Questions that not to many People dare to ask!

Through out Biden’s Presidency, he has took an oath and was swore in to office. Why hasn’t he been
held responsible for the attempts to DESTROY the Constitution and to attempt to destroy the United States.

Please never wish someone harm or condemn anyone one here, because you might just get a nightmare
in return.

If anyone else had broken Federal Laws like the president, the State and Federal Jail Systems would be over running with; To Be or Not to BE, what are we going to do?


This can open up some touchy subjects. As we reply in these threads, please keep in mind community guidelines and keep things civil.


Perhaps because the majority of the party in charge support what he is doing. Personally, I think he is just a spokesperson, not the one really making the decisions.


Every great Empire eventually collapses. Perhaps we live in such a time.

I believe that we’re all on the precipice of Revolution.

It’s both an exciting and terrifying time to be alive.


You can’t be civil with those who only believe in uncivility.


Ever ‘great’ empire has collapsed…because the people realised that the were being used and taken advantage of. The empire collapsed and a better ‘thing’ was created. The republic of the United States is being attacked by an entity that has been proven to be an ‘Empire’ that is corrupt. Balls !!!


We as Americans have tolerated a lot of things we never should have. The more we tolerate, the worse it gets. It’s already to the point that the law is openly broken in one instance, and used as a political weapon, quite without an actual offense, in another instance.

Those of us who are live and let live people, who just wanted to be left alone, have failed to recognize, and rise too, the occasions where we should have objected, and stood our ground. We have done no less than to fail to refuse the genuinely unacceptable. And for what? To spare unreasonable “feelings”?

The cost of that failure is what we are suffering now.

Appeasing a bully only ever gets you more of the same. Invariably it escalates with each appeasement until You either summon up what’s needed to finally fight back, or your life is wrecked, and you live at the pleasure of the bully.

Be it a schoolyard or the national stage, it works the same way.


We all maintain our USCCA insurance with the sincere hope that we will not be forced to use it.

The dynamic radically changes when any use-of-force is brought to bear against any government agent, regardless of the circumstances.

That might be the point at which you would effectively forfeit any claims or expect the USCCA to back your play.

If your local sheriff’s department SWAT team decides to serve a Red Flag order against you at 3:00AM on a random Sunday morning and makes entry into your home, kills your dog, and brings weapons to bear against you, then you should probably assume the fetal position and beg to not be killed.

There’s more important things to think about other than, “Will insurance cover me?”


You’re absolutely correct, although such scenarios tend to occupy my thoughts.

Once you choose to defend yourself against any government agent, then your life has essentially become forfeit, and any self-defense insurance becomes inconsequential.


That’s the gambit, isn’t it. If you can manage a way to raise the stakes to that level, for a person who has no desire for conflict, you have a most powerful persuasive tool indeed. I suspect that’s why some events have been elevated to such seemingly, unrealistically. high levels. To bring about just such a persuasive environment. Come to think of it, that is a classic bullying tactic, namely, raise the cost of refusal so high, that it’s out of all proportion to the demands being made. Compliance seems a no brainer decision then.


I appreciate everyones comments that you have written. PLEASE remember your training and live each
Day to the Fullest.

I am not here to confuse, cause conflicts, or start a fight in anyones lives. We are trained by some
of the best educators in the USA; USCCA. Our responsibility is to train safely, follow the state laws
that we live in, and protect our family’s life and our own; by the book and our heart.

It is an Honor !!! The only painful concerns is the media throwing all the garbage and causing much
Fear, lies, and pain. Trust whatever is true and make improvement to be better.

William H Smith Jr

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It’s hard to compete with “free” and as long as the left continues to hand out “free” money to both the public and private sector, conservative America will always be at fault.


Better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.


What happened to “see something, say something”? We watched as the presidency was usurped, cities burnt to the ground, “law makers” bailing out the true riotous criminals.

We are witnessing a hostile takeover via a pandemic unleashed at the behest of a colluding communist regime and a propagandized media and let’s not forget big tech who represent a clear and present danger. The murder of thirteen American Soldiers, AMERICANS LEFT BEHIND! ( sorry, that did it for me ). That’s touchy!

The push of the unvaxed , drug infested, diseased human traffickers from the south and, just like chess, a positioning of illegals across our beloved nation, checkmate by Christmas!

If that’s not treason and a failure of the presidential oath of office, and the violation of every law written on the parchment. I don’t know what is!
I guess we are at the point where we all just embrace the suck and wait for the invasion. All we can hope for is a swift warriors death and smile when it comes.

The only thing touchy about this subject is the loss of our freedoms! If you want to see disgusting loss, watch, in real time, the Nazi nation of Australia. When, not if, that comes here, God save us!
“People should know when they’re conquered”…we’ve been conquered! They are throwing Combat Marine Officers in jail for taking accountability for Afghanistan??? Solitary confinement for the right to assemble?

All we can hope for is that someone writes about us, the Decline and Fall of the United States of America! Truly, what is there to write about?
I have a working title “Arsonist Firefighter, Burns Greatest Nation on the Planet, Doused by Climate Change and Mandated Syringes, in Less Than a Year!”
If you have any good ideas, I read smoke signals! The only way left to communicate!


FIRST THING, thank you for your hard work and services. I agree with you and I am not happy
with Washington DC AND THE LEADERSHIP. I AGREE ! thank you.

William Smith


A big part of this is the numbers. About 50% of Americans like all of the current nonsense. The other 50% don’t actually dare say anything because they don’t want to be vilified. Take 2A for example, A guy at work asked me, in all seriousness, “Why do some Americans feel the need to carry guns?”. A lady at my condo asked “Why don’t I see any guns around here?”. These are regular everyday people that are diametrically opposed. I walked into a coffee shop last summer, while standing in line, the couple at the counter said, rather loudly, “Do you actually think I’m a F’inf Republican?”, like that’s something terrible. I couldn’t control myself, I said, to nobody in particular “I’m a Republican”, they actually left saying they couldn’t tolerate being in the same coffee shop with one of those F’ing Reb’s. That’s the flavor of America today, we just don’t want to get along.


Alternatively, better to live another day to fight the battle using alternative means.

I’d gladly lose my life if I can protect the life of my wife or one of my kids.

I’d not gladly lose it to protect 2A, at least not in that moment.

I’d rather still be alive so I can fight for our freedoms through any means possible as long as I have breath.


I’ve been asking this question of all our representatives and others that take an oath to protect the constitution and then does the opposite. As I believe I’ve mentioned before, it’s not only cause for immediate removal but it is, in fact and as you allude to, a federal crime.


And ONLY those on the Right are REQUIRED to be civil.