I was debriefed when I left. I was never deoathed

How many of you are like me and took the LEGAL OATH to protect and defend the “CONSTITUTION” of the United States of America from enemies both foreigh and “DOMESTIC?”

Who had “Constitution” accurately defined as meaning/being?

Who has had “Domestic” enemy clearly defined?

Has there been a Supreme Court decision on these two questions considering that it is a SERIOUS and LEGAL OATH?

What government/public services require this LEGAL OATH?

What constitues a “Traitor” when it comes to betrayal of this LEGAL OATH?


Are there 150,000,000 Americans out there that would honor that oath with their lives RIGHT NOW?

What if that could be accomplished without violence and bloodshed. Without a civil war?

When was the last “quiet revolution” fought on USA soil?

Did the people win???

Serious Comments P - L - E - A - S - E

This is rapidly leading to OBSCURITY and I am not ready to throw it and what it stood for away. You would be correct in assuming that it is no longer being taught in public school at any level. You are already aware that it is not a bona fide issue in any court, governmental arena, or political primary.



I hear you Brother. Enemies Foreign and Domestic. Unfortunately we have as many domestic enemies as foreign. The next “quiet revolution” will be in November 2022.
Until then we do what we can do. Work to make the best happen and prepare for the worst. :us:


Should this LEGAL OATH be abolished?

What a silly question!!! Although Gen. Millie may think differently. Otherwise, Hell No!!!


We had easier…
"I, a soldier of the Polish Army, swear to serve the Republic of Poland faithfully, to defend its independence and borders. To guard the Constitution, guard the honor of the Polish soldier, defend the military banner. For the cause of my homeland in need of my own blood and my life, help me. So help me God. . "

Unfortunately Polish Construction has been changed so many times that it hard to tell what and how to guard it.

The biggest problem is always politics. Whenever it is involved, there’s no more rationality.


Hell no. I wouldn’t have served with anyone who didn’t take that oath.

I don’t know if Law Enforcement Officers have to take that oath, but I hope so. However, even if they do, I am not convinced they will honor it if they are ever ordered to confiscate legally owned firearms.


This is precisely why “A well regulated Militia”, is so important.

“United we stand; divided we fall.”

“Practice makes perfect.”


Thank you for your service and love for your country


No, never.


I’m gonna be straight! That’s not possible!
Sometimes rebirth requires the forest to be burned to the ground!
Our OATH and our way of life is over, our forefathers knew EXACTLY what needed to be done and were not afraid to accomplish that goal by what ever means necessary!

Furthermore, if you look out your front window, violence and bloodshed have become the mainstay and deciding factor among the Demorats, and we are losing badly! Whatever comes of this world, was our fault as we forgot what everyone before us fought for!

It seems not only have we been debriefed, but muzzled, blindfolded and spayed and neutered!

Nice painting!


Yes, LEOs take the Oath of Enlistment/Office. Every one from the County Clerk to the President take an oath. Taking the Oath seriously is another question. :thinking:


You are too negative Brother. :slightly_smiling_face:

I prefer this painting. :+1:


I tried staying positive over the last six years!

Even the Romans knew that if you don’t quell the bull in your empire it will be CRUSHED from within! We’re on the same road. Guess they meant it when they said all roads lead to Rome!

No one is even attempting to regain law and order!
Furthermore it needs to start at the top! That’s NEVER going to happen, they are already counting on us forgetting the Supreme Court leak and every other slight.
I’ll remember everything thing they’ve done to this country including in the afterlife where I hope to lay upon them horror they will take to their graves, upon which I will spit!


Like the painting, if only our speech was not suppressed and definitions of words weren’t being changed daily!
We are way past the fail safe point!


How can we sit here and watch on ANY news outlets, cops and civilians being beaten and literally murdered and raped in the STREETS, of the United States, and the bad guy goes free? Can’t wrap my mind around that!
Am I missing something? That kind of stuff is not in my play book!


Took it in 1976, Nobody told me that it had an end date. I was lead to believe Once a Soldier Always a Soldier. That’s how I live.


God bless our troups yesterday, today and, tomorrow. I served 1976 - 1981. It literally changed my world by being surrounded by patriots who held to the position: “Hell yes I will defend my Constitution with my life.” I saw the “real world” out there by being on the ground observing, listening to and “interacting” with both friendly and unfriendly “world” citizens. I understood but did not support the hate for “America” or “USA” and I understood the envy of my country. I faced danger that can only come from an “enemy.” I conquered and I came home intack. So many of my brothers and sisters did not since before 1776. If there are any ignorant souls out there that do not know the price of freedom and deny that any living or dead Active Duty (any deceased Active Duty will always be “Active Duty”) or living/dead veteran citizen (who should consider themselves Active Duty) knows that price, needs to hear about it from 150,000,000 or more American Citizens (this includes anyone who took this wonderful, serious and legal oath).

God bless our Troups and God bless all “responders” to the protection of our Constitution. I will never support the abolishment of this incredible and “freedom” driven oath. I am greatly concerned over how this oath is viewed and treated by our politicians, judges, at all level, and each priceless branch of our government. However, the only element that truely matters in these questions is the “Citizen.”

Our opinions and decisions will determine the fate of this LEGAL OATH by how the “Citizen” requires his/her “Representative” to actually represent. This current Democrat Party administration seems to be an enemy of both a Democracy and a Republic. However, unbeknownst to all of our school children K-20 and too many adult citizens, we are a “Republic” adamantly opposed to any other form of government other than a “Constitutionally” controlled government. This makes our Constitution a “LIVING” document that tells a government (even a Democrat party government) that it’s citizens are in charge. We are loosing that privilege or better stated, abdicating that “RESPONSIBILITY.” This appears to be welcomed by the Republican party as well. Only citizens’ voices will wake up a nation before gunfire does. I personally prefer voices. Say 150,000,000+ of them. WHY NOT???

If we are so bent on ratifying our Constitution, how about we force our “representative” government to “redefine” our Constitution to require a national vote on any ratifications to any amendments of our living Constitution. Let the citizen decide his/her rights not the “wind” thats blowing through Washington at any given administration.

The best “gun control” is in the hands of knowledgeable, nonarrogant, accountable USA citizens (not world citizens) who know what it costs to be “safe” in our own country existing in a world unlike the USA.

Socialism has never been successful and it is only through arrogance that anyone can say it will because some people want it to. The House and the Senate were never meant to replace the citizen. The appropriate “R” word is REPRESENT the citizen not rule over the citizen. The House has just proved that it deams itself to be an entity that can do just that at the expressed disagreement of the majority. Can’t anyone understand a Democracy vs a Republic - what they have in common and how they differ. If citizens don’t defend and ratify their Constitution, this kind of government will. How’s it looking so far???

Parent, you are no longer permitted to know what your government owned education system is teaching and counseling your child. All of a sudden, this administration, the House and probably the Senate has decided when your child is capable neurologically to process adult sexuality issues. Professionals in child psychology and human development state that todays college students are not prepared neurologically to handle adult sexuality issues. The current administration dictates it is by the 2nd grade and even Kindergarten. And you have no authority or voice. Gun control is a cinch because they expect us to not protect our rights any better than we protect our CHILDREN.

God help us!!!


Speaking of God, even Jesus Christ (arguably God) told his disciples (especially his Apostles) that if they owned two of the “singularly” most important items needed to survive out in the wilderness, to sell one and buy a GUN. Only a GUN back then was a sword (Luke 22:36). It’s in red by the way. Some versions don’t say “extra” cloak.


On a more positive note. :thinking:


Guns are not evil. Evil people are evil. Punish evil people. Just go watch “Seattle is Dying” on Youtube. They are nothing more or less than a microcosm of a Democratic party nation and probably Republican as well.