Defund This

Many urban/metropolitan areas are seriously considering motions to defund their police forces.

Perhaps the local police unions and associations should comply and ‘walk out’ for a couple of weeks. The terms for their return could be an elimination of slander and a pay raise.

This would most certainly help the local councils to make an ‘informed’ decision when the time came to vote on the motions.

Good idea or bad idea…?


There will be a test case. Maybe Minneapolis, maybe another city. They’ll try it another way, without what we consider a traditional police force. It will fail catastrophically.

I’m getting an early look at what might happen in Minneapolis because my daughter and son-in-law live in one of the hardest hit areas.

They’re all in favor of “defund the police.” They say they don’t know a better answer, and don’t know what the community is going to do as a replacement. They just know that what they have today isn’t working. They are offering up all kinds of social programs as “interventions” in place of police work.

They’re forgetting that for the social intervention route to work, hundreds of laws currently on the books have to be repealed.

We can’t even get most legislatures to agree on what day if the week it is from across the aisle. I don’t see them figuring out how to repeal hundreds of laws.


I believe most people chanting “defund the police” are bluffing. They’re saying something that they think endears them to a specific crowd, and they think there’s very little chance that it will happen, so there’s little risk to themselves.

I want to call their bluff. Not really. But yes, it would be fantastic if the entire police force left a major city because if this. Anyone remember what happened when we dismantled the corrupt police force in Iraq? Chaos.

Admittedly, the 20-year-olds calling for this were too young to remember and they’ve only had state approved history, but I still think they have to know deep down that this is a dumb idea. But it’s trending on Twitter, so they say it.


I dont think they will have the guts to ‘defund’ them. They will slander, reform, and claim victory with one twist of facts or another. Which is why I think law enforcement should take the initiative instead of playing meat puppets.


I’m not sure they’ll reform. That’s would be great, but would require actual work. And it’s an election year, so no one wants to give “the other side” an opportunity to claim any accomplishments. No, it’s much more politically expedient to simply scare your supporters and blame your opponent.

If that doesn’t happen, we’ll know this is truly a moment of change.


@Greg35 great idea, walk out of blue states only. That includes law enforcement for ANY political member that requires some type of security. Screw you! You give up some, you give up all.
As a matter of fact, let’s take this a step further. DEFUND the state. New movement. DEFUND blue states. Actually just throw them out of the union. Really sick and tired of bulls#*&. Do we need to start looting and burning down neighborhoods to prove our point. Is that the new form of debate.


I am afraid the voices that are calling for the end of Police have no Alternate plan. they are blowing because it is Politicaly Correct. If the Police are defunded who do think they will call for emergency service or one of the criminals that was released due to the Covid19 problem is upstairs raping they minor daughter. Sounds like a sound bite to me.



So the’re saying that ALL the LEO’s in Minneapolis would do the same thing, kneel or stand on someones neck until they’re dead?!

I don’t think they’ve thought this through. It sounds like maybe they have been driven by emotion and not logic.


Go ahead Defund this. There are more people willing to DEFEND and save this nation than there are people willing to destroy it.


Totally terrible image removed.
If lawmakers remove law enforcement we will end up like a certain time in a certain country. Funny how today in particular should remind everyone what I’m talking about.


I’m watching the national news and I think I see a trend brewing in some of these communities. I hope and prey it doesnt happen, but it looks like an avalanche coming. Instead of, or along with attacking police, soon the perpetrators of violence, fear, and rioting will be targeting anyone who calls upon or supports the police in these communities.

I’ve long believed that what separated America from dozens of other countries where citizens live sheepishly in fear of violence, extremism, and evil is Americas respect for the rule of law and human rights. In other words, it is the rule of law that has made us great (the laws of the land starting with ‘all men being created equal’). In the past it has befuddled me how entire communities (often in areas where we tried to play police for the world) could submit to mob rule, fear and evil.

HIstory along with global and recent events have proven that submitting to terrorism will not appease terrorists, it will only embolden them.

@Scott52 - my comments above not withstanding, invoking symbolism rooted in genocide and atrocities against humanity will not likely unite Americans against the common enemy while we are in these highly polarized (socially engineered) times…


Pretty powerful image. My intent is not to divide, but remind! A loss of law and order due to the LAW makers themselves will essentially turn every city into what you see with different symbols same message.
The outcome will be the same. How does a MAYOR of our own capitol city evict the very people who are trying to save their lives and businesses? The division is in our faces, no I didn’t not have to post that image, the MSM is posting them daily. Truly, you must agree if law enforcement is removed from our streets, that’s what our beautiful streets and cities will look like in 6 months. Consider it like a warning. I will go ahead and remove it, I don’t want to give anyone any ideas which is what might happen!
But consider also the intentional killing of our law enforcement officers, who are we going to call to save them?
I’m protecting myself and my loved ones til death, I will not go gently into that good night.


Your not wrong and I believe most, if not all, of us on this forum are like minded when it comes to fundamental American values.
Sometimes when the symbol is so strong it completely masks our real/underlying message.


Sounds like the origin of Robocop.

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One more really stupid question.
Why is the Washington D.C. mayor surrounded by security? Seriously?


Read the whole artile, to the point where “all 57 members of Buffalo Emergency Response Team resigned”. Arresting cops for doing their job???


Cause they are “peaceful protesters”.


Portland and Eugene control the rest of Oregon. Can we just build a wall around them… The rest of Oregon is Red…


Same for Chicago / Illinois.

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So, I am not the only one that has thought of the same thing. As for good or bad, it would be both.