Let’s Just Start Over

Who’s with me?
Please note I am not in anyway serious. This is just dumb Army humor. We used to flippantly always say “nuke em until that glow”. I was in field artillery special weapons. sW = nukes. It was a stress coping mechanism because our mission was a suigg ccw ide mission. We were hand picked by the commander, not NCOs. We had to be really the best among the best-smart, fast learners, quick and decisive trouble shooters as well as able to pass mission inspections flawlessly. It was stressful. Officers from the Pentagon came to evaluate/inspect us.

I thought with everything transpiring right now with all the hatred back and forth this might show people that what we’re going through is really not that bad.


I understand everyone’s frustration, but no, I can’t go along with that.

If someone else wants to burn everything down, I’ll be here to protect my family and start over when the storm is over. But the people out calling for civil war- and they’re on both sides of the aisle- are not aware of the misery they’re talking about. I pray that cooler heads prevail before we slip off the edge of the cliff.


It’s just a joke. In the Army my job was part of a suicide mission.

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If we’re gonna have a Do Over, can we go with a little different starting point?


The thing about starting over, which is full of its own problems, is that we don’t want a do over for the planet, as the image projects, but for government. Fill it with people who want to do good by their fellow (hu)man. Raise everyone up, instead of tear them down. Let people have accomplishments. What we have now in government and business is pretty terrible.

There’s a lot that needs to be done to move the herd forward and there something contributory for everyone to do.


No going back & no do-overs…

BUT there’s GOOD NEWS…

There is a Savior named JESUS CHRIST who promises eternal life through Him.

That’s all I got. 🤷🏾

Civil War 2… I hope not. Just leave me & mine alone.



Amen brother, but unfortunately it doesn’t always work like that. Look in the Bible and there is war many occasions and God was there to back who needed to win.

A free nation is under attack an civil war maybe the only way out. Maybe that’s how God wants it. Think about all the corruption through the entire country because of society itself. Maybe god is trying to prepare us for it.

@KillJoy I don’t agree with just blowing everything up and starting over that way. But I do agree with shaking the tree of liberty and getting all the swamp monsters out of it. So we can go back to a free Nation, a nation of opportunity.

This is the most important time to come together and figure out what needs to be done to protect our rights, to protect our freedoms, to protect our families and to show them how we became free to begin with.

Whites, blacks, Asians, Mexicans and everyone else who is a citizen of this great nation needs to throw a side are differences and lock arms. Stand up to the tyrants that hide behind their desks and their mainstream media. It is time to remind them who they work for and if you’re not willing to accept this reality, then socialism and communism is on our doorsteps


How exactly would you protect yourself when they rip the door off the hinges and flash bang your family?
Better yet, now that comms are down, how do you propose to thwart an invasion from the north and the south, especially after the removed your means of self defense?
No one has answered that question!
I like to think that when I’m faced with a challenge, there was always a tool in my toolbox that would help me overcome or fix a problem.

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Thanks for the comment.

You are right, as throughout the OT, the Hebrews were constantly in wars & conflicts with other nations. THE MOST HIGH GOD gave the victory, but the men had to show up & fight.

I was speaking in reference to “starting over.” No matter how much we clamor for it, we are never going back. In my opinion, things are moving quickly toward the end of the current order & the institution of the new.

I am not unwilling to fight…just reluctant.



People hate change. People hate getting out of their ruts. Man up, cowboy up, surfs up, deal with it. Get back on that horse after you have fell off. No matter how many times you have fallen off. No matter how bad things get, back on that board and ride the wave. That wave will knock you down and beat you up but if you give up you will drown.


Man! You guys are taking this literally and WAY TO SERIOUS! :rofl: it’s just supposed to be funny by expressing the emotions of the time in a ridiculous proposal. I guess my Army game face is too believable.


I’ll admit I’m a little sensitive about it. I don’t get emotional about much except my kids and my country. There are far too many people out there running their mouths about things they know nothing about, and I’m still waiting for someone in a position of national authority to pour some cold water on these heated flames.

I think the next few weeks will be critical. If cooler heads prevail, the nation will be just fine. If we continue down this path of destruction, the fire will get too hot to put out. There are also a few nightmare scenarios that I won’t describe in public, and I wouldn’t even mention them except that for the past year we’ve been governed more by Murphy than Madison.


Mea Culpa

I’m so sorry guys/gals. This is just my way of dealing with the anxieties created by uncertainty. I joke, admittedly inappropriate at times. But it’s all just joking. I forget to leave my military humor behind when I leave veteran forums. Sorry.


I’m not judging. The morbid humor so common in the military is a really a powerful coping mechanism when we’re about to dive head first into the suck. But yeah, it gets me in trouble from time to time when I’m around those who haven’t served.

I’m just in a really bad place with this past week’s turn of events, and every time I think through a worst case scenario, it happens. It’s as if someone is writing an apocalyptic novel and we’re just reading our lines from chapter one. I find it very difficult to talk about.


@KillJoy everybody deals with stress a different way. Me personally I like to prepare for the worst and pray for the best. Even if it’s unreal sounding or just so far fetched it’s hard to believe.

But I’ve learned in my lifetime that unreal and far-fetched things can’t happen. When I was a kid I never thought that we would have phones that could purchase things then send it right to our house.

I never thought that we’d build a telescope that could literally see into a another galaxy.

I also never thought that I would personally witness a car wreck so horrendous with the mom and dad that got killed in the front seat left a little baby in the backseat still alive.

I once witnessed a child lifting up a car to save his dad.

These are all things I never thought would happen. But they did.

I’m just saying be prepared. It’s not going to hurt nothing to be prepared

I have a friend in another town who’s dad is serious about wanting a revolt and new constitution. My feeling is that our current constitution is the best constitution, and no new one is likely to be even as free as our current one is.

We just have to actually follow it.


I keep hearing people who seem to wish for a civil war, both from the left and the right. They project an attitude that since tensions are so high, now is the time to strike at their political opponents. I don’t think any of these people realize the horror show this could unleash.


mine ended up “On the Beach” after we’d successfully completed suiciding the world…
(problem is Australia is now a major player in the game too… the clouds will just be there waiting for us when we surface)

Wise questions.


Well, my 2 cents is they could all use some toughening up right about now, and exposure to the dark humor of combat arms veterans is probably just what the doctor ordered. No need to apologize. What’s coming is NOT a video game or Hollywood production. Weak, scared, and overly-feminine people may be disturbed by cartoons of a mushroom cloud on the horizon, but that is the EASY way out!