When will the Pandemic/buy it all up end?

My local shop cant keep enough guns in stock or ammo for the matter. I was hoping to buy a new ar15 or ak47 for gun deer here in wisconsin but thats looking like a no go for now. When or do you think it will go back to “normal”? Im thinking 2021 . Esp. Because we are in a election year.


As long as all the civil unrest keeps occurring things will be tight. If Biden wins … break out the bank account it will be stupid. If Trump wins and the covid thing dies off due to some other “emergency” things will be semi normal in December. Gun folk are like the stock market, any bit of negative wind sends prices soaring. Sit back relax and come March 2021 all will be well as I see Trump in the house and perhaps a House and Senate, this time with no Paul Ryan.




Winter is coming


I wish I had your optimism, but I don’t. I see the post-November events as a coin-toss whether or not riots spread or rights die. I fail to see a middle ground, and worse yet; I fail to see our nation reverting back to Constitutional grounds. We already have the Supreme Court failing to perform the duties that they are sworn to do. With that court in the liberal arena, all bets are off.


I’m with @stephen22 on the status of the Supreme Court. I would like to see a 100% Constitionalist court. Knowing that won’t happen, I’d like to see the court lean right of center, not left.


Now is the time to talk to new gun owners, groups like the USCCA, NRA, FPC, GOA should be running ads that speak to new gun owners. Individuals, especially in states with strict gun laws should invite newbies to the range, ammo permitting. Future Allies. They need to remember why they bought.


I drink and I know things, like @Craig6 is right. I think we are all waiting to wake up from this nightmare. As November approaches things could get worse or could get worse. If President Trump does lose, I fear life as we know it will be a thing of the past, if President Trump wins, we may have a fighting chance at normalcy. We know things always get worse before they get better.
@J.WoodSr I see you have beautiful kids, how in the world are you explaining these events? My kids are grown and grandkids are grown and on their on paths.


I just tell them the truth in the simplest of ways they could understand. The hardest was covid19… They refer to it as the “sickness” now lol. But they understand enough. With them i tell them about sex trafficking and stuff like that. I tell them things they have to deal with or watch out for.


Wow! You are a better man than I, those are some tough conversations. In my day talking about birds, bees and drug use were the toughest conversations. I let my wife handle those because we had two daughters. The two grandsons I talked to, mostly about respect, drug and alcohol use and strangers. I applaud you in so many ways, stay safe.


Panic buying is caused by panic.

If we can get a handle on COVID, the economy can come back, and many of the protestors/rioters will stop rioting just because they got to goto work the next day. Without those two big pressures people will feel better and guns, ammo, and TP buying will slowly come back to normal.

What I worry about, is the next wave of panic causing incidents. We just saw the Brooks shooting lit up Atlanta (literally) again. What happens if some/all of these cops dont get convicted of murder, do we get more riots? Will there be riots depending on who wins/loses the elections in November?


Methinks the riots looting will last for a while, just cause it’s a warm weather thing (check your history-riots and “demonstrations” tend to die off in cold weather. The COVID thing will be a PITA until a vaccines is developed AND deployed (I’d guess at least a year away). Even if a vaccine were proven TODAY it would be months before a zillion doses could be made and administered. Depending on the November outcome I’d see things retuning to “normal” in the gun world around the. First of the year (or never if the looney left wins).


Maybe not for a long time.
If the Criminal Justice System continues to get dismantled by liberal courts and wack job state governors, we’re looking at more crime and more people scared of being victims
If the Executive branch survives all the attacks it is weathering, Antifa-oids may become more violent, so more citizens will want arms and ammo
If no vaccine is timely in coming to market, hording could well return and horders will want 9mm ammo to protect their TP stash from looters.


Sad, but probably true :worried:


Hello all, I’m of the mind set that things are going to get worse, my wife put it this way no matter what happens after the elections, we lose, if Trump wins, riots because the left will claim cheating, if the Biden wins riots, cause the left will feel they can do whatever they want and take whatever they want, look at Seattle. i"m trying to be prepared, train my family and try to live a normal life, all this is touch in the very blue state of Massachusetts, I pray for our country and the world


Harvey, I think we are in for more riots no matter what happens in November. The sad thing to me is the looting. People have the right to protest just like we have the right to bear arms. It’s when the looting and destroying property comes in then we have a problem. I think the owners of these stores that are getting looted should get their friends and family to grab their weapons and protect their property.


Why don’t we take it a little farther and demand that our courts and our elected “leaders” stick to their oaths of office? I suggested that to a certain female senator from Michigan and she got rather nasty with her email response. Too often we see a person get elected to office and the first thing they do is start making laws that are unconstitutional.


I was always under the apparently false understanding that the supreme court was supposed to rule based on the constitution, period. Given that they clearly rule based on politics. Sadly i have to agree with you, I would not assume a return to “normal” is a given, regardless of how long we wait.


I don’t know.
I stopped by the local ACE Hardware this morning and the only handgun ammo on the shelf was one box of 130gr 38 spl FMJ.


There is still some on like if you are willing to buy bulk, 500 to 1000 rounds. But my local sporting goods store had 223, and 9mm in stock Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. no 38 and no 45. Friday they had no 223 or 9mm. but that is the first time in a while they had stock on 223 /5.56 and 9mm. I am hopeful but as a last ditch I guess I might have to go for bulk. It also looks like the farther from a major urban area you get the more likely you are to find ammo in stock.

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