Soft Tyranny, But Still Tyranny

In case you’ve been distracted, we’re experiencing soft tyranny - a gradual chipping-away of our natural and given rights. This is “progressive” politics, not “constructive” legislation, and these tactics will surely lead to this country becoming a 3rd-world cesspool. I can just imagine the shenanigans going on in D.C. now Documented history is rife with tyranny - even ancient Greece had its periods when one or a privileged few held power, and we are not much different from Rome’s republic today. We just can’t listen or learn - if we don’t act when we can, the U.S. will disappear “not with a bang, but a whimper”, to paraphrase T.S. Eliot.


I think we passed up “soft tyranny” a couple of months ago.


Your suggestions?


Yup! We’ve gone full blown King George at this point.


I agree, we are way past soft tyranny. With the rush of executive orders, cancel culture run wild, calling republicans terrorists and shutting down free speech platforms, we are in full blown tyranny at this point buddy.



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" Mao launched the so-called Cultural Revolution (known in full as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) in August 1966, at a meeting of the Plenum of the Central Committee. He shut down the nation’s schools, calling for a massive youth mobilization to take current party leaders to task for their embrace of bourgeois values and lack of revolutionary spirit. In the months that followed, the movement escalated quickly as the students formed paramilitary groups called the Red Guards and attacked and harassed members of China’s elderly and intellectual population. A personality cult quickly sprang up around Mao, similar to that which existed for Josef Stalin, with different factions of the movement claiming the true interpretation of Maoist thought. The population was urged to rid itself of the “Four Olds”: Old customs, old culture, old habits, and old ideas." Cultural Revolution - Definition, Effects & Mao Zedong - HISTORY

Hmm… Sound familiar?


It’s already done, nothing we can do, we blew it last year, all we have left is to bend over and take! Prove me wrong!
Nobody has any good ideas, let alone follow up! If we truly were a 2A “community” we would have come together as one and defeated the enemy staring us in the eye! The founding fathers are more than embarrassed they have been shamed, by us!
We sat back and let it get this far, and we’ll keep sitting! Because voices are being silenced, a page right out of the Nazi hand book for crushing a nation!
Plenty of talk but scared to death to act! All laws, house bills, resolutions whatever will be passed by executive order and we as a country will go down in a whimper!
Tyranny is tyranny there’s no soft nature to tyranny! Almost pregnant!
In a few months it will be all over!


What it is @Scott52 . Are militia is too afraid to do anything. I know I know I know, Justin is calling for war!! I’m not calling for it, but it’s the only thing that’s going to change anything. Unless our states stand up for our constitutional rights it’s pretty much over.

We’ve seen it in the past. The only way to take down a tyrant as big as the government is war. We have to stand up and tell them no. We have to band together to do so.

Everybody’s afraid to take that leap and I don’t blame him.
Look what we’re talking about. We’re talking about first crippling the country, dethroning the tyrants that are in office and then rebuilding the country.

Who wants to be responsible for that charge? Who wants to be responsible for leading people in the war? who wants to be responsible for all the deaths that’ll come? who wants to be responsible for all the innocent lives that will be took from famine and chaos?


Does this sound familiar:

Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times .” The quote, from a post-apocalyptic novel by the author G. Michael Hopf, sums up a stunningly pervasive cyclical vision of history


We are a nation of spoiled brats waiting on daddy to “fix it.” It will take more suffering to cause most people to realize that we have been encircled by the tyrants. “A little at a time” is the current method. As long as it remains so, people will let it. The MSM and Hollywood will brainwash the masses as they have done.
What we may need is for states to succeed from the U.S. and group together as sovereign states as originally done. Those states who want to be socialist or communist can bind together a suffer equally. I don’t see any other solution forming at the moment.
Go Texas - and the other conservative states might follow suit. Otherwise, the alternative looks bad.


How about invoking Article V of the constitution? A recall and re-elections of IN-PERSON voting and, BTW, term limits, balanced budget and kick socialists and marxists and anarchists and anyone else who hates America OUT!

BTW, things are not that bad yet. No body has moved to do anything tyrannical yet, just a bunch of pomp and circumstance. They’re going to implode. I’m hearing alot of voter remorse. I heard that Georgia is plumb mad at them! #notmypresident has lied to alot of people that voted for him.
I have decided to stop watching the news since Jan 20 and I feel ALOT more calm and ready.


First, we ALL must know WHAT the constitution says. The 1776 American model of government says our freedom and power comes from God directly to the people. Power is given to government only as the People deem appropriate. The constitution gives us our rights…NOT the government so they cannot take them away. The people are responsible for the character of their congress, if that body is corrupt, ignorant, or reckless, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, corruption and recklessness. The people MUST demand intelligent, brave and pure legislatures. (President James Garfield).
We must READ, STUDY, TEACH the Constitution.
We must KNOW our rights, DEFEND our rights, ASSERT our rights. If you don’t know your rights, how do you know when they have been violated?
We must be ready and willing to do the hard work necessary and research the candidates. I have informed my party candidates NO MONEY or other support just because you claim you are for or against something. I want concrete evidence you are what you say you are!! Enough of this mess!


But they are attacking our constitutional rights And no one is stopping them. Let’s just look at the second amendment for instance. In the amendment it actually says shall not be infringed. It is the only Constitution amendment that says that. But yet with every regulation placed on making it harder for us to have that right is infringement.

They’re going to make it so hard to get your license to have a gun we’re not going to be able to have them. Have you read the entire HR 127 if you havent you need to open your eyes and read, because what they are doing is basically taxizing and making it so impossible that we won’t be able to get our license.

Everybody just needs to quit thinking they can’t take our rights away, because that’s what they’re doing. if they get rid of the filibuster there is absolutely nothing stopping them from passing HR 127.


Part of the problem is the past 2 generations of public school “educated” kids. They never knew real freedom and were never taught or shown what freedom was. They have been programmed by the school unions who are the lapdogs of the democrat socialist party. They are dependent, self-centered, and feel it is the governments job to take care of and support them after they leave their parents care. This is what they have been taught.

A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.
Alexander Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee


The moment he swore the oath of the Presidency our rights were violated. You can’t swear on the Bible and lie! With the intention of lying. When you take office under false pretenses, you violated my rights! When you restrict people’s movements, speech and any form of freedom you’ve violated my rights!
The longer we sit around the more our rights will be violated! By June the Constitution will be burned or torn up by you know who! And what are we going to do about it? We are going to sit here and say, WOW can you believe they tore up the constitution?

The hardest times of our lives are coming! The dark winter and the summer of death will be at our doorsteps very shortly! That’s because strong men haven’t done squat!
It’s a fallacy that we will be able to vote in two years! They cheated once (we allowed it) they will cheat again!
Once a thief gets away with his first haul he will do it again and again until caught. In the case of this coup de’tat, there’s lots of money behind that and we can’t compete.
So sit back and watch Rome burn! Unless there is a Hercules, Jason or Achilles, among us, grab the marshmallows and chocolate!


I completely agree with you. I’m honestly concerned what our will look like in the next year. Republicans won’t do anything, we know that. The military has been changing for years, and I feel they’ll give up on defending the Constitution. I spent 26 years as a Navy SEAL, and I witnessed a shift in the core of the military towards liberalism. This change went all the way to the top. I retired 2012, and talking with my friends who are still in tell me things are worse than ever expected. With that said, I do not believe the military could/ or will be a backstop for this assault on our Constitution.


This is what the people voted fof all you can do is go along for the ride until they bring the fight to you.


I’ll stake my life on the fact that people (with a pulse) or a functional brain did NOT vote for this flaccid brained fool. I guarantee, that if we voted tomorrow with all laws and proper procedures in place and absolutely NO COVID RESTRICTIONS, President Donald Trump wins 299,999,998 to two! And one of those votes went to harris!


Scot, you are so right! I attended a free constitution alive course and was astounded at what I did not know about the constitution. I have signed up to teach that course and so far I have 30 people from all over the U.S. signed up for it!!! It starts with 1 person and if I can start a revolution, I will be that 1 person. Did you see the military turn their backs in the motorcade when Biden rode by? No, you won’t see it on the news but it happened. I hope I have 50 sign up for my class and hopefully give some HOPE to this country that we did not serve our country in vain…