execute a secret plan across multiple agencies run by both Ds and Rs. Those same agencies have demonstrated time and again, over many decades that they lack the competence and discipline to do such a thing.

Imagine the Department of Homeland Security executing a plan to rig the election that involved only 100 county clerks and say, 1,000 voting machines, and do so in complete secrecy on the timetable in which elections happen. The entire federal, state and local law enforcement infrastructure can’t identify and shut down common phone scammers working from Florida, Arizona, Pakistan and India. It strains credulity to believe these same agencies could ever get it together to rig an election.

Do I believe that elections are conducted competently? No. County clerks are government employees who can and do screw up elections. In my little county, for example, the Clerk hired a vendor that sent out 15,000 ballots that did not contain the names of the candidates in a local school board election. The vendor had to send out a new batch of ballots. But the Clerk could not be bothered with checking the vendor’s work. Government incompetence in action. But yet the belief that such individuals ARE competent enough to get together with scores of other government employees to rig an election persists.


No worries, the Chinese and the invading forces from the south already have the plan and the solution! We’ve outsourced our country!
We don’t have to lift a finger. They can phone it in!


The Chinese companies I’ve worked with make US government agencies look like paragons of efficiency. If the Chinese are super-villains capable of rigging US elections by making county clerks bend to their will, why do they need to steal US technology? Likewise, it’s hard for me to imagine a woman who walked from Honduras to the Mexican border with a baby on her back as an invading force capable of rigging our elections.

In my view, the results of elections are screwed up by government incompetence and not a global conspiracy.

2000 Mules was a documentary that utilized technical data to prove election fraud in the 2020 Presidential election. Any rational person would be hard pressed to dispute their evidence and retain credibility.


I really don’t have enough flags or time to rebut that.
So I’ll just keep my thoughts to myself!
Military age males crossing/INVADING outnumber the women and children by 7:1
See that’s the beauty of the executed plan, you see poor struggling women and children, I see, SQUIRRELS, designed to draw your attention. Read the book, Sun Tzu, laid the foundations. They’re using his playbook, we’re using Dr. Seuss’ playbook! Who do you think will win?


Well I for one do vote even tho I think that elections are rigged. I’ve said before , if ALL conservatives would vote it would be really hard to counter with fake votes. There’s only so many people in the country to be able to explain more votes than voters.


Rigged or not, you will never convince me that 80 million people voted for the guy that’s in there right now. He can’t speak a complete sentence and mumbles his way through most of them, mispronounces a lot of names he should know by heart. During his campaign in 2020 he rarely, if ever left his basement. And now he is running for reelection in 2024. I just find it difficult to believe there are 80 million people that are that stupid, if they are, then we, as a country are in serious trouble.


Yep , those 80,000 vote dumps in the wee after hours the counting stopped and all for Biden? And that is just one state. Totally legitimate, so much for much mathmatical probabilities and statistical impossibilities. Give me a break.


terrorism , the calculated use of violenceto create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective.”

I think many of the actions undertaken by people who self identify as members of Antifa clearly meet this definition.

But there are a lot of people out there right now willing to use violence to promote their political agendas so we need to make sure we don’t jump to conclusions and punish the wrong people while the real bad actors get away with it.


Hard for me (a rational person) to believe 2000 Mules is factual with this reception …

2000 Mules - Wikipedia