This makes me angry

Sometimes people go way too far. I understand the First Amendment but this takes the focus off the issues and makes Patriots appear as rioters.


I am with you on that Mike. I am all for the 1A and the 2A, but this goes a bit too far for me.


Totally agree. This hateful behavior only hurts us all trying to get anti-gunners to see we are not to be feared but are here as voluntary law abiding protectors.


Based on what I’ve been seeing here in Michigan, the media is going to spin any conservative protests regardless.

At the protests here in Michigan there have been a few posters depicting our governor as Hitler. The media reported it as protesters waving swastikas and being racist.

I’m not condoning messages that convey threats mind you. I just don’t necessarily trust the media to report the truth. In fact, i fully expect the media to twist the narrative into whatever they feel like.


I don’t disagree with you @Spence, but this just provides them ammunition that is irrefutable.
Some later went to the governors mansion to speak directly to the Gov. Beshear. They were open carrying, which is protected by the KY Constitution, but when the effigy is thrown in, they are called terrorists.
I wanted to respond that the Mansion is not the Governor’s house, but the citizens house, OUR HOUSE. He just happens to be the current tenant.
Nobody will listen to that message when they have him lynched at the Capitol.


Michigan Liberty Militia was asked to provide security for the protests at the Capitol in Michigan, protest organizers asked them to come in full kit to discourage counter protestors and violence.

No effigies and we’re now being called terrorists.

I’m not arguing with you, just showing that the leftwing media is going to spin it regardless.

I’m aware of the barbie doll being “hung” beneath an American flag. That was a deliberate attempt by the Governors supporters to discredit the protests further, they admitted as much. Thankfully the media didn’t give it much attention. I’m really surprised they didn’t honestly.


I live in KY and I am not the governor’s biggest fan, however hanging the governor in effigy was over the line. I agree with @MikeBKY that actions like this only serve to give ammunition to the anti-gunners without advancing our position in any positive way.


I’m on the side-lines and I agree. It’s a little too ‘much.’


In my opinion a politicians private life, in this case his home, whether or not they wear a red or blue coat, it’s off limits.

When this happens on the capital or a pubic space it just makes you shake your head and eye roll. It’s on the same level of “OMG why did they do that” when the pro2a folks carry their AR’s around at rallies.


I would agree with you @Fizbin, but we are not talking about his home. It is owned by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, not the Governor. Not unlike the Whitehouse is to the President.


If I said what I really feel I’d be in jail. I think we are all just so sick and tired and fed up with the past and current state of affairs. Seems like, we the people, don’t have any recourse to a tyrannical government! I have never seen this much disrespect for our democracy, Presidency and our constitutional rights since, I don’t know when.
If we can’t hang’em and we can’t burn’em and we don’t seem to be able to get them out of office, there’s only one solution left (actually two, but I’ll be civil) STOP PAYING TAXES. Hit them in the pocket where it hurts. Furthermore, I don’t feel like I’m being too well represented in the House of Representatives. We represented ourselves in Virginia, where did that get us???
Other than that, what will it really take for them to start listening to start respecting the people’s rights? Just wait for the November mail in fraud.
That little fiasco obviously has gotten their attention and unfortunately ours too.
Look, if people can get away with decapitating the president publicly and wishing they could blow up the White House, not to mention baseless impeachment a corrupt DOJ and tearing up the state of the union on national TV, sanctuary cities, giving my hard earned tax dollars to illegals, I’ll say it! I don’t have too much of a problem with a little effigy celebrations.
They have said the same when they brought the burning of the American flag to the Supreme Court. That’s what gets my attention daily, especially today!
Sorry, @MikeBKY, but I’m starting to loose faith in our system.


I understand the ownership of the house but for now that is his “home”. As the party of civility, I’m just say’n. :slight_smile:


Forgive the tangent…

I think this might be an appropriate time to bring this up… Many gatherings have odd-balls or extremists. There are also “undercover” Anarchists and/or antagonists that hide within the group and try to work in negative activities. The press, IMO, have invested their existence not by reporting on the scope of the situations, but by illuminating the rare, outrageous happenings that get viewers interested, numbers up, and make their advertising dollars flow in.

However, my point is not about the press or the bad actors in a valid protest. My point is that when you see these outrageous reports about those on the other side of the political spectrum, remember that the same thing is happening with them… even if the news outlets that brandish them in a negative light are only a small percentage of the MSM.


They didnt give it much attention because…


I can understand the frustration at not being heard (VA, and specifically NoVA, resident here too who is “represented” by Marsden and Filler-Corn), but we also have to consider that we will never get these looney toons out of office without a majority. And if we burn people’s effigy in public, that huge chunk of the population that only tunes into the news once a week will only hear “see! we told you they were crazy look at them! We were right, they ARE terrorists!”

We have all the facts, statistics, logic, and even law on our side. But we are losing the marketing battle big-time to anti-gunners, and here we go just giving them ammunition.


I agree with you. And I do not know who put the effigy up, but, it portrays patriots as radicals, while the majority are not. It is not much different than pointing at Antifa and associating all of the left with them.

Regardless, it does not assist the patriots cause or help to get others to listen to the message.

I agree @Fizbin, but unlike my home, the Mansion is public property, again not unlike the White House where there are protesters constantly present. And those that went to the mansion were there peacefully requesting an audience with the Governor. They were not being disruptive or disorderly.


While the intention was to protest the gov’ts infringement of Kentuckian’s gun rights, what they achieved was to effectively portray themselves, and by association (to the anti-gun camp), all legally armed citizens, as being murderous and generally undeserving of that liberty. It seems the time it took to make the effigy would’ve been enough time for the hanging party to realize the error in judgement. I hope they understand post facto, at least, that the 2A community doesn’t need their brand of promotion.


In my own 1st Amendment right to my opinion, I think that it was a bit too far however, I can understand the other side as well. I can never trust a politician, in my eyes it’s a complete criminal system built, designed and institutionalized in a way that enslaves We the People. What right does another man have to do with your natural born rights as an human and earthling? Not a single got damn thing!. Lawmakers (not all ) abuse powers, this government that’s controlled is by far THE most crooked criminal institution since the inception of earth. Protest do not work in all cases and sometimes, and I do mean SOMETIMES it takes drastic measures to get your point across because protesting, writing letters, giving speeches, writing emails and calling congress FALLS ON DEAF EARS. Those people give two f#@%cks about anything other than themselves.

If a bully kept bullying you and taking your money daily and no matter who you reported that to or told nothing is ever done then I guess you would have to shoot the bully so that he can never bully you again.

I know that’s a bit drastic but you get my point.


Did anyone fire bullets? Did they set the capitol on fire? Those two would maybe going to far. Freedom has no restrictions and placing restrictions is what has gotten us to this point. If Nazis are free to march and seek status as lobbyists on the hill, then how can this be going to far?


The biggest problem, in my eyes, was this was a Patriot Rally, not a 2A rally. Kentucky is one of true best states with respect to the Second. We are Constitutional Carry with the option of getting a permit for reciprocity. State law prohibits local government units from passing additional laws on firearms through a strong preemption statute. And gun rights cannot be touched during a state of emergency.
The issues that were being protested were the COVID-19 restrictions. While I believe the restrictions have gone too far and too long, I also understand that this was a relatively unique situation and nobody really knew how bad it might be. As the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals noted recently, “While the Constitution may take periodic naps during a pandemic, we will not let it sleep through one” when the the Court voided the portion of the emergency order banning in-person church gatherings.