"Is This The Beginning Of A Second Civil War?"

There are countless examples of people waking up and walking away. Regardless of their age, people are realizing the lies the democratic party is making and they are becoming fed up. These people are all future republicans or at least future independents. They’re being idiots…correct…they’re breaking the law and acting like a bunch of terrorists…true. I’m totally for holding every one of them accountable and punishing them or charging them for the damages. I’m just saying that they are going to wake up and walk away at some point…most do. So don’t consider them your enemy so much as just stupid idiots who need a wake up call…and maybe a swift hard kick in the rear.

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I suspect there are a few well placed agitators in these crowds. A little yelling here and there, a fire, break a few windows, then slip off into the shadows until the next one. And some of them just need to be in jail. For a long time.

This should have been stopped months ago. It wasn’t and now it has grown, I think as planned.


I truly think that a lot of this is now designed to get rid of President Trump. Note how the narrative is being shaped to blame him for the violence (among other things).

I am stating the obvious there. It is a confluence of issues matched with conspicuious timing.


This is the start. “We” are already being prepped for the theft of an election if the numbers come in for Trump.

Bongino also did a very good video breaking down what is being prepped for November.

It is my opinion that things are going to get very crazy before they get better. Be prepared and vote, in person.


No this is not the start or a second civil war but I do believe it will eventually lead to race wars. I had an history teacher in high school that told us that sooner or later this country would have a race war. This was in the late 50’s and I am thinking probably in 1959 when he made the statement. His reasoning was that blacks and whites would continue to clash and it would escalate to an all out war within 100 years. I am not trying to say this is what will happen but it seems very probable at this time.
We have seen what racial hatred can do in WWII when Hitler tried to eliminate the Jew. Racial hatred has to cease or we wil be paying for it with not only our lives but the lives of our children and grandchildren. I am definately not a bleeding heart liberal but I can see things that need to happen or we are going to be in trouble. The one thing I see that we need to do is get bac k to God. We shoulld not be asking God to bless us unless we are willing to bless HIm!!!

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It would seem, based on this article that we overlooked a simple method of stopping the violence, a nap and a time-out. Matthew “Baby” Banta, a “leader” of Antifa, began crying and fell to a fetal position when the police came to arrest him. Unfortunately for him, the time-out he will be receiving will not be in his crib.

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Unfortunately, not surprising. I would say something unkind about the mayor of Portland, but we are supposed to keep a measure of decorum on this site.

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ANTIFA and it’s entrenched supporters are well trained in civil disobedience and civil war. We have seen the civil disobedience and we are now seeing acts of Civil War. There’s no question about this. They want to fundamentally change this country and will do it by any means necessary.

It is unfortunate that people are not reading it for what it is. I have seen this coming for the last four years. I am not a soothsayer. You only need to carefully watch the news and do the research. And as for the “news“, they are downplaying the violence and the destruction. It is much worse than what you see on the television or the Internet.

Regardless of your politics; regardless of your spiritual beliefs; regardless of what your emotions are leading you to – you need to look beyond those and examine what is actually happening. The Civil War has begun. It is in its infancy.

It is time to make a decision for each and every American. There is indeed a contingency of what I will call ‘American patriots’ that have begun preparations to counteract widespread acts of terrorism. The time will come when the violence comes to your home, just as it has for the mayors of Portland and Seattle who have been supportive of the ANTIFA cause.

I am not saying you should take up arms and engaging guerrilla warfare. I am saying that guerrilla warfare will engage you. It is time to take a stand because you will have to either before it, submit to it or fight against it. It is up to you.

I strongly encourage you to do the research and take the appropriate actions that you feel are necessary for what is about to come.


That is what should happen to the rest of them, they have no respect for our rights.

Can anyone identify the standard TTPs of AntiFa? They have been around for years. I’m not seeing trained combat capable foot-soldiers ready to engage in a Civil War. I see corrupt politicians, MSM propaganda, deep pocket funding and a level of strategic coordination. Not seeing any level of refined tactical coordination on the streets. Help me out here…


Agreed Jeff. I had to chuckle when I saw the post on this thread about how well trained they are in ‘Civil War’ (race war, yes, civil war, no)…it doesn’t take much to start fires, throw rocks, use lasers, and assault unarmed Americans. These domestic terrorists have no idea what urban warfare is, yet.


@Patrick47 Not trying to diminish the level and effort going into destabilizing our country. I see elements of asymmetric warfare. From funding, corrupt political manipulations, logistics to the MSM propaganda. Do we see small-team tactics on the street? I haven’t spotted it yet. MOUT - not even close. I did see a bunch of cowards scattering when Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself. I see mob aggression stirred by a few agitators. Nothing like boots on ground…

p.s. Take your own personal poll. Is MSM or conservative news making more of a case for Civil War 2.0? Who would benefit more from military action in the USA, before elections? Left or right?


Understood Jeff. We saw absolute asymmetrical warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As far as the media, American (Constitutionalists) or Communist (MSM), I see what I see in Portland…cowards. National news, even Fox News and local news are making a case for a Race War. Civil War would need to be Military. Now, if the Insurrection Act is ordered, we may have something. Currently, I have asked for a waiver to re-enlist (after 6 years of retirement) in the Oregon Army National Guard. It takes an act of God to get this done. However, I have God, my wife, and a SGM on my side. 11B with plenty of combat experience will come in handy. I pray for Title 10 orders.


In my version of the story it’s left for sure, that’s why they are agitating so hard. When the right lashes out the left gets to write the narrative, rather it is right wing neo-nazi or intimidating ‘peaceful’ voters. If the election is held with no clear winner, or is interrupted by civil unrest, Trump/pence were elected for 4 years. With no president or vice president who gets to step up to the plate???


That would be (GULP) :scream: :scream: :scream:
Present line of succession

No. Office Current officer
1 Vice President Mike Pence ®
2 Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (D)
3 President Pro Tempore of the Senate Chuck Grassley ®
4 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ®

Uh huh…
Why would one side want an election they might loose when they have better odds from sabotage…


What would MSM and the House of Representatives do if President Trump called in the troops now two months before the elections? We know the majority in the House is totally unscrupulous. MSM can’t even report the weather without lying and putting a political spin on it. Enough to sway the elections? Hard to say…