"Is This The Beginning Of A Second Civil War?"

I may not agree with everything my brother, Jared, says here, but on a whole, his video confirms most of my concerns. These times are beyond “different,” “dangerous,” or even just “surreal.” These times are absolutely life altering, whether for the worst, or for the best.
We, as Protectors must be more alert, aware, intelligent, coherent, and wise.
Thank you, my family…

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“If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” ~Mark Twain(?)


I feel that it’s vital to have strong parents teach their kids values and if necessary, be the disciplinarian kids need to recognize their boundaries.

Right now, we have a bunch of kids who were pampered and left to grow up with this self entitlement that former generations didn’t have. Their parents failed them and these kids and some adults represent a glimpse into what happens when we don’t set boundaries and provide a strong moral compass. I do feel like it’s going to take some citizens to shoot these rioters before they recognize that their lawlessness has consequences and just because our society argued over how to deal with this…most of us parents know quite well that these rioters need their parents to step up and be this mom before someone shoots them for pushing the limits too far.

Personally, I’m all for all collecting all these rioters and making them responsible for paying for ALL the damages. Literally, arrest them all and make them all pay. They’ll learn quick that actions have consequences.


Remember this; Evil can’t be reasoned with, it can only be killed.

As a Veteran, I took an oath ONLY to the Constitution, NOT citizens. Specifically, the BLM and Antifa tribe are Domestic Enemies.


Article by John Crump:


While I understand what you’re saying, I don’t agree with it. MOB mentality is exactly that…mob mentality. When you get good people together and give them something they are emotionally invested in and don’t calm the situation, even good people can do regrettable things. I agree that the BLM and Antifa are terrorist organizations, however, most people that are committing these crimes are in fact just dumb adolescents who are allowed to keep pushing the limits because no one is putting them in check. We NEED to put them in check. Normally that would fall onto police to do but with such a lack of support they’re getting these days, I can’t blame them for wanting to sit this one out until people give them the respect they, and the badge, deserves.

I would love to see them all arrested and charged appropriately and not slapped on the wrist like they have been.


What he says in that video is true… We are on the verge of civil war and I don’t know if we can stop it. What a lot of people don’t understand is antifa, BLM and all the radicals are not going to stop whether Biden wins or not. it’s not about just Trump, it’s about tearing down the government and what this country is about.

I’ve read so the stuff on the BLM website, it’s all about destroying the American dream. It’s all about destroying the families of this country. People say it’s all about the left but in fact BLM and antifa are attacking the left as well. It truly is about destroying government whether it’s left or right it doesn’t matter. Because they know if they create a lawless country then eventually they can murder and loot and do whatever they want without consequence.

That’s just my opinion but I can tell you one thing. I’m not going to sit around waiting for it to happen. I am trying to get my guns and gear set and ready to protect my house and my family in case evil comes Knocking. I think everyone should at least consider it whether you believe that’s going to happen or not. Get prepared!!


Where is the MOB mentality in either of my statements…

And are you really suggesting the “dumb adolescent” domestic terrorists are acting out and a good stern talking to or some time in jail will change their minds. Look how coddling has worked for them thus far.

They are burning buildings and committing violence to those who oppose their ANTI-American agenda, NOT sneaking Daddy’s Jack Daniel’s.


4mo ago I would have said no way…still lots to talk through lots of other options etc.

While I still think there is that opportunity still…I haven’t expected those on the left side of the equation to take the actions they have, for as long as they have and be as resistant to data as they have.

Coupled with the constant inciting by the media and the media no longer being unbiased (it’s either left or right)…I think we COULD be looking at the beginning of a powder keg…COULD…

Again, 4mo ago I’d have given it a 0% chance…today…10%…so while we’re not there yet in my opinion…we are perhaps a few steps closer than I thought we ever would be.


I described it as mob mentality because in most cases it is. You do have a small group of antagonists getting the ball rolling, but overall, most of the idiots out there acting like idiots are young people who let themselves get sucked up into the nonsense.

I happened to be back on leave during part of the LA Riots and some of my own friends joined in the fraw. When they came to me bragging about it I admonished it and their actions for what they were, unhelpful, destructive, illegal, and part of the growing problem in our society. These friends of mine are doctors, lawyers, engineers and more now…but they too got sucked up into the mob mentality and to this day regret their part in it.

I personally feel we need to not only find the antagonists, but the money trail to whomever is funding (and can prove it) and charge them all on domestic terrorism. However, the mass of stupid people out there started off as impressionable naive idiots trying to be a part of something bigger. As tensions grow, they go from being present to joining in on the shouting match, to letting their emotions get the better of them and becoming violent. Most of these people are no different than you or i in many regards…they might be your neighbor’s kid or cousin or friend’s kid…young and stupid.

I understand you’re fed up with it all, and I am too. I strongly believe we need to round them all up and hold them all accountable for their part they played…but I also am not forgetting the fact that they are just people…deranged and often misled people…but people none the less. That doesn’t forgive or allow for any of what is going on right now to happen which is why they all need to be prosecuted.


Nobody really wants war. Nobody wants to be bullied. Nobody wants to live in fear but, here we are. As John F Kennedy said,“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” If civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships - the ability of all peoples, of all kinds, to live together, in the same world at peace." ( Franklin D. Roosevelt )
We all are looking at the elections as a turning point, no matter the outcome, the situation is looking gloomy. We made it through the revolutionary war, We made it through the Civil War. We made it through WWI and WWII. We made it through Korea and Vietnam. We the people can make it through these hard times as well!


As an additional step to this discourse, ask them if they are at war with us.

I think we know what they would say. They would not really understand what it means though. A bunch of us do understand.

Prepare to defend your family, your community, your police, and our Republic.

Let us all fervently pray that they really dont mean what they say. Thing is though; I think they do mean it. They lack the combat power right now. They do feel emboldened and they do smell fear. They feel powerful.

But of course, it is easy to be a little marxist insurgent thug tough guy when nobody is fighting back. Lots of bullies run their mouths until they get popped in the mouth.

They don’t know that yet.


Somebody posted this earler on a now closed thread:

Unfortunately America must be broken down to its core, in order to then be built up properly, and stronger than ever. We must replace some of the early infrastructure which was put in place and has tipped the scales for generations.

Now, let the intent sink in for a moment. Are we at war? It sure sounds like it to me. I for one don’t think for a moment that most folks want that at all. As a matter of fact, it sounds just like every marxist, leninist, so called “revolutionary” set of ideas that have killed an easy 60+ million people in the recent past.

The problem is simple. They have not really taught history in this country for a long time. They have taught our special little snowflakes that such ideas are woke and new. Equality at all costs, right?

But as Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, regarding the pig characters: “All pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others” The woke set know nothing about such things though. They really think their revolutionary theories have a chance of working.

They bandy about with such violent words. They shriek “Death to America” and cry out for bloody, burning revolution.

They need to be careful. The universe is a practical joker.

They might just get what they wish for.


Justin47 I believe you are correct (I would reply to your post but couldnt figure out how to do it). In any case, the left has been testing the waters and will go full rebellion regardless of the election results. That is not their purpose. It is an insurrection.
On the bright side, I dont think most of them have a clue what they would be getting into. RIght now they are being “alowed” to act like children. When SHTF and Patriots start shooting back, I think things will come to a relatively quick stop as far as widespread destruction. What will happen after that is a lot of sniping at random places. It is a sad situation.


I’m pretty sure they are COMPLETELY different than me…young or not, they have made the wrong decisions for at least 4 straight months. No one forced them to make and commit to anti-American actions.

The only thing you and I agree on is there needs to be consequences for their domestic terrorist actions. Apparently, here in Portland, the consequences will NOT be carried out by the DA. His choice. So be it.


@Patrick47 I’m certain the useful puppets I mean partially “peaceful” protestors are being funded. DOJ has been investigating:


Bud, I get you’re frustrated, I used to live in portland. Have family there right now. Was born at the university and have many good memories, some bad like when they put up that stupid portlandia statue or took away my favorite chocolate place and turned yamhill market into just more of a open area.

I’m not saying those idiots joining the riots aren’t idiots…I’m saying that they’re young and stupid and like most, make poor choices. I’m trying to remind you that they aren’t the enemy all the time, they’re more like unwilling combatants in a game someone else is funding and creating. You want to hate THOSE people…I’m right there with you. I’m just reminding you that at some point these young kids being complete and utter wastes of human flesh, will grow up mentally and could realize they were on the wrong side like many former democrats do and will be standing side by side with you rather than against you.


The sooner they realize they’re just being manipulated like pawns, the better for all of us…


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I think your right, they are being allowed to act out, loot and destroy. It’s very possible you’re right about them stopping when they realize that there’s resistance.
I honestly hope you’re right. Otherwise our kids are going to learn things that they don’t need to yet.


Couldn’t agree more…and that starts with the poor information our media is showing, the politicians who are deceiving people to continue their manipulation and control and really the person’s who fund the groups like antifa and BLM. We need to hold them all accountable and make them all pay for their part.


The first guy Rittenhouse shot was 36 years old. Not a young child, nor even a young man. He is not the only one in that age bracket, and I suspect there are others older, too.