This capsulizes my feelings too

From a post on Truth Social by Dan Bongino:

I’m concerned.
And you should be too.

It’s a “break glass” moment.
We’ve reached a breaking point.

-The left has gone full tyrant, and they’ve given up on the Republic.
-The media is all in on propaganda and has no fear of being called out for lying.
-Academia is ideologically corrupted and all in on the faux exploitation narrative.
-The courts are largely leftist echo chambers where you stand little chance of getting “justice.”
-Revered institutions such as our military are being destroyed by social justice warriors.
-The levers of “justice” such as the DOJ and FBI are fully weaponized to target political dissidents.
-We’re trillions in debt with absolutely no path to pay it down, and a certain path to pile on even more.

There’s still a small window to turn this around. But I’m running out of optimism. Hug your kids.


About 10 years ago, my son’s friend’s dad bought a used Jeep with a NRA sticker on it.
My son asked the dad if he’s a NRA member. The dad replied something along the lines of he didn’t have anything for or against the NRA since it doesn’t have any effect on his life.
Granted, it’s a 2A issue but the sentiment applies also to other matters and people go on with their lives.

Now, we read and hear,

“People are waking up.”

Huh? Why? Because the issues they used to ignore are now directly affecting them?

I say, it’s too late.


NOT A MEME :exclamation:

Everything we fought for, everything our parents fought for, everything down the toilet! We knew this was coming! Can we fix it? No offense, plumbers need not apply! This requires a different type of pipe!


There is a reason why Men like Jeff Cooper and his Legacy are still Gospel today.
He didn’t use fancy Verbiage and go for the cutesy quotes.
He used Logic, Reason and cold hard FACTS!
Today his teachings are more valuable today than when they were first written.
This World is FUBAR !
And my belief is it will take Critical Thinking, Sound Judgement and Honorable Men and Women
to straighten this $hit out.
Act Accordingly!


To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth. Jeff Cooper

…boys were to know no soft beds, no fine raiment, no rich food or wine, no philosophical complexities, no slave girls and no money…learn to ride like Cheiron, to shoot like Apollo and above all to speak only the truth.

It’s how I brought up my grandsons!



What they fought for will only go down the toilet if we stop fighting. They fought because it was worth fighting for.
“Stand beside her and guide her
through the night with the light from above “

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If they can bloody the White House and keep a warship from setting sail, we’ve given up the fight! Maybe we just wait til they replace the AMERICAN FLAG :question::question::question::question::question::question:
Nobody is fighting, they are still POURING across our borders, and the Mullahas are planning the attack, actually they already began!


Any minute, any neighborhood, watch your six!


And, the question always comes down to “What actions are you – an individual – prepared to do about it?”

Talk is cheap, and, if one hopes that their tough rhetoric will inspire/educate “the people” to “do something” talk is just magical thinking.

The options to deal with the decline in society, in my opinion, come down to:

  1. Foment an armed revolution like our founders did. Pure, magical thinking. Who are you gonna shoot first? How are you gonna organize that does not result in everyone you touch being imprisoned as terrorists? Modern revolutions did not produce Jeffersons or Washingtons, but Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. Why do you think a new American revolution would be any different?

  2. Vote and actively participate in the republican system we have today. That means making hard individual sacrifices, like enduring your own run for public office. It also means engaging with local politics, 'cause who is President does not affect you more than who is your mayor or County Commissioner or DA. Most people won’t even consider this as they believe the system is too corrupt for any meaningful change, they are too lazy, or they don’t want to spend their own money on politics for a run for office or endure being the target of all sorts of opposition. Ironic, 'tho, cause the same people who say they would die for this country won’t get off the couch and run for office.

  3. Accept that this is the world we live in and changing its trajectory is well-nigh impossible. Get happy and learn to live with it.

  4. Wait for “the people” to rise up and “do something.” or for someone, somewhere, sometime to magically appear and make things better. More magical thinking.


I have to admit while i was on the set of Sicario 1 and 2 I got CHILLS Brother.
It was like watching the phuckin’ future and now “BAM” it’s here!

The minute the WARRIORS " DID SOMETHING!" the WH lost it’s stomach for the FIGHT!
(that is so TRUE its sickening!)

As Josh Brolin quipped: “Phuck it all, Wipe it clean!” that Blackhawk scene on a deserted part of the (2) lane road was (3) miles from my house! Albuquerque trying to imitate Mexico----- Life imitating art huh?


Everybody is fighting. That is why these happen so seldomly. I hope my positive replies aren’t encouraging your negativity.


NO SLAVE GIRLS? I’m outta Here!
Is the Foreign Legion still Hiring?


Not exactly, love your optimism, but at some point if we don’t recognize the grim reality of our circumstances we could very well perish as a nation. At times I think, you think, you can put out a forest fire with a cup of water, if we love the cup! Love and hope are not a strategy.

Voting can’t be considered an option either, when a candidate has to receive more dead votes than real votes. If that’s the way they are going to play the game, I’ll invest in a commercial printer and start printing my own filled out ballots and start shoving them up every democratic a$$, I mean mailbox! Same difference!

They affirmed their wishes at the UN in front of the whole world as our wimp in charge is out there like a pedophile sniffing kid’s hair!
What happens with an extremely positive outlook, is what happened to the folks in Israel on October 7th. They didn’t have a care in the world, they were partying, then from out of nowhere, BOOM.

So, my negativity stems from the terrorists that now occupy seats in our Republic, and the destruction of our way of life.
Why is this not being treated like J6? Nobody is interested in protecting our capitol nor our country.

Why aren’t people being HUNTED down. True evil is at the White House, real peaceful protesters were hunted from California to Florida and sent to prison. Yet a real terrorist stopping a ship from getting underway is acceptable, not in my world!
Negative, no, hypersensitive, yes, condition orange!
6.8 million is an invasion, NOT IMMIGRATION!

Negative, not a chance!


You negativeness is in your hope. You reply as if there is no hope. I try to encourage people to have hope.


This is how much hope I have left!


That is all you need.:+1:


That’s a lot more hope than I have. My finger and thumb are able to touch both sides of a piece of paper.


Wow Dale, You can slip a piece of paper between your digits?
I’m Impressed. :innocent:


At least there’s baaaarely a liiiitle bit of hope left. :flushed: :laughing:


Sir Ronald,

But you HAVE to have some in order to stay on the sunny side of the grass.
Just don’t bank your whole strategy on it. My opinion only Brother.


What part did you play? :thinking: