This is NOT a good thing!

This may not be up long… and IMHO it suggests a lot about what’s happening… this may not be up long?

claims are made… how true this video is… YMMV?

So do you think you ​are on a list now???

title from where I found this…

Looks like it’s “Gettin’ Real”…


Thanks for sharing!

This worries me not one bit. The document itself says:

“The use or sharing of these symbols alone should not independently be considered evidence of MVE presence or affiliation or serve as an indicator of illegal activity, as many individuals use these symbols for their original, historic meaning, or other non-violent purposes.”

I seriously doubt anyone could find a case in which someone displayed one or many of the referenced symbols and got charged as an MVE or DT as a result.

If you don’t want this to apply to you, don’t be a domestic terrorist or violent extremist.



People said the government couldn’t fine you if you didn’t get the shot, too… But they tried to fine your employer and get you fired by proxy if you didn’t comply… Never underestimate how autocratic an unchecked government can be…


Do you think they come here looking for “suspects”? I also wonder how cooperative USCCA would be if the Fed’s came calling, asking for real names and member information…

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@Mike164, you make a good point. I doubt USCCA would hand ANYTHING over without a warrant.

So….my suggestion is, let’s not give the FBI or ATF any reason to think about seeking one! Some of the stuff that gets posted here is unwise bordering on dangerous.

Remember - electronic records never die!


Interestingly, the symbols of MVEs do not include symbols used by Nation of Islam, the burn-loot-murder movement, the NFAC, Antifa, “Haiti 1804” reference, Palestinian flag… All confirmed radicals, connected to acts of murder and terrorism. Why not on the list?
Yes, this is a document of concern, it needs to be brought before Congressional hearing, not only because of symbols included, but also symbols omitted.


They are classified as other things by the adl and the “nation “ is known for spewing rhetoric so are already on a watch group by the fed they have not repeat have not acted in a manner to “ overthrow “ or conduct themselves in a manner inconsistent with their separatist beliefs. Like the kkk a “stable “group. Now I’m not going to go point for point on large groups with amorphous leadership structures and diffuse delegation practices just know they are all being monitored even this group right here and in particular this dialogue

That would depend on if they were providing material support for any one they deem a threat to their established order. Then they would likely pressure this group and any other with the patriot act and it’s provisions. Which would likely compel those who read a couple of paragraphs to calm any and all resistance against the government

Thanks for sharing, an interesting video.

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There goes my whole wardrobe and sense of nationality.
I’m surprised the “Pledge of Allegiance” and “National Anthem” aren’t among the list!
Why did I serve this country? I serve me now!
I think there are more “MVE’s” in this administration than there are in my whole state!
I have a document as well, it’s called the Constitution of the United States. As far as I know, no piece of paper overrides the Bill of Rights!
If that’s worthless, then so is theirs!

I’m totally cool if they want us silent and devoid of all American patches and flags! You can’t scrap the ideology and what’s in our blood by telling us we can’t wear a patch, fly a flag or scrub our identity! We are who we are! That’s like telling the Chinese, they can’t be Chinese anymore because it’s offensive! If we are not Americans, what are we?

Maybe we should “flag” that list. Where’s a ( national ) moderator when we need one!


We are indeed supposed to keep our beliefs close to our chests sure we can display our “ heritage “ or affiliation but realize you have a particular set of skills if you served . Hell even a washout from basic is a material threat if he got past brm or buddy movements , add in mout and you got a guy who can hold hostage much of the average citizens now imagine a guy battle tested under incoming fire. And can think under pressure with tactical knowledge how many angry vets are really out there how many really angry ones with skill sets are there? Not including your self you understand why they keep us divided now don’t you because if white and black supremacists quit their crap and realized they have the same goals just different shades man it’s over people talk civil war imagine if it was a congruence where everyone toed a line and dropped the bs it would be a thing to fear