Whats coming

Needs to be spread around the Country…What could and has happened…


Time for massive preemptive litigation. On many issues current and possibly future. Biden is determined to make all gun owners felons.
I am currently watching a video on the Military Arms Channel and they are in process of litigating the bump stock ban… still. How long ago was that put on the books? And still in litigation.
I did notice that one of their sponsors is the USCCA. So by joining USCCA you are helping the cause in addition to getting access to the training videos and legal help if needed.


Litigation, that takes way too long, my recommendation is, (disclaimer: that’s not a real recommendation, don’t try this at home) Molotov cocktails, BLM signs/shields, and threats of bringing down a nation. Processing is 10X faster. Or the “who gives a sh|¥” route. There is no recourse to the law anymore!
Covid made me do it!, but we can legalize heroin, no one will get sick doing that??? Who needs a gun when you have a needle?
Why do I feel like I’m in a snow globe that someone is furiously shaking?


Speaking of litigation…I wonder why they would do that…Hmmmm…

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Folks I was just watching a video from guns and gadgets, Biden’s chief of staff is already talking gun confiscation, unfortunately this might happen, I don’t know if it is or not but we as Americans need to put our petty disagreements aside and raise up and come together as one, If you get a chance go to his you tube channel and watch the video “Biden’s chief of staff wants gun confiscation”. He has a lot of good information on the 2nd Amendment.

I watched the video below last night. Long, 30 minutes, but some very interesting and re-assuring statistics.

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