How realistic do you think the survival rate would be IF there was a 2nd civil war?

I like to listen, to everyone, about everything. I like people to make their own (incorrect) assumptions that I agree with what they are saying. With this being said, a lot of people, whether firearm owners or not, assume that they’d survive a civil war or an apocalypse. Which I always then ask: “so you’d be willing to kill your (fill in family member) if they (became a zombie, was on the other side of a warring faction…) to which nine times outta ten I get the obligatory answer of “yes”. Now I personally disagree with this percentage but I’ve been told I’m pessimistic so I thought I’d ask here. This topic is more fun, more…”what if”, so pleas don’t take this as gospel. Anyways: “do you think you’d be able to survive the next civil war, and/or apocalypse, and/or what do you think the realty survival rate is, keeping in mind that even though most hardened murder still has a loved one. This is of course doesn’t not count the sociopaths that would kill anything and everything that moves, although it does come into play when we speak of survival rate.”

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Very doubtful , I would survive. Depends entirely on where wife and I are at on retirement plan. She would survive as would my daughter, if I can last long enough. But, medically speaking I’m dead. I have a fatal medical condition, that medication and meditation keep under control. But I would go down fighting getting my wife and daughter to safety.

Worldwide Apocalypse. 1% to 5% survival rate long term.


This is highly unlikley, but the output would be a more conservative bent.

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It would be a short civil war if we’re going up against these :point_down:t4:


Don’t fool yourselves. There are a lot of illegal guns out there. More than people realize. Also, many Democrats support the Constitution and are gun owners.

Though Zi do NOT want to see America fall into another Civil War I do think we’re heade towards it. The death toll would be really high.


Don’t really think it’s about survival. Of course you want to survive however that’s not why you go to war. You believe in what you’re fighting for. God willing you’re on the right side…


Same sort of question was posed in the 60’s, how do you survive a nuclear war, well, you hide under a wooden desk! It was a big joke to us back then! Unfortunately this is as real as it gets! I don’t see people laughing!
I expect to survive six months.
If this were to happen, forget about America, a new country will be formed and life will resemble a third world nation.
Praying very hard this doesn’t become a reality! I prefer paper and steel targets!


Depends upon who the enemy is and what equipment they have. Zombies, well, do they move fast like world war Z or do they move about like Z Nation? Would there be blood contamination when killing zombies? Or would they be more like the movie, I am legend? Then if there was a civil war, where are the lines drawn? where will you be concerning these lines? Are you in a safe location? How long can you hold out there being without? Battling? How much ammo do you have to protect yourself and for how long? To do well against your enemy you have to know the strength of your enemy and their weaknesses. You should know your own limitations as well. For each person it will differ from training and experience that they do have. If another country was to invade, we would have to deal against the tactical gear that they have.
When I was single I had 10 requirements for dating a girl. a person should have multiple plans for themselves if push comes to shove. 1. Bunker down at home. How well can you protect your home? 2. Safe escape route to a safe place to get to a safer place. 3. Have multiple escape routes. What can you carry and how far can you carry it? The more you have for options, the more options you will be prepared for.
I do not question, will I survive, I question, How long will I survive? Which is the question, Kayos is Kayos because there are no lines or order.


Underestimating your opponent is what will eat you… the nra supported gun control when the black panthers were doing what you guys are doing now… walking around the streets with rifles to intimidate…

Why do you think that was? You are looking at a tiny sliver of the 80 million people that voted for biden… The vast majority look like me… And I look like you

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Civil War there will be no winners. The death toll would be high but not as high as an apocalypse. I would estimate 60% -70% survival rate. A full blown apocalypse 10% survival rate. 1st to go will be those with medical conditions. Loners wont last. You need support. Seniors like my wife and I will have a tough time as we will be looked at as an easy target and a liability (useless baggage) by organized groups. A lot of retired people where I live. A lot of city people think they can run to the country where they wont be wanted. Most country people are armed and know how to use their firearms. If you don’t have a very good skill set you will be turned away forcibly. The cities will be taken over by the gangs which are organized, armed and don’t care if they kill someone. I am not a Mormon but they will have a better chance of surviving than the rest of us. They are organized and prepared. Don’t for an instant think they are not armed.

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@Todd30 I read WWZ several times and my biggest take from the book was “FEAR SELLS”.

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Here is a video by John Mark. An excellent breakdown of the forces at work and who may have the advantage. A bit long but worth the watch. Any way you break it down it will be terrible to contemplate.


I will make this short. I would have a 30% chance of surviving a civil war, and a 50% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

30% on civil war because I’m not sure if I can kill my best friend.

50% zombie apocalypse because I could kill my no longer best friend zombie.

If it was just surviving in the wilderness I think I would have an 80% chance of surviving.



Hence, the “if” in my post.

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I would submit that if your ‘best’ friend is trying to kill you… ‘best’ friend might not be the best description or category for them.


And just when you think you don’t have enough to worry about.

Gotta to love Pastor Joe Fox at VikingPreparedness. He tells it like it is.

Just something to think about for you Husbands and Fathers.


There is survival and living. I will 100% survive until I die. Similarly I will live until I die. That unfortunately is the ONLY truth about being born on this rock, You WILL Die!

If the Wuhan Flu vaccine turns us all into Zombies I’ve got a fair chance.
If we have an EMP/Nuke/Man Made Disaster 30% of the population will be dead in 30 days, 50 - 60% in 90 days with the loss of the power grid.

Civil War? Ummm I’m not sure how that plays out, who is against who? If the Antipanties force regular folk to defend themselves on ther own turf things don’t look good for the lefties. The fortunate or unfortunate thing is most gun owners are seriously law abiding and it will take some significant issue to get them to be “un lawful”. I would imagine if the city of Virginia Beach said “Due to the overwhelming level of unrest and violence we will no longer be able to effectively respond to 911 calls.” then I would pretty much say the gloves are off and if you come here you will go … away.

The real worry is in the cancel culture. YOU SUPPORTED TRUMP! We will bash you on social media (don’t care) , post your name and address (you have my attention), list your children and the schools they go to (claws and fangs out), target your employer and their business. (Now you are getting pretty close to pi$$ing me off as you are affecting my ability and my families to survive.) Bad Move. The rule of law is now in question in my mind.




I agree with you. But understand, most my friends are on the opposing side. Most my friends don’t agree with me. so if a civil war breaks out, I’m guessing we won’t be on the same side.

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“Civil war” is such a terrible name for what we’re going through as a nation. There won’t be two sides openly engaging in traditional military maneuvers against each other. More like two sides stumbling trying to figure out the rules of 5th to 6th generation warfare. Wars of minds, information, ideas, with the occasional violent events. We could learn a lot about what to expect by studying the Egyptian revolution of 2011.

We’re probably will only end up mobs rising against mobs. Not a real civil war. It’s already happening. But if the left really tries to eliminate the Bill of Rights I think a war may be the only solution. I hope not. End this crazy mess. I couldn’t fight in it.

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