It has become obvious that elected officials at all levels are becoming complacent about protecting our U.S. Constitution & The Bill of Rights.

It has also become more obvious that our elected officials are promoting Anti-Democracy Agendas against the U.S. Citizens of this nation.

It is is our duty to acknowledge that such actions under Ex Parte 71, U.S. 2 (1866) Article 98 of the Supreme Court Ruling after the U.S. Civil War , [Ruling] states clearly that any such subversive action(s) are a direct “Declaration of War against the Constitution & The People of the United States.”

Further, it is declared within the U.S. Constitution that any level of tyranny against the Citizens of the U.S. are in fact not only legitimate actions to go against the government but a duty of every American to perform prevention of such!

Congress will continue to view the Capital Building as “their house” as they do openly state after 6Jan 21. That is “ Our House” & to make that point clear we need to begin referendums at all levels to remove elected officials of office for specific remedy of preserving our nation and the Rights entitled therein within the founding documents.

There have been extreme threats leveled against any & all Republicans elected officials & citizens alike.

Currently any member of Congress that spoke to vote against the electoral college or to stand against the invocation of the 25th Amendment / Impeachment / or openly carry or conceal carry a firearm are being sanctioned in several ways.

Malicious intent has been openly declared against these members of Congress by Democrat key leading person[s].

We… The People …, must begin to undertake one of the most arduous task that our nation has faced since reconstruction or the Great Depression.

If we neglect to take immediate action we will immediately lose the 2A Rights of our nation as well as 6 other key Amendments within our U.S. Constitution & The Bill of Rights.

We need to express the importance of this & begin immediate action.

Several multi-trillion dollar corporations removing The Right to Free Speech is the “Industrialist Agenda” explained within the communist teachings / enforcements within several national global parties throughout History!

Immediate action is required.

We The People must take back “Our House”, our nation’s capital, protect the members of Congress standing against this oppression, & to ensure the rights of all generations here forward.

Recalls / referendums are in order.

Further we must seek to not only remove the seditious traitors within our Congress but also make a registry to prevent them from ever holding any office at any level anywhere for the remainder of the natural lives.

We must combat treason directly & profusely!

As Dem. Rep. Maxine Waters once decried “ Get in their faces!”, it’s time to get in their faces & another location.

Time for the removal processes to begin.

If we do not take action legally, then there will be more inevitable violence / crimes / convictions being reported by the alphabet soup agencies in our government by people defending themselves & others to preserve their rights.

It’s not an option, Remember … It’s our duty to do so!


I agree but all to often organizations and people want to avoid criticism for wanting to exercise our rights and obligations under the Constitution. It’s clearly written. I don’t violence anymore than the next guy/gal. But we need to tackle this out of control political swamp.

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Bother I agree with you 100 percent!!! Now we need a fearless leader that will lead the charge against this direct treason from the government.

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We’re entering the 4th quarter, behind by three touchdowns.

The referees clearly show bias.

The replay booth is connected to the internet and manipulated by outsiders.

Our coaches and players’ headsets have been maliciously disconnected.

How do we overcome this deficit?

Oh, wait, wrong forum.


This sounds like a Bret Favre interception waiting to happen… :woman_facepalming: :football: :rofl:


Alas, it was Drew Brees :wink:

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