Time to wake up

I want to say something that most of you are thinking !

This is America we are all Americans. This includes Whites,African Americans ,Asian Americans ,Chinese " ", Mexican " " , etc. etc. All this craziness HAS TO STOP .White people have been killed by police officers more then African Americans ,we do not riot ,burn buildings , destroy properties ,and all the other craziness that is going on. We don’t have a White history month. We celebrate American and all that it stands for and represents Period. American History is being destroyed or removed from America’s history to pacify the animals that are behind these riots and violent protests.Wake up people we are all Americans we all want better Police control it is getting out of control in this country. But the bottom line is Don’t break the laws and there will be no reason for the police to have any kind of interaction with you except waving at you on the street.
Wake up people we all want the same thing.
More has been resolved peacefully like the Dr. Martin Luther Kings and Rosa Parks of the world then all this craziness that is going on now with the rioting ,looting, burning buildings ,disrupting the flow of traffic for people that just want to go to work ,earn a living and feed their families.


I agree 100%. but sorry to say some people just don’t see it that way any more. and it is part because some of our history IS NOT BEING TAUGHT IN OUR SCHOOLS OR COLLEGES ANY MORE. And what is being taught is that America is bad and our REAL HISTORY IS ALSO BAD. So therefore it needs to be removed and a different view be taught. And that view is what the HATERS OF AMERICA THINK OF THE COUNTRY. And that view is VERY BIASED AND ONE SIDED. AND FALSE AS WELL. And it needs to stop. And the only way to stop it is to start voting ALL OF THE HATERS OUT OF OFFICE NOW. AND TO KEEP THEM FROM GETTING IN OFFICE EVER AGAIN.


Yep! I can tell your blood pressure is up. A lot of us here feel the same and expressing it seems easy for some. Me, I get radical. I feel you. I was truly hoping that those of us from the Woodstock generation would be long gone before the utopian experiment started. If theses fools want to test socialism again, great just wait til my time is up. I like this country just the way it is. It’s not perfect, but neither am I.
If they want to live the Socialist/Marxist/Communist life, Venezuela is waiting for fresh meat. How is it that all the people who threatened to leave this country if Trump got voted in didn’t leave? Maybe it was our fault, we should have escorted them to the planes and boats and made sure the door didn’t hit them in the ass. This November we should send real stormtroopers to get them out of our FREE country. I’d give my left arm to anyone that will dump AOC, Omar, Pelosi, the whole damn lot of them, in the middle of Venezuela with just the clothes on their backs. Voting them out is just a slap on the wrist. They need to feel the consequences of their actions over the past 3 1/2 years. Treason is usually punishable by death, I’ll gladly waive that if they leave voluntarily.


Have you watched any interviews with Douglas Murray or Jordan Peterson?


No I have not seen them ,maybe a link to the would be helpful if you care to share them.


This whole thing has gotten way out of hand. All lives matter! It doesn’t matter what color your skin is or anything else! Between the race issue and covid this country is in a bad place, I just want everything to go back to normal!


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I agree with your post, Bill33. I have been in the computer field since 1978. I have witnessed first hand the evolution of technology. The past two, maybe three generations have been raised with technology. What we are witnessing today is these generations leading our nation and leading it in a direction that I do not approve of.

I believe these generations lack respect for authority, awareness of consequences for ones actions, and most importantly they have a big influence of the online world. This online world is full of all types of information from all types of people. Smart people, credible people, wise people, and so on. But at the same time there are ignorant people, dangerous people, crazy people, malicious people, and so on.

There is also a great lack of critical thinkers. Individuals that question the validity, credibility, and truth behind what they read and see online. They are ready to react without thinking if there cause is a false one and what the consequences are.

So you have the black lives matter movement. Why? That statement in it self is racially motivated. It implies that there are different values for different lives. All lives matter is a proper statement.

Now we have protesters and that is great. They are exercising there rights. Unfortunately, they are being used by criminals and others to break the law. You must education yourself concerning what your rights are, the difference between rights and privileges, and how to act as a decedent, responsible, law abiding citizen. You can’t infringe on others rights while exercising your rights. Doing so is a violation of that other persons rights.

So all this that is happening is magnified by politicians, and special interest groups that are using the citizens of our great country against each other to make their political motivations stand out.

At least this is my point of view, maybe I am confused about the whole thing. This post is not intended to offend anyone or disrespect. It is just my opinion and observation through the years.

Thank you


It seems many people are being distracted by what is shown on MSM. This isn’t about blm, this isn’t about the Police, this isn’t about Race, this isn’t about Justice for anyone.
This is about the complete over throw of our way of life, the complete overthrow of our Constitution and the enslavement of all of us little people (think Venezuela).
All this rioting, protesting, looting and burning is all smoke and mirrors, we are all pawns to those who want to destroy the United States of America. :rage:


Here’s a couple of thoughts. If blm they’d help Chicago, Atlanta, New York etc too many dead people everywhere. Everyone should be held accountable, break the law & pay the price. Leos need more money not less. Dems boot lickers hope these leakers vote. You can not erase usa history until you get rid us. Just saying…


It is all about retaining power. The Democrats don’t care who they hurt, who dies or what gets burned down. They desperately cling onto power to control this nation. How many Democrats denounce the riots, support our LE, or even mention the deaths of innocent people caught up in the maelstrom of their making? It is not about effective leadership and all about ruthless control. They gladly accept money from Soros for the ruin of our country. They will strip us of our rights and throw out our Constitution. They want subjects, not citizens.

It has been insinuated multiple times here that we are simpletons and only single issue voters. Just desperately clinging to our guns. Seems to be the mantra from the “enlightened”. For me, it is all about preserving our nation and the Constitution it was founded upon. Keep the faith!


There are a few things I can think of that aren’t mentioned here (like the bridge/train in arizona this week), but you get the idea.
Peaceful Protest probably and we should go back to debating why there’s no ammo on the shelves.


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Just go to youtube and paste either name. I won’t post a link as I don’t know what particular topic you may enjoy. But be prepared for some long interviews. I’m not suggesting that they are people anyone should agree with, but they sure make one think. And if you have a lot of free time and don’t mind stream of consciousness interviews, go all of the way to Daniel Schmachtenberger.


Did you mean the Democratic politicians? :thinking:

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To be perfectly clear, I’m referencing the politicians at the local, state and federal level that deny the violence of the rioters, tie the hands of LE to protect their fellow citizens and covertly or overtly promote the anarchist bringing violence to our streets. The same politicians that accept campaign contributions from organizational fronts supported by George Soros. My question for you is what issues are so important that we can overlook these politicians actions and continue to support them in office?


I and we are fed with all of it…our daughter was BRAINWASHEDstrong text by the internet. Our governor is now being sued by many, as he has overstepped his authority against the Idaho constitution. Almost enough signatures are collected to put a recall for him on the ballot.