At What Point Should Us Everyday American Patriots Step Up And Demand/Assist Our Police Officers Be Allowed To End This?

Us law abiding gun owners here are, in actuality, between a “Rock & A Hard Place”!

Last night 4 Police Officers were SHOT by these uncivilized cretins…Officers shot in both Las Vegas and Virginia too! One Officer in New York City was drug into a doorway and beaten and stomped by a gang of these criminals while another Officer was run down by a car load of these animals…who got away!

I am sick of these non-stop ignorance happening to our Police Officers, who put their lives on the line everyday they go to work…
They have their hands tied behind their backs by their ignorant Political Leaders AND then tied even tighter by the resulting destruction of their lives and livelihoods WHEN THEY DO REACT to stop (mainly black) criminal activities. The lying and false narratives immediately start if the Officer is White and the criminal is black.

Face it deniers…Fake Social Racist Justice is GETTING OUR POLICE OFFICERS KILLED! And our Lady of Justice and her whole Justice System are being beaten and stomped to death by these lies and racially charged excuses.

And here we are…between the “Rock”
…a group of law abiding, aware of what’s happening, mostly God fearing, educated and civilized gun owning, 2nd Amendment supporting people who care about and RESPECT our laws of the land and those men and women in Blue who put their families and lives on the line everyday to keep us safe…

and the “Hard Place”
…and us SAME people caring for and respecting the very SAME men and women in Blue, who, with just an order from their Political Leaders, will break down our homes door and strip our 2nd Amendment Right away as they haul away our firearm protection and even US if we protest their actions.

So what should we do…as Americans of great history to overcome injustices and our Patrontism to fight for what is true and rightous?

Well first, our President Trump MUST ENACT the Insurgent law NOW and send in the Military IMMEDIATELY…if not, IT IS OUR DUTY to stand up for our brothers and sisters in Blue and do what they are not being allowed to do…and that is END THIS CARNAGE WITH WHATEVER MEANS IS NECESSARY!

There is NONE of these criminals of ALL skin colors who are looting, burning and now shooting our Police that will ever be an asset to society…so why not permanently eliminate then now so they cannot continue to hurt, harm and/or kill more innocent people!

We put down loving, scared, homeless, unwanted cats and dogs by the millions annually just because there isn’t enough homes for them all…but we are ALLOWING these rabid creatures to run wild in our streets, openly stealing from and fire bombing our businesses…and now assaulting and killing our Police and innocent citizens!

What the HELL is WRONG with this picture?


What is wrong with the picture is that for years there has been more of a focus on race/color/and the past (all things that nobody can change) then on contributing to society, morality, and justice (none of which have a color).
In nearly every crime ‘reported’ in the news for years, the report starts by announcing the color &/or ethnicity of both the victim and perpetrator. Who cares??? I’ll take a step further… anyone who does care, or who believes that color/ethnicity is relevant is part if the problem.


Election day. That’s the point where everyday American patriots step up.

The lack of courage by both my governor and my mayor is astounding. I won’t forget.


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I strongly disagree with the concept of using the U.S. Military, the primary reason is that it is very good at breaking $h!t and killing people and really SUX at police actions. The National Guard is quite enough IMHO and they are no slouches either as 3/4 of them are all OIF/OEF combat vets.

The other 800lb gorilla in the room is WHERE these riots and lawlessness are occurring. The VAST majority of the most effected places are and have been Democrat run locations for DECADES. Be it city, state or town. Personal freedoms such as the 2A are restricted, police face the worst of what society generates everyday. The promise of “free stuff” runs rampant and always fails to provide for the desire. The majority of laws passed to “help the under served and under privileged” have more shackles than they do paths to success.

I had a young lady that worked for me that was VERY sharp and a single Mom of 4. I gave her a $2 / hour raise. Within 2 weeks I had social services standing at my check in counter attempting to berate me for giving her a raise because now she would no longer qualify for subsidized child care. This was in a patient care area WITH patients in the waiting room. After getting the individual out of the waiting room and into my office I lit her up, then the MD who owned the practice came in and added to the mix. The Social Services person fled the site and the MD and I got a standing O. Unfortunately as the law was written we had no choice but to take back the raise so she could keep her child care benefit. I also had to remind the young lady that tipping of staff was expressly forbidden per the employee manual, the next day. :sunglasses:

To the main point of this topic, unless you are standing your ground in front of your store or house or car I would submit that the police DON’T WANT your armed help as you are an unknown and therefore a liability. Even in the middle of a gun fight between Police and bad guys you are now in a very bad position if you engage. Think about it if you engage in firing at the bad guys and help the Police under fire and another Officer shows up 30 seconds later and sees you shooting YOU are the bad guy.

Support our PD, LEO and country with your VOTE, that is how change occurs.




You really need to do your research, you are far from truth and ignorant in your assumptions @Mel2

Can you expand on your thoughts? I’m sure many of us would like to better understand your post.

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This. Also write to your representatives at both the state and federal levels.

Even if the rioters and looters are a separate bunch paid for and brought in by outsiders with an agenda, their acts reflect badly on the protesters, especially if the protestors don’t try to distance themselves from those bad actors.

If you don’t know your neighbors, I’d recommend reaching out and maybe talk to them about getting organized in case the lawlessness spills over into your neighborhood. Its good to know who else is armed, their training level and coordinate plans. At the very least, they can be an additional set of eyes and ears. They may also be your only backup.

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Even if your neighbors aren’t armed, it’s good to check in with them, especially in uncertain times. That’s probably the one positive I’ve experienced in this year, that I’ve gotten to know my neighbors.

As a so-called black man (Black is a color not a Race or Culture), these kind of posts always vex my spirit. I have had positive & negative experiences with the Police. I’ve been let off for speeding & I’ve had a gun pointed at me for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign.I’ve talked football with officers at roadblocks but I was also pulled over (college years) for having a car that “fit the description of a drug dealer we are looking for…” I have never talked back to LEOs because I was raised to be respectful. But, being young & rebellious I replied “if the drug dealer you’re looking for has a 94 Toyota Camry with some 16 inch rims, he’s not really doing much. I bought this car & I paid for these rims stocking groceries at Food Lion over the summer sir!” This officer calls for backup & the K9 unit arrived. They walked the dog around my vehicle then put him inside. One sees my ECU student ID, and they let me go.

I don’t know what the basis is for some of these comments but I suspect that everyone generally speaks from their (limited) perspective. You cannot tell others what their experience is based on yours! Period. Truthfully… I think we can all agree that humans are flawed, imperfect beings. The LEOs of this country are human beings. By logic, we can conclude that LEOs are flawed, imperfect beings.

I have no issue with law & order. I have already stated support for the protest but I wholeheartedly disagree with the violence & destruction. Are there other “ELEMENTS” at work in the midst of the chaos. No argument there! The rhetoric in some of these posts is despicable… Inciting violence, reducing others to animals, calling for military action against the civilian population? :thinking:

Suffice it to say, all this has struck a nerve. I despise the CHAOS & PROPERTY DAMAGE. It’s counterproductive. I am frustrated too…disheartened more appropriately. My thing is :point_right:t5: I don’t understand how a badge can grant one person extra RIGHTS or privileges. By that I mean, I could not get into a fight with another man, subdue that man, & plant my knee (and body weight) on that man’s neck. Even if he attacked me first, if that man died, I would be charged. None of us would be allowed to walk around for days before being cuffed & led away.

Whether you agree or not, regardless of how you feel about the other races… That’s your business. But, 13-14% of the population is frustrated and said frustration has been building & building for decades (I dare say centuries). Where do we live going forward- the United States (corporate entity) or America (the beautiful dream & idea put to paper)?

MY CONCLUSION- Folk are entitled to their opinion. But, our individual experiences vary. Everybody needs to take a step back & as THE MOST HIGH says through the prophet Haggai (Chapter 1) “CONSIDER YOUR WAYS…”



Thank you for sharing that. I don’t see how anything gets better unless we’re willing to talk to talk to one another.

I can tell you that, even though I’m about as white as they come, I have been stopped multiple times when entering my own home or walking on my own block. I’ve had a few really bad encounters with police, but it’s gotten better as I’ve aged.

That said, it doesn’t compare to what my family and friends encounter when they have dark skin. I do not question the anxiety a black man feels when the police pull him over. I also understand why some black men don’t want to carry, because it could make them appear suspicious. That’s not a criticism of police, it’s just a description of how things are.

If I could wave a magic wand and change it, I would. But I don’t believe there’s a simple solution, nor do I believe this is something that can be cured by politicians or prioritized by looting. We all have to be willing to listen to each other.


I appreciate your reply sir. I know grown men & women that have a very real fear of police encounters. I am not one of them. You mention that there are folks who don’t & won’t carry because of that fear you spoke of in your reply. I don’t agree but I respect what folk do to maintain their peace of mind.

You said something very powerful that I have been saying for awhile now. These issues cannot be solved or rectified by polticians. I believe that these issues are spiritual in nature. Therefore, answering them by carnal means is insanity.

Thanks for the reply @Ouade5 :v:t5:


I appreciate your post. Thanks again.


First thank you for sharing and helping to level set some of the dialog that has been going on. I couldn’t agree more when you say.

I have a family that is both ethnically diverse and straight forward with almost no topic being off limits. One thing I have observed is that everyone is prejudiced to a certain extent. It’s human nature to want to ‘fit’ and we all tend to notice things that are ‘different’. It’s how we react and what we do about it that defines us, not if we are blind to it or not.

Most of any societies ‘reactions’ (there are many in America) are learned by what they are taught as children and from how they are treated by others. My old depression era uneducated backwoods cotton picking share cropper uncle (now dead) had a story that made this point somewhat poignantly. When he was a child, the day his little sister was born he was proud as a peacock & excited to bring a friend in to see his new baby sister. However, his friend was of color and got chased out of the house with a broom. Then he (my uncle) got an arse whooping like never before for bringing that ‘such and such’ into the house. The point is that he didn’t care what color someone was until he was taught to.

I believe we are all born not caring any more about color than any other difference that people may have. From there we learn our values both at home and on the street (no matter what shade of humanity we are born).

What’s all this mean… ?
I guess it means I won’t judge you by your color and I hope that you won’t judge me by mine.


I’m cool with that :+1:t5:… Judging a man based on the content of his character. That sounds familiar :thinking:

If we can’t get to this point, this country is going to tear itself apart. There are forces out there who are actively trying to do so.


Jamie Foxx said something once that really hit home to me. To paraphrase, there are real people out there who mean you real harm. But it’s easier to confront those who don’t. He meant this in regards to Tropic Thunder, but I think it’s a profound statement on modern culture.

Any ideas on how to get there (content not color and mutual respect)?
I’ve sat here searching for something enlightened and I keep coming up with things that are not the answer… it isnt to turn our backs on the rule of law, it isn’t to openly attack our leadership or our people, it isnt endless chatter about black this or white that.
I believe it would help to stop identifying people by their color, or differences in general…but that’s a baby step that is past practical in the current powder keg.


Good question…I honestly don’t know. Sometimes, I feel that the :us: (and the world in general) needs an INDEPENDENCE DAY type situation. I mean like a mankind is facing annihilation deal where our petty differences no longer matter. But, that’s sci-fi & not reality.

Full disclosure @Greg35… I seriously doubt we can come back from where we are. The pain runs deep for so many people & there are injuries from the past that were never healed. I think individuals, such as you & I, could be neighbors and live in peace with one another. But, crowds & mobs are hard to reason with. The history of the color coding of the various races by the German dude (if I remember correctly) has done great harm to the various peoples of the earth.

:point_right:t5: THINK ABOUT THIS… 2 colors… BLACK & WHITE. It’s as if we have been predisposed to be in contention with one another. Look at the definitions of the 2. Are we opposites? Are we oil & water? Shedding the color coding system might help but it may be too little too late.

Your thoughts? :v:t5:

Look at a lot of the younger generation, though. Most of them don’t care about skin color. Some do. Some are taught to hate, or to be jealous; or maybe they have bad experiences and go down a bad path. But when I’m at schools or at a shopping area, I see a lot of mixed race couples and mixed race kids. When I was a kid, that was permissible but discouraged. Today, no one thinks anything of it.

So yeah, there are a lot of 20-somethings causing trouble in the cities. But there are a lot of other 20-somethings that can really make the world better if we can give them a chance.

Sometimes I think about history like a football game. Not every generation scores a touchdown, but some generations move the ball in the right direction. I don’t know if we’ll ever see a truly just society, but I think the generation coming of age now has the potential to get a first down, if they don’t fumble.