At What Point Should Us Everyday American Patriots Step Up And Demand/Assist Our Police Officers Be Allowed To End This?

Something bigger to unite us could do it. We do have short attention spans. The question is what’s the common cause?
Maybe they should start airing some ‘documentaries’ on how minorities are managed in China…

I am told that in 2012, and presumably 2016 as well, literally millions of so-called “Christians” did not even try to vote. As far as I’m concerned, those millions have absolutely no right to complain about elected officials making their miserable, self-centered lives more oppressive.
We need to vote. It’s looked upon as a right, but much, much more than that, IT IS A DUTY.

I half agree. But we’re often given lousy choices and told to pick the least worst candidate. Many people vote against a candidate rather than for a candidate. I believe voters have the right to abstain if they are dissatisfied with their options, and if the parties don’t like it, they can try to field better candidates.

I also don’t believe my first amendment rights are contingent on my voting.


Who says the parties don’t like it? They love low voter turnout. Reasonable people abstain, the fringes are easier to manipulate, easier to gin up into a frenzy of single issue outrage.

The parties don’t lament low turnout; it’s their bread and butter.