Replace Police (Defund Police Services)

I’m reading through this proposal. It’s interesting. I agree with some of it. I’m just not sure how effective it would be in some cases. What are your thoughts on this subject. Please refrain from out right rejecting without reading and considering the alternative proposed solutions. I’m trying to be honest about considering the proposed alternative. I know first handed how ineffective police are at handling various incidents.


I get it, but how do you keep one kind of bad guy away separate from the other kind within the mass populus? I don’t think that it is possible. It is why we have things like jail, no?


Some BLM marxist propaganda. What facts do they have to back up their claims? I am not saying the police are perfect, I think some additional training is in order. By the same token, how about people stop resisting arrest?


There are three instances where police are in the most danger to their safety; Domestic Violence, Car Stops, EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Person). Some police departments have training for dealing with some of the above, but others don’t because of lack of funds or other reasons. I feel it is stupid to defund the police. I believe there should be more programs where people who have never walked in a LEO shoes to go on ride alongside with them and respond to some of these calls. Let’s see how they handle the situation. All the training in the world and LEOs still make mistakes. Ok defund the police and bring back neighbor watches and let’s see what happens. I agree that some officers make bad choices, but no cop wakes up in the morning and says “ let me go kill someone today.” So if the government wants to replace and defund the police, go right ahead.


I understand the thought process. But, now the system is set up for discrimination. The writer of the article wants to use social workers for a lot of this. Which social workers? The 64 year old grandma, that is 6 months from retirement, or the 25 year old man that did a tour of duty in the Air Force? Do we have a special unit of social workers? Do they carry a weapon?
The article is written from a place of extreme bias, and uses some outright false pretenses. What would happen if we only sent black officers into black neighborhoods? Would those officers not have the best chance at relating to the members of that community? It all sounds fine and dandy, but in actuality, it’s not practical.

Now, I’m all for police reform. Updated training techniques, stricter vetting of potential officers, etc. But, the article ignores any personal responsibility on the community. It makes it sound like all officers are Judge Dredd. The vast, overwhelming majority of officers are good, hardworking folks. The media focuses on the bad actions, of the minority number of officers. Furthermore, we have a problem in this country with, for lack of a better term, boot lickers. People that believe all officers are infallible, and held to almost god-like status.
We should support the men/women that put on a uniform, and uphold the Constitution, and applicable laws there in. We, as a whole, should call out the actions of those that abuse those authorities. We should also call a spade a spade when the actions of an individual, lead to their own circumstances involving police.


I don’t really think this is a grass-roots movement. I believe Defund the Police was foisted on people because so many people don’t believe the police will be willing to oppress the populace. We already see the current government remaking the military into something else, and I think they’re trying to remake Law Enforcement.

Get rid of the people who will defend the people from oppression, find out that no police leads to bloodshed and craziness, and make a new Law Enforcement body that doesn’t feel the need to protect the people.


If this came from website called “supplement the police”, I’d consider the alternatives and spending tax money on them. But this is from “defundthepolice” web site, as such - following any step will lead to their stated goal.

Forces that are taking over this country want Black and Brown people to believe cops are out to get them, and White and Asian people to believe that the cops betrayed and abandoned them. It is working. When it will have worked completely, you will see local policing completely gone, replaced with federal police force as militarized, powerful, transparent and unbiased, as the FBI. Do you want this to happen?

For this reason, you must resist any legislative initiative that hobbles police in general. You must oppose any media campaign that smears police in general. You must boycott-divest-sue any activist corporation that makes anti-police stance.


I’d rather defund D.C. honestly. Cops are human, just like everyone else there’s good, bad, ugly, intelligent and stupid.

BLM is a terrorist organization right there with Antifa, don’t indoctrinate yourself with progressive bullspit.


The term " Defund the police" is, I think, an irresponsible message. The idea of “police” is to have civilians enforcing civilian law, not the military or federal government, which both proves problematic historically, and could easily be viewed as two arms of the same body. Defunding police is to attack the wrong problem, and, forces a move away from civilian control. - I am always troubled when I hear police refer to other citizens as “civilians” when it implies that they them selves are not. Also, this move towards militarizing the police, either in appearance, or in force of arms and equipment, is to me, a mistake, and is dangerous, because it fosters fear, and mistrust. If there is a battle to be fought requiring military types of force, we should identify that enemy, and wage that war as the war it is, and not put officers on the front lines of an undeclared war against small undeclared armies of cartels or multinational gangs.

The article takes some very valid points, and even some points of valuable thoughtfulness, and very smoothly applies it towards a deeply flawed idea, that, in my opinion, is as wrong as is militarizing the police. It ignores the elements of criminality that are brutal and vicious, and without conscience. Small groups, and a great many individuals, often act with utter disregard for others, or any kind of authority but that which is willing to confront them on their level. And while police officers are very often called to situations that do not require them, we also put them out on patrol so that they are able to respond immediately to the situations where they ARE required. Further, though they often can not arrive in time to “prevent” a crime in progress, they actually DO prevent crime through immediate response that limits ongoing events, and, through the apprehension of dangerous criminals during, or after a crime, thereby preventing follow on crimes by such individuals.

Forgotten in all of this, is the the very important fundamental protection of the citizen that it is to be “we the people” who police “we the people” and not an overwhelmingly powerful, distant, and untouchable government entity. Law enforcement was set up to be local, to be carried out by community members, under local community authority. “Defund the police” inevitably does away with our local authority, and greatly diminishes the ability of “we the people” to determine our laws and manner of enforcement. This would be an enormous mistake in the wrong direction that I think we would quickly come to regret, as it would, by default, bring about the very kind of untouchable, unaccountable, and unopposable force, ( military or federal government entity ) to be brought to bear against the people, which is at the heart of the complaint in the first place.

I believe the answer is to limit, but heartily support our local law officers and agencies, and strictly limit the federal powers to only those situations for which they are truly required. Let it be that general law enforcement remain in the hands of, and under the control of, the people who are being served by it.



A local Sheriff does ride outs, it is very eye opening. You never know what will happen, or what kind of call will come in.


Right. A few other options to start on.

1-Defund security for the folks in DC and elsewhere…than ask if they also want to defind the police (the people who help protect the rest of us, which is nearly everyone.

2-Defund Biden, Kamala, and Pelosi. Relocate them to a bad neighborhood with a nice commute on public transporation, preferably at night. The problem would solve itself.


One size fits all, it’s not.

I live in a town where we voted to increase our taxes to fund additional officers.


Defund and remove the corrupt politicians first, then let’s discuss the police problems…


Have you ever used vice grips to take off a bolt because you did not have the proper wrench? or a wrench that was not in good condition? Law enforcement was created to enforce the rules and regulations, maintaining public safety. If you take the old western Sherriff’s’ duties and then place all the duties the modern law enforcement officer, it would blow your mind! The more rules you have the more cat herding you have to do.
Back in the 80s I wanted to become a law enforcement officer. I wanted to help people and be a difference. I joined the Marine Corps to gain experience to help me get into law enforcement. After I attempted to get into the state patrol and a lieutenant suggested that the military would help. After I got out I realized that the state patrol was out of the question. After the years had passed I have to really be thankful that I never did get into law enforcement. I feel for the law enforcement officers with all the tasks and skills they are suppose to have. I have worked some thankless jobs that you never would get any gratification from doing your job. It was not until I became a chef that I was really shown appreciation for what I did for a living. At first I did not know how to react to a person coming to me and thanking me for their food. Being a law enforcement officer would be a mostly unthankful job that people would not be shown much appreciation.
If the job keeps getting smashed it is going to break. The job of law enforcement should be re-evaluated and worked on so that officers can do a better job and change with the times and everything can be improved upon,…hopefully!!!


My standard answer is, police departments have been protecting citizens for well over 100 years; they’re far from perfect, but if we think about it, what really huge issues have we ever had like the present one; and it’s driven in a very large part by those that threaten rioting if their demands are not met. Training in citizenship is needed more than training for police officers.


That’s exactly my thoughts on this; I would hope most soldiers would not fire on other Americans, but no telling what line they’ve been told, so that could be chancey.


Note that they are training our soldiers to believe that Trump supporters and other conservatives are dangerous radicals who need to be purged from the ranks.

It won’t be long before the military will willingly shoot civilians.


I strongly suspect soldiers will tell them what they want to hea but remain conservative. Snowflakes are less likely to serve and especially to serve valiantly.


I wholeheartedly hope you are correct, and the servicemen that I have known to date would all seem to indicate that you are.

I’m just seeing that the current administration is trying to purge servicemen who hold to traditional American military values, and are trying to condition the rest to believe anyone to the right of Stalin is dangerous.


The idea that actual attack from Russia or China may happen, and they will need traditional American military to counter that, is unbelievable to them. Even though they keep picking on Kremlin and provoking it. Part of dangerous cognitive disconnect in DC.