Hard times are comming for the next four years

Folks, we in the gun community are looking at some serious hard times and fights ahead for the next four years, I know a lot of you have a lot of different opinions and will not agree with this, but we have to put our petty differences aside and unite as one.


Absolutely, regardless of how we feel about an “accessory” or firearm. We cannot “give” anymore of it away. They’ve destroyed the first amendment with censorship because they didn’t LIKE what they were hearing. They already don’t like certain firearms because of how they LOOK. We haven’t got anything back in the last 4 yrs so I definitely don’t expect any gifts in the next 4


Look on the bright side. People who like to fire their shotguns into the air from their back door now have presidential approval. :wink:

I’m not much of an optimist in real life, but this could lead to some short-term struggles and long-term gains. Consider how this issue has been brought to the fore in American politics. Gun owners are ready for this political fight, in a way I don’t recall during my lifetime, and in numbers we’ve never seen. We have record new gun owners on both sides of the political spectrum. We have law enforcement officers who’ve openly stated they will not enforce unconstitutional restrictions. If our gun rights are at stake, so are the political fortunes of anti-gun politicians.

I’m not saying we’re guaranteed to win, I’m just saying that this might be the perfect time to have this brawl.


I am very skeptical of this group of gun owners. I understand blanket statements are landmines so I will try to be careful. I believe people who bought firearms because they were scared and acted emotionally due to covid, will happily turn in guns once they feel safe. That could be a simple as the media sounding the all clear.

I support everyone who wants to be responsible for their own saftey and security. However these aren’t decisions I made in 2020 because the fear finally got real. I hope people are right and that new gun owners help tow the line


I hope some of the libs have woken up to their lib leaders arbitrary power grabs, which have been exemplified by them telling Americans that they cannot go to restaurants or sit down with the family at Thanksgiving, while the Lawmaker sits down with his family in a restaurant while not social distancing or wearing their sacred masks, maybe some will start to fight back against the power hungry socialist libs!


I’ve been seeing more civil disobedience over the lock down orders. However it’s not being reported in the mainstream media because I’m sure it would encourage more of it.


Yes, and they are applauding their leaders.

Actually, the new admin may have some serious challenges. They need to give out the house economically in the Climate heist, force lockdowns and vaccine passports down everyone’s throat, kiss up to world tyrants, pick up a fight with Israel, ruin the jobs market in TPP-like deals and immigration amnesties. Social strife will renew, because police is going nowhere, and thugs are going nowhere.

This would be a challenge even without doubts cast over the elections. And you can rest assured, that Twitter and FB may censor such talk, but they won’t be able to censor Russian, NoKo and Iranian media :laughing: reminding everyone every day who did not win.

Man, 2A bans may not be even close to the top of the priority list.


Back when The West Wing TV series was out, I wasn’t interested in watching it. Over the last month or two we’ve gotten nearly though it all (into the last season as of today). It is about a democrat White House and a republican branch. It deals with multiple election cycles, and a lot of the same topics that we’re still dealing with today.

It is sad to see what the whole conversation has eroded into from not that long ago, and reminds of the difference between an enemy and an opponent. As a people (U.S. citizens), we sure have lost a lot.


This is not an election for the POTUS - this is a call to defend our nation against a communist take-over!
Self-defense training was never more appropriate and vital than it is now. Responsibility with courage is the new norm as I see it.


I’ve watched the entire series of West Wing, its a good show but House of Cards seems more appropriate for current ethical behaviors


Loved that one, too. Maybe more like American Horror Story? lol The Battlestar Galactica remake isn’t that far off either. Everyone comes together in the end…

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I have not seen House of Cards, but Homeland showed something close to what we are going through.

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The problem is: the “differences” in our nation today are NOT petty!!! They happen to be monumental - freedom vs. communism. And by-the-way, just how do those two diametrically opposed ideologies “unite”? God’s Word rhetorically puts it this way: “Can two walk together except they be agreed?”


We used to be able to unite under the common goal of having such a great country to live in. But now it’s turning into we want what we want and fall in line. And the rhetoric now is anyone not in line is gonna get the full weight of social justice and cancel culture. And I’m saying we because the right is just as guilty as the left. There’s no more communication its just the fringes screaming at each other trying to drag the majority of people who are in the middle to “their” side of the argument.

The last 4 years exposed a wedge in this country and now looks like the 4 are gonna drive that wedge in.


Which may force most people to stop logging into FB, or quit the job they hate anyway. Horrific.
I realize that there are some extremes, doxxing and violent bullying by terror mobs. Most people though, need to man up (ladies included). Fear less, abandon garbage social media, live your life


Well, the left’s agenda will be clearly made known by everyone. Who will stand up for our Republic? Don’t sell out.


I couldn’t agree more


If everyone wants to be special, there’s no solution other than running to extremes; the more extreme the better. I still blame it all on Oprah and Springer. They gave these people a voice and an audience. There’s a healthy reason that part of society’s natural tendency is to reform or sweep out the edges of the bell curve.

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It’s Hollyweird fiction. This discussion was about reality.

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What makes you think Harris won. January 6 will start to tell you more and Trump has not conceded yet. Stop being nice guys when the MSM tells you Harris won. This simply is not true. And yes it would be nice to get some of what we have lost, back. Just my opinion, but I have read the Constitution and the Amendment 12.